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Olixar Ultra-Thin iPhone SE Gel Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This ultra-thin 100% transparent gel case from Olixar provides a super slim fitting design, which adds no additional bulk to your iPhone SE. Offering durable protection against damage, while revealing the beauty of your phone from within.
Price: £6.99
This ultra-thin 100% transparent gel case from Olixar provides a super slim fitting design, which adds no additional bulk to your iPhone SE. Offering durable protection against damage, while revealing the beauty of your phone from within.
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Fits like a glove, good protection for the iPhone at a reasonable price. Quick and efficient delivery - Thank you ????
Really good cover for iPhone SE
I wondered how well it would fit my new phone and I also wondered how transparent it would be. It fits perfectly and is so slim and transparent that it is really invisible on the phone.
Very effective protection
Had it two years and replacing because it's got a bit mucky after all the places I've dropped and abused my phone. The phone itself has been kept in tip top condition in spite of many drops on hard floors.
Fits like a glove
I wanted to ensure that the cover would fit perfectly - which it did.

It took me quite a while to finally find a company that sold a cover replacement for the iphone 6se.

Thank you for providing this cover, and at a very reasonable price.

Kind regards,
E. Lee
Excellent product
This is the third Olixar gel case I have bought, one for myself and 2 for family after they admired mine. It is as described, ultra-thin which doesn't add weight to your phone when carrying and being clear it shows off the back of your phone so it doesn't look as if you have a cover on it at all.
Clearly brilliant
Just the thing to show off my lovely phone while protecting it.
Clear cover
A great accessory to complement an iPhone.
New phone. New case
Have used this before. Hardly shows at all. But the protection is there. Old one slightly 'yelled' after two years. But so inexpensive - no hesitation in buying a replacement. Also bought one for my wife's iPhone XR.
Perfect for what I meeded
Arrived quickly and case is exactly as in pics fits perfect and can still use all phone buttons easily very good price as well
Value for money
Product of good quality at a reasonable price. Happy with purchase and service. Have used MobileFun before and always happy.
Great cover - bought to replace a similar one which had gone yellowish
How long it would last before it discoloured: the last one made it look as if I was a 40-a-day smoker after a couple of years. But it does the job.
Perfect case
Having spent a lot to buy a pretty phone seemed a shame to cover it up so this clear case was the perfect solution. Gives the phone the right amount of ‘stick in the hand’ feel to it
Just how much protection the raised corners protected the screen if the phone was dropped.
Very nice case, however
This is a very nice case. It feels great in the hand and looks good. The only worry I have is that it is quite shallow and if I should drop my phone face down I am not sure that the sides are deep enough to protect the screen.
Thinness makes a difference
I wasn’t sure if the advertising would be as correct as it turned out to be. This case is thinner than my last one (another brand) and fits much more easily into pockets, etc. The thinness makes the phone buttons easier to use too.

The ordering and delivery were very good and efficient.
Good product
I wanted some protection for my new (first ever) iPhone, but didn't want to spoil the effect of this! After reading some of the reviews, I was a bit apprehensive. But I am very pleased with; it fits like a glove, and does not obscure the iphone logo etc. There was a comment on one review saying they couldn't get their phone to charge with this cover on, but I have had no problems (I was thinking of cutting the plastic tab off, but this wasn't necessary).
I am pleased I went ahead and purchased this.
What cover
It’s so good you can’t tell the phone is covered but it feels protected.
Lovely thin case
The gel case is super easy to put on. Easy to clean any sticky stuff off it ... makes your phone look cool and delicate :)
Excellent fit for the I phone 5SE. Just as described in the details.
Is what it says it is
As a bonus, has small flaps to cover the holes for charger and headphones. This protects from dust getting in.
It's OK
There are pros and cons to this item and it's pretty good value depending on what you are looking for in a case.
Pros: Holes and buttons parts match up perfectly, plastic 'plugs' keep charge point and headphone socket clean.
Cons: The case is completely flush with the screen, so there's no protection if you dropped it face down, but to be fair, it is sold as an 'Ultra-Thin' case and this is what it is.
Nothing to get excited about. It will keep your phone clean but I doubt it would protect the screen if dropped.
Gel cover for SE mobile
Easy to order, very well made and fits my mobile perfect.
Would recommend.
excellent product
how good a fit it was for the phone
Fits perfectly. Phone doesn't look as if it has a cover on but is well protected.

This is the second of these covers I have had and would buy again.
Great value, perfect fit, nicely made. Protects without detracting from iPhone style.
How much impact the case could absorb, ie reasonable drop height protection.
Good value product
Does the job - protects the phone whilst still seeing the colour of the case.
Worth purchasing
Arrived quickly, fits iPhone SE well and looks stylish. Good value for money. “Olixar” is printed on back part of cover at the bottom so not entirely clear but not that visible.
Nice case fits phone well
The gel 'holes' for the speaker when speaking were blurring all speech. Had to cut the gel casing away at the bottom of the phone for people to hear what I was saying. The bottom of the case needs to be completely cut away to expose the speaker area.
Looks amazing
The case is very flexible and tough and fits like a glove. It allows you to see the full design and colour of the SE and compliments it very well. A must for all SE owners,
Pleased I chose this
I am pleased with this case. It feels nice, is not at all bulky and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a clear phone cover. The case goes over most of the buttons but they are not difficult to press. There are removeable hinged pieces that cover the earphone port and charging port. They are a tiny bit fiddly to remove but nothing too problematic especially for charging. If you are going to be plugging and unplugging earphones a lot it might be annoying but you could always just cut off the cover for that port.
Nice case
Looks good, improves grip. This plus a glass screen protector should protect the phone from most drops. Fits well although slightly stretched around the top button/camera. Headphone/lightning port covers are a good idea but can be a bit annoying.
Value for money
Case is light weight and fits phone well. The clear design shows off the phones design whilst still being protected. I would say that the edge needs to lip over the front screen a little more to protect the screen from breakage.
Perfect fit
Great fit on the phone, adds hardly any bulk and perfectly fitting dust covers for the charging port and ear phone jax.
Very good. Thin enough to be unobtrusive but substantial enough yo protect agains breakages.
Really pleased with the phone cover
Have looked at length for a decent cover to show off the rose gold colour of the phone - am really pleased with the product and wished I had found it sooner . Good quality.
Just what was needed for a mobile cover
Just what was needed for a mobile cover for a new telephone
Great Value Protective Cover
Bought this to protect my wife’s new SE, she said it’s perfect, so can’t disagree (I know my place). She wanted something that didn’t obscure the phone and gave some protection in the event of a knock, this fits the bill.
Entirely met my requirements!
Nothing further to add
Perfect cover.
This cover is perfect for my new Apple SE. It is a very good fit, easy to put in place and, most importantly, allows the lovely rose gold colour to show through. The holes for camera, charging etc are also well placed and no nasty rough edges.
Very good value
Lightweight, transparent, and snug fitting protection for my iphone SE.
Excellent product at competitive price.
Value for money
Cover over charging point is a bit of a nuisance. Better to just have a hole. Overall very pleased.
Just what my wife wanted, non-slip grip and very thin. Perfect!
The case highlights the colour of the iPhone. It is very thin so does not feel like a case! because of the material it is also non-slip and feels good to the touch.
I highly recommend this item.
It is hard to get excited about a see-through phone cover but it is compact and a good texture. I have a love/hate feeling about the port covers though. Great to protect from dust etc but extremely difficult to open without hurting yourself. They could be improved.
Slim. Tough see through lightweight I've dropped my phone several times already and still in1 piece
love this case
Don't hesitate, great phone case
Very pleased with this gel case, it really does stop the chances of the phone slipping through my fingers, it's totally lightweight and doesn't notice at all. Very happy with quick delivery, thanks.
Would recommend
Exactly what I wanted as it doesn’t detract from the phone.
Nice and slim. showing good looking phone.
Quite impressed with service. Delivery was great only took a few days. I love this case, not too big not bulky. The dust caps on the case keeps dirt away from usb/ headphone ports . Brilliant idea.
Took a while to get here but I am really happy with the product.
Excellent item
This is a must for all iphone SE users. It's a snug fit and looks great. It is hard to see on the phone, but will protect your phone if dropped. Would recommend.
Don't even know it's there!
This case is so thin and durable as I've already dropped it multiple times and gotten away with just a mark on the back. Overall I barely recognise it's there which makes it look and feel like there isn't any case. This gives a really nice sensation.
Very happy
This case fits my i phone SE perfectly and looks really good! The gel makes its easy to grip as well.
I was told I was a "poser" for buying this product because it brilliantly displayed the lovely rose gold colour of the iPhone!
This case is really very good,doesn,t make your phone bulky, yet protects it really well, use with a tempered screen protector and the whole phone is covered without being much bigger than normal.
Loved this very slim gel clear cover.
Loved this slim gel clear cover for my phone. It has protection covers for my battery & speaker ports which I was delighted with as it protects your phone from any dust or dirt getting into speakers. I loved how slim the cover is and also the option for a clear one so I can see my rose gold iPhone too and have it protected. Very quick delivery and excellent prices on products and shipping. Will definitely be buying again soon!
Excellent item and perfect fit for my iPhone SE
Excellent item and perfect fit for my iPhone SE. I bought the clear one and the clever little bobbles that you can feel but can't see stop those ugly water marks you get on the back of the phone with normal cases Great product, worth paying that bit extra.
Clear Gel Case
Great case - soft feel yet tough. Would recommend highly.
Great by very little protection
Before you buy this item there is a few things you need to know:

Firstly, it provides very little, no protection to your phone. The case is very slim and tight fitting. If your looking for a case to protect your phone instead of it looking nice this is not the case for you!

Secondly, where the headphone and charger cables plug in, two plugs/ flaps fit into the slots when your not using them. This annoyed the hell out of me until I eventually got used to the idea. Its good for avoiding unwanted dirt that could get inside however if your phone is on 1% and you need to quickly rush to get your charger its a bit of a pain! ;)

However, the case adds no additional weight to your phone (as some cases can) and will go perfect with any color phone you have. Overall a snazzy case and I recommend buying! :)
The cover I ordered is well made and great value
The cover I ordered is well made and great value for money especially compared with Apple prices. I feel that my phone is well protected and done very discreetly. My wife is looking for a new cover for her Samsung phone and I will recommend your site to her. Regards
Great value
Exactly what I ordered, great value for money!
Perfect fit. Good quality product. As described.
This case meets expectations. It is a good quality clear gel case which is ultra thin, effectively covering your iPhone SE in a thin layer of plastic. This shows off the beautiful colour of the phone and does not add any bulk. It offers little protection to case in terms of dents and drops, but will prevent scratches and scuffs. It has plugs to fill the charging hole and headphone socket, which may possibly be a good idea to prevent dust and dirt ingress, but are a bit of a pain when you are trying to charge the phone and/or listen to music whilst driving for example. Otherwise, an excellent product.
A fantastic product which protects my iPhone SE
The gel case arrived securely and was packaged well plus had updates on when the product was going to arrive. A fantastic product which protects my iPhone SE plus choosing the clear gel case meant the colour I chose I can see through the gel case. Extremely pleased with the service and products I received will definitely recommend to friends and colleagues. Many thanks Mobile Fun.
This is a really good case
This is a really good case. It was easy to fit, but the phone is very snug in it. It has a little 'stopper' at the bottom where the lightening cable plugs in and all the other 'buttons' are covered over but are still easy to use. Very pleased with this and would recommend.
Excellent product and Service
A very useful item which not only protects the case from scratches and bumps but also has a flap to protect the usb from dirt and moisture. Delivery was also earlier than promised!!
Good simple iPhone cover
This iPhone cover does exactly what is says on the tin. It's transparent, light, and is a durable cover for my iPhone SE which doesn't weigh it down or ruin the phone's sleek look.
Transparent iphone cover.
An excellent product which is exactly as described. It is VERY lightweight and shows the phone colour well and also enhances the already good 'feel' of the phone. There is a cover for the charging port and headphone socket ( which was a pleasant surprise as it was not in the description). It was delivered before the promised time and well packed.
As described.
Exactly as described. Fast delivery. Cheap. Will definitely use again. Very pleased with my gel case.
I am a happy chappy!
Excellent product.
Excellent product.
Brilliant product as it's protective, really thin and adds no weight to my phone - exactly what I was after!
Great purchase
Excellent clear phone cover, you wouldn't know you had one. Really good value.
Happy Face!
Happy with my purchase. Shows off my rose gold iPhone SE perfectly! Would have loved it to have come with screen protector as well though!
Too good
Very well designed but all the button/socket covers annoyed the hell out of me. I cut off the one over the charging socket so that it would easily fit my charging base.
Matched image and description
Case was delivered quickly and matched image and description, for a great price.
The case I cannot fault
The case I cannot fault it the covers for the lighting charger is very good
near perfect
very thin, perfect fit. does exactly as intended with minimal bulk. the only
issue is with the plug ... getting the charger plug in can be a fiddle.
This product does a fair job at protecting the phone without being bulky and obscuring the phone itself. However, I cannot charge the phone using some chargers without taking it outside of the case, which was disappointing. In addition, with removing the casing every night, it was not long before a crack appeared in one corner.
Much thinner than I expected. But almost adds no bulk.
Fantastic purchase for the price.
Good value for money and delivery was on time.

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