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Olixar ToughGuard MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch Hard Case - Gold Reviews

The ToughGuard Hard Case in gold gives your MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch the protection it needs without adding any unnecessary bulk.
  • Mobile Fun ID 45900

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 4.5 stars from 83 customers

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Got it through the post fast. The hard shell it sell feels strong and won't scratch your macbook. Snug design. Taking it off was tricky the first time, if u take the case from the corners, you'll be good. The rubber feel is nice in the hand, and the colour makers me love my Mac more. Good for the money
Quality Product
The case fits snugly onto the mac book, is smooth to the touch, allows easy access to the ports and fully protects the edges of the aluminium case.
the packaging on delivery was excellent.
Prtotection and style
The case protect efffectively - though one has to be aware that it may not survive a colleague sitting on it - happened to my last one
Fits well to MacBook
I ordered a cover for my MacBook Pro through mobilefun website. The price was quite cheap and the cover is quite good and fits well to MacBook. The order was delivered in a reasonable time as well. I would highly recommend people to use this website.
Perfect fit
Perfect fit, good quality and good value.
Arrived promptly as promised! The product itself is exactly as posed - fits comfortably around MacBook without damage to put on or take off. Makes me feel a lot more at ease with this case on - very good protection.
Great cover
Fits like a glove, looks good and provides good protection. Reasonably priced too.
Nice looking case - but it does show fingerprints!
I bought this case to replace my Incase cover which just seemed to wear out after less than a year. This has a lovely satin look finish, but it does show up fingerprints and marks! Still, looks good and fits the Mac well.
Corner Cracked & Feet Came off Immediately
Case snapped on fine. Great fit, and looks nice. However the rubber feet, which are glued on, started coming off almost immediately... You'd think they're use a glue that didn't melt when it got hot. In addition a corner of the case cracked off after less than a year in use.
Excellent service and product
I've used MobileFun several times in the past and have always been pleased with the swift service delivery and quality products. This purchase was no exception, the protective case was delivered within days and, fits perfectly and looks fantastic. I wholly recommend MobileFun and will no doubt use them again.
Excellent fit. Easy and positive snap into place. Neat protection.
That the cover is very easy, quick and positive to fit.
Awesome laptop cover!
Honestly, I was kinda hesitant about this one but I am so glad I took a chance. It's EXACTLY how it looks in the pictures. It arrived earlier than expected and its perfect. Thank you! ( I would upload a photo but there's no option for it )
Excellent product, perfect fit and well made
Like a lot of people, I do my research before buying a product, especially as I wanted a hard cover for protecting my expensive Apple Macbook pro. There were so many positive reviews for mobile fun, it was a no brainer, excellent product, perfect fit and well made. Very pleased with purchase
Excellent produce and excellent company
Useful and robust. Protects your Mac but doesn't add weight or bulk.
5 stars!
Well-made, good quality product! And affordable to boot! Overall, I'm satisfied!! Thank you! :)
Easy shopping
The shopping experience was easy. The item arrived as promised on time.

Great experience !!
Exactly what I ordered
The item was what I expected.
A great company to deal with.
I made a stupid mistake when ordering and ended up with the incorrect size case for my laptop. MobilZap had no problem in my returning the case to them and sending me the correct size at no extra cost. Wonderful customer service!
I would not hesitate recommending this company to any one.
Product as described and great shipping from the UK

. I
Excellent Fit and Feel
I recently upgraded to a new MacBook Pro 13" Retina. I had a competitor's hard case on my last laptop and it did the job. So, I knew I wanted another hard case for my new computer. Very glad I chose this case. It's 1/3 the cost and fits just as snuggly. There's absolutely no issue with the fit or finish. MacBooks come with a fairly slippery surface, easy to drop if you don't hold on tight. This case solves that issue. Great feel with the great fit. Highly recommended!
Excellent Product
Excellent product, great fit, everything you could want in a protective shell at about 1/3 the cost of others.
Brilliant Product
Possibly the best customer service I have received. I ordered an incorrect case for my MacBook and was able to return and receive the correct one within days! Definitely recommend!!! I love my new case, fits so perfectly. Thank you!
Very pleased
Excellent product, great quality, fits perfect looks great. Couldn't be happier
I like it
It gets dirty kind of easily but I like it.
Beautiful, practical and good value
I got a champagne color cover for my brand new Macbook 13" after my last Macbook got scratched and cracked (I didn't have a cover before).
What I love about this brand is there were a lot of different color and style options so you can find a cover that you like. It was easy to set up and it looks like it's good quality BUT without the crazy price tags other brands charge ($50 for a cover?! Nah...)
Overall I would recommend this to anyone.
Careful choose Retina or no
The cover is amazing, protecting mac and looking good. I had only issue ordering one without Retina choice and it was not fitting at all - had to return it.
Great case!
I've only had this case a short time but I like it so far! It's better than one I've had before, where the back half of the case (behind the screen) kept flopping - this case doesn't have any of that. Long story short: this case is a simple, no-frills case for the person who wants to securely protect their computer because they are saving their computer from falling too often!

I love how the case came with the keyboard cover as well!
The one thing I would change: know, I know... a case is for taking on the scratches and bumps the laptop otherwise would - but it would be nice if the fingerprints, scratches, etc. didn't show up quite as easily!

However, definitely worth what I paid for it. I would recommend it to others. Thanks for a great case!
Great value for money!! Much cheaper than anything anywhere else and delivery is SO FAST!!! HOW DO YOU DISPATCH ITEMS SO QUICJLY. I'd rate 6 stars but there isn't an option for it. Thanks!
Ive always been one to stand out and with many people having the exact same laptop... it lost its exclusive edge that it once had, so this amazing laptop has found an amazing companion in the ToughGuard hard case. Not only does it make my laptop safe, it makes it look epic as well. Stand out product. Must have.
Good fit
I love the colour of the case. Snaps on easily!
Awesome product!
Product was exactly as described online and provides the protection I was looking for.
Exactly as described, works like a charm!
110% happy with this purchase. The case is exactly as described and provides the protection I was looking for.
Appears solid
I had purchased a Spec hard case for my Mac but it quickly started cracking in the corners due to material failure in the plastic - no drops. This brand seems much more solid, snaps in place easily and no cracks so far. Seems like a better product and I'm expecting it will last longer.
Good delivery time. Good quality case for its price. Fits well too!
Good delivery time. Good quality case for its price. Fits well too!
Excellent Case
I bought this before i went on holiday with some mates so i could use around the hotel and pool. Very easy to fit and still looks amazing with Apple symbol still visible through case when open.
would highly recommend this case.
Fix perfect
This is a great cover and fix perfectly. At first impression feel like too fragil but when I install in the MacBook it was not. Now my product is protected from scratches. Way to go
Brilliant product!
Brilliant product! Excellent value at Mobilefun ( fast delivery too, although I know this is about the product!) ;-) Easy to fit in two parts, you just place it over the top, the MacBook slips in and as soon as you here the little clicks you know it's secure. The same with the bottom section. Perfect for keeping you MacBook Spick & span. I wouldn't say it is clear... It is more frosted which actually looks better and more expensive (I know because I have a crystal clear Speck case on mine) this one was for my daughter. I would definitely purchase another one in the future. Oh and it also comes with a two year guarantee.... So for the price you simply can't go wrong...
Be patient with shipping from this company. It takes an additional 4 days of their estimated arrival Bc it's coming from overseas. Packaging Abe product perfect Well worth wait
good but too brittle
It fits perfectly although it cracked too soon with minimal energy(knock)applied to it. If it were rubberised and a touch softer may be it would have lasted longer. It however allows the apple logo of the laptop through which is good. It has protected the Mac from scratches so far.
Excellent fit
Arrived two weeks ago and it fit perfectly to my MacBook Pro. Would purchase from this company again.
Great overall
I don't think the case is great it fits securely to my laptop. Now I don't have to worry about it getting scratched when I put it in my bag. I love the colour and it makes the Apple logo on the back of the screen less bright.
I did expect the apple sign to be displayed in the middle
I was very pleased to receive it in two days time faster than I thought. The product colour is identical as in the website and product is very easily attached to the mac book. However I did expect the apple sign to be displayed in the middle as in the picture however apple sign is transparent through the case. Also I have noticed the edges are not as smooth on the both sides. Also I also noticed the colour at the bottom where the mac book rests on is wearing off.
It is not that bad but could have been much better. I would give 5 stars to company for speedy delivery.
Very good product
When I first bought my mac I bought one of these cases in the Istore at the same time and have been under the impression that everything cheaper than the £40 I paid for that case was of a lower quality. HOW WRONG I WAS. Great product, great look and great service!!
Protects the Macbook brilliantly and looks cool
Second one of these I've had - protects the Macbook brilliantly and looks cool - you don't need any other case with one of these and (with the clear case) it still looks like a Mac.
Good customer service and value
The MacBook case I bought was great value and lots cheaper than I could find elsewhere. Where I had a query about delivery it was answered promptly. Thanks.
Exceed Expections
Excellent price and great quality for the money. Only reason it's not a 5 star is because it's more 'frosted' than 'clear'. Still does the job perfectly and fits very well so I'm really happy. Arrived pretty quick as well.
This is case is everything you could ask for - affordable, compact, easy to fix onto the computer and my god it saves it from scratches and dust being all over it! It is easily the best accessory I've bought for protection of any technology due to the price and the job that it does.
Buy this! Affordable and does pretty much the same thing those more expensive ones at the Apple shop sell.
Great Case!
I bought this item for extra protection for my laptop, when it arrived it is alot darker than what's on the picture and I would say it was more of a light brown then a champagne colour, however as a case it is brilliant excellent protection and very easy to place, (very difficult to get off though) I would recommend this case but maybe in a different colour, excellent price aswell compared to other cases I have looked at
Great product
Really great cover! Loved it :)
Love it!
I love my gold mac case. It snapped right onto MacBook Pro!
quick shipping and looks great!
arrived quickly and looks great!!
Fit perfectly without any hassle
Fit perfectly without any hassle. Colour very slightly darker than iphone 6 gold.
Toughguard Review
I haven't dropped it so can't say how well it protects but it does fit well, is easy to add on and allows access too all plugs and switches.

very content with purchase
Very nice colour and quality
Good price, good quality and yes I would recommend it
Overall Fair
The product I received was good for the first couple weeks but it seemed to have fallen apart on the underside of the laptop case (where the pads are). I explained this to customer service and they were very helpful with sending a replacement.
looks nice and does the job
SImple and effective. Light enough to not add extra weight to the Macbook. Excellent customer serice. They offered product exchange for having chosen wrong model.
So far im really happy thanks =)
Hey guys,

So far im really happy with my case.

Great cover for the Macbook
Great cover for the Macbook. Fits like a glove, looks great and really protects your investment in the areas needed. Would highly recommend to any body. 5 stars all the way:)
Great protection
Value for money
It looks great, just easily scratches. Either way, rather it scratch the cover than the laptop!
Looks great, just scratches and chips easily. It protects the laptop though, and has a cool look. I also don't really like how high up it comes on the bottom of the base so I can feel it when I type on my wrists. Think it could be a little more "slick". Thanks!
Fantastic item
Very good fit and size; fits perfectly on my 13 inch Retina MacBook.
Very good material that allows for ventilation.
Strong and sturdy.
Fast delivery.
Very decent price.
Definitely worth it.
Great product
Case is great. Fits perfectly. Quality isn't too bad either!
Exactly what I wanted. Thanks
Great cover
Loved this cover i ordered for MACBOOK PRO!! It fits perfectly and it looks awesome!!
Ok. Not great. But Ok.
Ordered a case for a new Macbook pro 13". I wasn't expecting it to be anything more than a case and so I can't really pretend to be disappointed. I knew what I was buying!

The Good: It protects most of the computer body. It is cheap. It arrived pretty quickly even though shipped from China, but I did mainly order it because I thought it was shipped locally.

The Bad: It does not protect the back of the body near where the screen is attached (most cheap ones don't). It has a bit of play around the edges. With most computers being quite light these days it also surprised me when I realised a slight but noticeable increase in weight of the computer. Not sure yet how it affects the heat but seems to be ok.

The Ugly: It is not flush with the body where most people rest their wrists. This is the only thing that actually irks me about it.

If you aren't going to spend an absurd amount getting an Apple-approved case that will set you back at least 50 bucks, this thing does what it advertises.
As good as more expensive option
Had this for over a week and more than satisfied. Hard wearing and durable, at a fraction of the price of its competitors. If you want to keep your new Macbook scratch free just get it!
The computer case arrived next day, well packed, fitted perfectly and looks good, excellent value for money.

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