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Reviews for Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad Phone Holder

The Olixar Tree Frog Dashboard Pad provides a secure resting position for your mobile phone or other items right on your car dashboard without the use of any sticky residue.
The Olixar Tree Frog Dashboard Pad provides a secure resting position for your mobile phone or other items right on your car dashboard without the use of any sticky residue.
 4.4 stars from 423 customers

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Good Product
This does work but unfortunately it sticks to the phone so when you pick up your phone it comes away with it
Excellent phone holder
This product does what it says!
It has an amazing grip and now I’ll never worry about my iPhone sliding around.
A great product at a great price.
Not as good as advertised, grip strength not as good as advertised
Does exactly as described
The pad is very sticky, and sticks to the dashboard with ease, no need to apply any pressure to make it stick, and my phone is attached to the pad in the same fashion. Phone does not move off the pad, despite driving over many bumps in the road.
The only drawback I could add is that when lifting my phone off the pad, it stays attached to the pad, and needs pulling off my phone, to replace back to the dashboard. That's how sticky it is !
There's no glue involved, so your fingers won't feel messy.
Really does what it says. Washed it with just water, stays super sticky. Pleased with item
Phone grip
Does exactly what it says , great little mat to secure mobile phone
Very good idea
This works well and stops the phone from sliding around. Don't put the phone front down on it though, it grabs the screen more than the dash.
Great for keeping the phone on the dashboard.
Working very well
Worked well even when almost vertical. when you take the protective cover off you might want to keep it around, because the pad gets quite dusty when not in use and doesn't work well when dusty.
Happy with the product!
We are happy with the product and with customer service as well.
Fast delivery and great simple product!
This is the Tree frog that works! Ordered another one that didn’t hold my phone properly! This is secure and does what it’s meant to do! Simple design and quality product.
Does what it should
Works great, really sticky, holds fast but doesn't leave any residue on the phone.
Very sticky
It is very sticky, but also collects dust fast. I heard it can be washed, but I stopped using it, as it was too sticky for my water bottle, and I don't need to use it for anything else.
Superbly sticky
I wanted to be sure that my phone would stay on the dash whilst the car was moving. No problems in that regard, I also worried a little in case the pad would mark my dash but again no problems there. Add that the pad is washable and still sticky,I think it's an excellent piece of kit and wish I had known about it sooner
Very sticky
Don't need a mount for phone this is sticky enough
Fantastic product
This is a really great product that held the phone in the car and made it feel a lot safer
Best buy
Great product just slap the grip pad on the dashboard and away you go. I've purchased another 2 grip pads for my son and his girlfriend.
A Great Product
This is my second purchase of this product. Stays sticky for a good time and once it starts to lose its grip a little wash under cold water and back to new
Absolutely fit for purpose.
It is a great product 10 out of 10.
Good for lighter weight objects
Good for lighter objects could not get phone to stay put may have been season?
Does what it advertises
Anything sticks to it. Works like a charm. Has just lost its stickiness after a few weeks so will see how washing it works.
Simple and Flexible
I had used this before and found it useful. That is why I ordered it again. The drawback is that the stickiness does wear off after a while: OK if you never want to move it, but not so good if you need to move it about
Great product.
Great product. Works exactly as I expected
Pretty grippy!
And great value when 2 for 1
Product good but I didn’t think it through properly
I like the matting very much and it is strong enough to hold my phone however I didn’t look at the design of my car before purchasing it. Had I thought about it more I would have seen that there are no smooth textured surfaces in my driving space ..except the electronic display screen....I have found a place to put the mat but it is not the most convenient spot. My fault not the mat
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