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Olixar Ultra-Thin iPhone 8 / 7 Gel Case - Crystal Clear Reviews

This ultra-thin 100% transparent gel case from Olixar provides a very slim fitting design, which adds no additional bulk to your iPhone 8 / 7. Offering durable protection against damage, while revealing the beauty of your phone from within.
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$13.26 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 72 customers

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Very good case
This crystal clear gel case by Olixar is a very fine, unobtrusive case. It provides perfect protection for my phone, whilst adding minimal bulk and being clear doesn’t detract from the aesthetics of the phone itself. Has been in daily use for a while now and shows no sign of wear and tear, so expect this cover to have a good lifespan as well. Reasonably priced, this cover should be near the top of your list when considering a new case for your phone.
Perfect clear case
I purchased this phone case for my iPhone 8. I am not into Chunky phone protected and wanted a case in which I can still see the phone itself and this case does all of that. The case is soft, flexible and easy to apply to your phone . It covers well and is comfortable when holding your phone for a long period of time. I put my phone in my handbag with many other object and the cover protects perfectly, I strongly recommend.
Amazing phone case
I bought this for my new iPhone 7 and i would highly recommend getting this case. It looks good on the phone and I've accidentally dropped my phone a few times and it has stopped it from having any damage, could not recommend more
Really Good Cover
Having bought a rose gold phone, I needed a clear cover and this one is great, really thin and fits like a glove. There is a slight gel feel which stops the phone slipping around on flat surfaces and it doesnt slip off in your bag.
Excellent quality
I ordered the case online without having much confidence in the quality of it as it was cheap.
I was pleasantly surprised with it and put it straight on my phone. It's exactly as described!
Highly recommended
Very pleased with the case. Good quality and as described.
Good customer service, and prompt delivery.
Highly recommended
This particular case is so slim it doesnt detract from the phone
Great selection of accessories for all phones available at MobileFun. This particular case is so slim it doesnt detract from the phone yet gives you the added reassurance that my iPgone is protected.
Lovely skin
This is a great 'naked' skin for my limited edition iPhone 7 red. It's a very snug fit, so no chance of slipping off and is an extra low profile around this slim phone. It's completely clear skin allows the metallic red of my phone to shine through, it is the reason I got the phone in the first place.

Love it, and would heartily recommend.
Perfect minimalist protection
I have always tried to find iPhone bumpers and cars that protect but keep the device as small as possible. I have never found one that I like as much as this. It's so slim and the Iphigenia almost looks like it's got no case. I am sure the protection isn't as good as some more heavy duty items, but if you are generally pretty good with your phone and just want to keep it in as new condition and no scratches etc, I genuinely think this is perfect.
The greatest gel case!
I looked around for a Crystal Clear Gel Case for my iPhone 7 and this seemed to be the best value one from the ones I viewed online. I'm disabled and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to put it on the phone; however I had no problems. It isn't obvious that I have the case on my phone and it doesn't restrict my use of the camera, for example. I'm so pleased with the case I recommended it to a friend who bought it and is also very pleased and I didn't get any commission for my recommendation!
Love my new clear case
Bought an expensive case from Apple which I returned due discolouration. Searched the net for a clear gel case. This one had very good reviews. Good quality and reasonable price.
Ordered it from this website, received on third day. Quick and easy.
I love the case. It's completely clear and shows off the rose pink phone beautifully. Not very thick gel so not sure how good the protection is but I'm careful with my phone so should be fine.
Love it!
Slim, flexible and clear .... just what I wanted. Love it.
I recommend this case to anyone who wants to protect their phone while also showing it off. Crystal clear as stated and perfect fit. Took 5 days to Finland :)
Exactly what I wanted.
The case is crystal clear which is what I wanted so that you could see the metal color at back of phone. Fits perfectly.
Clear case to show of the iPhone 7
When you buy an iPhone 7, especially in a cracking red colour, you want to show that off. This case allows you to do that. Additionally, the case stops the phone from being slippy in your hand, without adding any bulk to it. I'm much less likely to drop it and therefore the full sturdiness of the case is less important.
Gel Case does not protect fully
I bought this, along with the the Olixar edge to edge screen protector, for my new iPhone 7. The Gel case fits like a glove, is not bulky and looks great. Disappointingly, it does not adequately protect the camera, which protrudes slightly from the fitted case - allowing it to come into contact any surface that it is placed on, risking scratching the glass. A slight design alteration could provide the perfect solution.
The screen protector is excellent, though reassuringly expensive!
Great inexpensive case
Light weight, thin, yet sturdy and flexible to provide excellent protection for my phone. Used together with the Olixar edge to edge screen protector. They work perfectly together to give great protection, whilst adding very little bulk to the handset. Another great Olixar product, and delivered fast by MobileFun.
After six month colour fade.
Perfect fit and slim enough to allow charging without having to remove the cover.
Well priced and arrived within stated delivery time. Would buy again
Great Case
This case is the best I have ever used. It is very thin and it barley feels like there is a case on the phone at all. It is nice and clear so it shows off the phone. All the holes match ports and switches quite well. As far as drop protection goes, it probably isn't the best for that, but it will prevent scratches. My favorite part is that it perfectly eliminates the camera hump. Overall a very great case for the minimalist or someone not looking for drop protection.
Super Slim, Great Fit
By Far the best cover I have had. Its super slim and really makes the iPhone 7 look great. The silicone cover also provides a really good anti-slip feel in your hands and on on any surface. The cover fits the mobile nice and tight leaving no excess bulk on the phone and all the cut outs are structured and well designed for charging and speakers, etc. Did I mention stylish as well, I have had so many compliments on the cover and been asked multiple times where I got it from, Mobile Fun, great products and very quick delivery. Definitely recommend, in fact I am going to get one for my sister as soon as she gets her iPhone 7. If you have just got an iPhone 7, let's be honest, its new, expensive and stylish, the only option is to protect it with this cover, so go and get one even before you have placed your order for your new phone!!
Good Quality Product
Product arrived on time and fits perfectly. It was good value and I'd recommend mobile fun to anyone as I've purchased a lot of items over the years.
Love it!
Love the cover as it is super slim and shows off the new Jet black IPhone 7...
Crystal Clear
If you buy a sleek iPhone the last thing you want is a chunky case. This cover is crystal clear and you can hardly tell the phone has a cover on it. Snug fit, good access to buttons and camera lens. Also provides a good grip on your otherwise slippy shiney iPhone. Just perfect.
Almost what is says on the packet
Item arrived very promptly. Easy to fit and is a snug fit. I have not dropped my phone yet so have not tested it's protection but it appears that it will do the trick. If there is a criticism I would not really describe the case crystal clear but is not far off and is a minor point
Very disappointing.
This case would've been excellent, were it not for one major flaw: the section around the side buttons, both left and right, is way too tight and/or poorly designed. When you put the case on, you totally lose the feedback click with the side buttons. This is especially noticeable with the volume buttons -- the case is making it very difficult to adjust volume comfortably and precisely (you're never sure whether the button is pressed or not).

For me, that's a deal breaker.
shows off iphonw natural good looks
basic clear case but should protect the phone OK whilst showing off the nice looking phone underneath rather than covering it up
the phone cover fits perfectly on my iPhone 7.
I got the clear so my iPhone 7 color would show. The texture of the case is soft and smooth, adding some traction on flat surfaces. I like that the side protects the volume on/off switch-mine would slide to off unexpectedly. Have not noticed any scratches on the case yet, and is easy to remove and put back on without stretching.
I bought this case to protect my iPhone 7 case from knocks and damage. I have used similar devices before for other phones and this one does exactly what is advertised for it. It also does not restrict use of the phone either.
Perfect Fit!
Really pleased with this item. After upgrading to an iPhone 7 I wanted a case which would show off my new phone and this is exactly what it does. The fit is perfect.
I am now looking to purchase the same case for my daughter who has inherited by iPhone 6!
Good case
Exactly what i was after, it is thin, can hardly tell it is even on the phone but gives more grip so phone doesn't slip out of hands....only thing is, it could fit a little tighter on the phone, but its not a major at all.
Great cover
Cover was exactly what I was looking for very slim line almost like not having a cover on..... others way to bulky
Very happy, great product and quick delivery AA++
Excellent cover
Wanted a clear slim gel cover so could show my jet black iPhone 7 off, this is excellent can barely see it, also gives a good grip to the phone. Would definitely recommend this product. Delivery was prompt too.
This turns a very slippery phone into something that really stays in your hand, or anywhere you put it. It fits well, is easy to clean and does't make your phone any larger like a lot of cases. I've not dropped the phone and don't intend to but with it's grip much better now I don't think I will.
Great Case
This is a great case. Protects the phone with minimal size added to the phone. Great feel in the hand and clear so your phone still shines.
Iphone 7 ultra thin gel case
Bought this and well impressed fast delivery. Looks brill on my phone hasnt spoiled the look at all
Good product
Not "crystal" clear, but a good light-weight, slim case for iPhone.
Olixar Ultra-thin Gel case
Very good fit, volume and lock buttons work well with case on. Looks good and doesn't make phone bulky. probably wouldn't offer any major protection if dropped but will provide adequate protection from day to day use/scratch prevention in pocket. Would buy again if needed.
Cheap and does what it's supposed to
Fits well, does the job.
Good fit
See through case fits perfect
Does the job
Cheap and dues the job.
It looks and feels good
It looks and feels good. The phone still looks the part.
Too early to tell how protective it will be, as I haven't dropped it yet.
Hopefully, I'll never need to find out.
Great cover
The Olixar Ultra-Thin iPhone 7 Gel Case - Crystal Clear is a very good fit and you hardly notice it on the phone as it's clear. Good grip, but you can still get it out of your pocket OK. Would recommend. Great price from mobilefun.
Excellent product
Cover was exactly as described and for the right device and fitted perfectly. Arrived very quickly after ordering. Very pleased.
Slimline back cover
Great product, didn't want a cover that was bulky so findning this slimline cover has really impressed me.
Brilliant flexible perfect
This item was exactly what I was looking for slim line flexible fit makes the iPhone 7 a lot easier to handle as it doesn't slide out of my hand any more
Great job
This is a great case!
It's thin, but tough and looks really good. Already had people ask me where I got it, and made sure they knew where to go.
Ideal Case
The gel case for the iPhone 7 is exactly what I wanted to protect my phone. It fits well, looks good and does not add any size and weight.
1st class product 1st class service
The reviews for the cover were good enough for me so I ordered one and I was well pleased with it.
I would recommend this product.
Great case which you hardly notice
Great case which fits perfectly over the phone to keep it clean and scratch free, but you don't notice it's there. Good value. Recommend
Perfect Case
Always found that crystal clear cases can vary alot by quality depending on the different brands out there but this case seems to hit the spot so to speak. Crystal Clear case that still makes your phone stand out as it would without a case. Excellent quality and very good fit around the phone. Does not leave any air bubbles or keep peeling off around the edges. Love how the buttons are still very easy to press with case on as previous cases have restricted the buttons a bit with the case covering over and having to press the buttons a few times. Well worth buying for the quality of the case and the price seems a bargain. Couldnt reccommend this product any more highly and i definitely know where to come for cases for future models as Olixar fits the bill every time.
This is by far the most minimalistic case I've bought so far! The only gripe I do have is that it is a little lose around the volume buttons but that is a minor detail and does fit snugly! Overall it fits very nicely, looks great and the best thing it doesn't bulk your phone up whatsoever!
Great case!
Was hoping for a little more shock absorption in the case. But other than that, this clear case is fantastic and it provides a good rubber grip that prevents you from dropping your phone! It is crystal clear other than the little dots on the case (barely noticeable). I was looking for a simple case that I can see the gold iPhone back through, and I've gotten that! Great price, great case!
Defiantly the best iPhone cover I have bought yet!
Great simple case
Bought this case simply to protect my iPhone from scratches. It has a nice feel to it and does the job perfectly. It doesn't stick when trying to put it in your pocket.

It looks nice and is a great simple case.
Great, Inexpensive Case
Bought for my son for his new iPhone 7, the case fits perfectly and doesn't add to the size of the phone, it's quite grippy too so helps him not to drop his phone. Highly recommended.
Great quality for low price
I was looking for a low price cover. And I found it ;)
Great Crystal clear gel case! I recommend to all iPhone fans with crystal clear look ;)
The case fits my phone perfectly, without adding bulk or weight to my phone
I ordered and received this item in a very speedy manner. The case fits my phone perfectly, without adding bulk or weight to my phone.
Bearing in mine that the iPhone 7 had just been released onto the market I thought both the product and service were first class
Don't normally like a case on my phone but this has to be one of the best I have tried such a snug fit its barley noticeable I often forget I have it on
Really great case :-)
Got this phone case for my new iPhone 7. It arrived really fast, even before my phone! It fits really well, and looks great on my phone! Would definitely recommend and repurchase from this website! :-)
Great case
Ordered this case before my new phone arrived - wasn't expecting to wait so long to use it! Great case and exactly as described. Perfectly clear. Flexible, but gives great protection to handset especially on the rounded corners. Comfortable grip without being bulky.

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