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Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, this 100% clear Ultra-Thin case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage while adding next to nothing in size and weight.

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 4.9 stars from 24 customers

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Clear case? check.
Ordered this case to show off my phone's holographic paint job and it does the job! sturdy material and came in fast.
Very thin
very thin, but provides good protection and grip. Why have a nice looking phone and then cover it up with a bulky case?
Decent for price point
This case is not what I was imagining but I am still enjoying it so far. It is very flexible and fits the Note 10+. I always use a Popsocket and so far my Popsocket is staying adhered to the back of this case. That was a major concern for me and I hope it will stay on or else I can't use this case. It is very thin and like you're not even using a case. I thought this case would be more stiff than it is but it is really flexible. It shows the back of my Aura Glow phone pretty nice compared to another brand I tried on it, that one made the phone cloudy, the grid inside this one mildly is noticeable when on the phone. Overall, good price for a decent product. Took exactly 15 days to arrive from the estimated 10-15 days.
Great case!
Had a bulkier transparent case before this one, but this case is really neat and tiny and I really like it.
Looks and feels good
Nice case, adds some grip to make the phone a little easier to hold and shows off the back of the phone as well. Wraps nicely around the edges. I am used to a full case that protects the screen but felt that this was going to make the note 10 plus too bulky - this case adds a degree of protection whilst keeping the phone slim
Great protection for back of phone
The case is very light, and prevents scratches on the rear of the phone, it also makes it easier to hold, because it is non slip it gives a better grip on the phone.

It doesn’t detract from the design of the phone itself, I hardly know it is there!
Olixar case
Très bien tel que decrit
Best thin case
Great case
Looks and feels great had a clear case from somewhere else and it made the phone to chunky wasted £40 on it so more expensive is not always better this case is perfect and shows off the phone
Excellent case
Without putting bulk on the phone still, provide extra grip and protect back for scratches and still, you can see your beautiful phone glow colors.

I would highly recommend having this for note 10+.
Almost invisible
I can barely tell I have this case on, it comes as close to naked as a case can, only really protecting against fingerprints and dust. This case has micro dot technology on the inside that keeps those nasty bubbles from showing up and guards against scratches that occur from dust being trapped between the back glass and the case while the phone moves ever so slightly in cases that do not have microdot tech inside.
This case gives me a very satisfying view of the aura glow while adding NO BULK to the device, and for the price it simply cannot be beat.
Fast shipping by mobilefun too, the estimated time was 2 weeks but ended up being only 3 days.
great case
super slim, shows off the Aura color
Received in good condition
Cover is perfectly matched with my new phone.
Nice case
A very nice case at a good price. Fits the phone like a glove and doesn`t hide the good looks of the Note 10+, in fact it`s virtually invisible. Friends have remarked they didn`t know there was a case on my phone.
Super lightweight and thin, very secure fitting and simple design. Perfect!

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