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Olixar ToughBeats Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Brave the great outdoors without having to leave your music behind. The Olixar ToughBeats Speaker is IPX4 rated to stand up to the elements, as you stream your music via Bluetooth. You can also make and take hands-free calls.

RRP £24.99 - you save 80%

£4.99 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 57 customers

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Great little extra for the garden
Now that we have more or less finished our extra extension to our garden which includes a very pleasant seating area we tend to sit down there of an evening with a glass of wine or two - we were lacking in music - however this neat little sturdy speaker has transformed our garden & now I can even have classic fm of one of my favourite billy Joel recordings on whilst I am working anywhere in the garden too! Easy to charge & use even for a technophobe like me!!
Bluetooth speaker
Great little wireless (Bluetooth) speaker. Delivered fast.
Very good
very good speaker, easy to connect - would have been good to know how loud ie decibel level prior to purchase
Great little speaker
Small, neat and a good sound.

Thank you
Small but punchy
Be patient when you first charge up .. but a great value speaker
Olixar ToughtBeats Outdoor Speaker
This is an excellent piece of kit. Sounds are brilliant !!
Great battery life, pretty good sound for the price
Pairs very easily, not the loudest speaker but does the job and lasts a long time between charges.
Great product
I wanted something powerful enough to use in a large hall and it works. It is exactly doing what it says on the box. This is a fantastic buy nd I recommend this product.
Great piece of kit
To be compatible with my Samsung S7
no volume adjustment
Really useful
It does what it says. Tough and works in the rain. The sound is okay. Good enough for the price.
Cool, multi-use, product
I was impressed by robust form, good enough volume for outdoor use (plenty for the bathroom and boat!) and bluetooth range was more than 10 metres in my trial. Hands-free for 'phone was handy for the garage, boat, etc., and the sound quality for music and audiobooks was pretty good. I liked it a lot. Good value for my money
Good product!
This Wireless Speaker never seen in other place. It is convenient to use anywhere and the quality is awesome. If you not try this product you will not to know how useful is it.
Excellent product for the price
Whilst the sound quality is good, it is the tiniest bit "tinny" but it is excellent considering the price of this product and I'm very happy with it.
The only slightly annoying feature is that it is necessary to open a flap to turn the speaker on/off rather than having an accessible button on the exterior.
Excellent for the price
Nothing - the write-up said it all
Ok piece of kit
Great sound
Great sound for such a small speaker. Easily paired with my ipod.
OLIXAR ToughBeats Beats those DuffBeats.
ToughBeats is the best speaker I have come across regarding BlueTooth speakers. You can setup the sound to keep you happy. It is really loud though. How do I know that? when your playing your music via your bluetooth connection via your mobile, when a neighbour asks you to turn it down that's a winner. Remember my mobile is in the house and I'm in the garden and you still get a great signal and powerful sounds that says it all.
Get one before they all go.
Excellent sound for a small speaker.
The Olixer ToughBeats Outdoor speaker is very sturdy with good sound reproduction. Easy to set up bluetooth.
Excellent sound easy to set up.
Value for money
Best of best
Compare it to a leading brand one of the best
Worth the money
Great little device, perfect for a bathroom or even in the garden while relaxing
Go elsewhere
Fast and simple bluetooth pairing, acceptable sound, microphone bordering the useless.
Great product
Great product at a very low price can not fault it at all
My husband works in construction, great value for money!
Nice bit of kit!
Wanted this to use when out fishing. Was trying it out in the home when my wife came in, heard it, saw it and declared that it was hers. I bought this speaker when it was on offer at half price so very good value for money. Sound quality far better than on the small cd player we have. All I've got to do is load her favourite cds on to her phone and teach her how to use phone and speaker. Must remember to get myself another speaker.
Great sound
I would have happily paid the full price for this product but for half price.... it was SOUND bargain?!!!
Works great
Easy to set up. A bit confusing because the arrow buttons aren't used for volume, instead, it skips the track on my device. But that's probably just because I'm a newbie at this whole bluetooth thing. Otherwise, works great.
Superb sound quality
Have had a couple of Bluetooth speakers but this is undoubtedly the best. Sound quality is great, not too bassy like some. Lasts for hours on one charge.
For the price it's just amazing. The bass is reasonable,the dynamic range is pretty good,the build quality is excellent,no compatibility problems with my Huawei smart phone.
Great speaker, fantastic sound
I originally wanted to buy the olixar boombrick which i bought last year, i wanted to buy it for a xmas present, but the boombrick is discontinued so bought this this. I've just tested it to make sure its working ok and what an amazing sound of it, wish i was keeping it for myself. The boombrick still good though, but this one sounds even better
Nice and robust
Its very clear for a small bluetooth speaker.
One of the better ones on the market.
Its got a nice rubber casing that is gripy in all weathers .
Connection is nice and simple. All round brilliant little speaker.
I was looking for a speaker I could use out side
And connect my I pod to I could not believe this product
Could be so good especially the sound very clear
This speaker has exceeded my expectations
I wanted a wifi speaker to enable me to listen to my phone radio whilst I worked outdoors. I was a little concerned once I had made the purchase that this may not work but much to my delight it has worked like a dream, I am delighted with this speaker, it makes it easy to use my phone radio throughout my whole working day without any problem. It's nice looking, seems robust and being able to charge each night saves on expensive batteries.
Works well with my Samsung 7 phone as an external speaker
I am very impressed with this speaker
I am very impressed with this speaker. I own a number of Bluetooth speakers and in my opinion the Olixar toughbeats is easily the equivalent of a 100 euro +, brand name speaker, in terms of sound quality.
Great for gardening ...
I prefer to use a cable to connect to my phone but the Bluetooth work fine. Not loud enough to hold an outdoor party or rave with, but this speaker is perfect for me to listen to my music whilst working in the polytunnel and veg patch ... with no need to worry if it starts raining, like it does ... or if it gets a little muddy, like I do. It took me a while to decide to buy it, but now I'm glad I did and use it a lot :-)
Excellent Unit
Solid unit with excellent sound quality. Very easy to link via Bluetooth.
Good sounds + tough build
I bought this as my shower speaker and as it's splashproof I hook it above my head using sucker hooks. For £20 the sound and build quality are superb. I also use it outside in the garden and there is enough power to be good there too.
It's compact and covered in a silicon like tough plastiic. It's easy to grip when wet. The casing feels very rigid and strong. A great multi purpose speaker at a bargain price.
It's an earlier version of Bluetooth so I wondered how well it would work. Pairing for one device was super easy and the sound quality was fine over normal distances.
If you want a low cost simple Bluetooth speaker portable and good for a range of uses this is tough to beat!
( see what I did there
Impressive little speaker
Excellent clear sound, spoken word reproduced with great clarity - excellent for the cricket commentary in th egarden! good bluetooth connection with multiple devices. I like the rugged design. However there is a large object (maybe the battery?) klonking about inside the case; if it wasnt for this it would have five stars. I also note this device is not stereo.
Chill out and relax and listen to the Beats
I've ordered several products in the past from Mobile Fun, and so I was more than happy to look them up regards a wireless outdoor speaker. The important factor for me; it can survive the strains of tiny clumsy dirty hands; yes my kids! Having searched both Mobile Fun and other online sites, I can across the Olixar ToughBeats Speaker, and in short it's a great product at a great price. It connects in seconds and is very robust. I would highly recommend this product and Mobile Fun, they provide a great selection of products and an efficient service. Finally, the price, a bargain at £25. Thanks Mobile Fun.
So far so good!!
Initial speaker broke, however the good folk of Mobile Fun replaced without any issues. Replacement is great. Sound quality is good. Not tested the 'tough' aspect of it yet based my initial experience,so time will tell.....overall looks and feels good.
Very good
Very good bluetooth speaker. I recommend reading the manual to find out the short cuts to all of the functions with the keys; but once you get used to them you have a decent, powerful, yet small speaker that you can take out and about with you. Ideal for camping, but also useful for when I'm in the shower and want to blast out my favourite tunes for a sing song.
Great sound for little money!
I've seen this little speaker in various promotional emails, so when it came to purchasing it I did a little research. It's has has good reviews on many sites and many on Mobile Fun's. It was easy to sync and works well whatever the device ( Windows, android and IPhone/pad ) the sound it produces is of a high quality, with good bass response and great midrange. If you keep the sound level at 75% of max this will give an excellent experience of whatever musical genre you enjoy. It copes well with classical, metal, jazz and acoustic. It's very easy to charge, all you need is a vacant usb and lasts about 41/2 to 5 hours if driven hard, 6 with 1/2 volumn acoustic. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product.
Great sound
Although it may be small the sound quality definatley isn't! Fantastic for when out and about, bought for my partner who works for himself as a landscaper and has used it constantly since I gave it to him. Earnt me some brownie points anyway!
Loudspeaker with possibilities
The speaker does not have the highest sound in the area, but you are not dependent on having the phone in your hand, is bluetooth so you are not dependent on cable and you can control playback speaker, you may change your tune, you can stop and you can take the phone.
withstand splashes and two. Like it
Have tried to pair this speaker with many different types of phones and tablets all to no avail works for a second or two the disconnects will be sending back as soon as I get time !!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Darren

We have used this speaker quite a bit with no problems, can you please get in touch as it sounds like you may have a faulty unit.
Great speaker
Have to say I have got a lot of speakers but this one has to be one of the best Worth every penny

Do get one guys it's great and nice and loud
Great, Does The Job
This is a great speaker for skateboarding. Me and my friend split the funds and cruise around with it in our bags!

I would recommend buying this

10/10 would buy again
this bluetooth speaker has a great sound. Perfect!!!
This is the 3rd Bluetooth speaker i have bought (Veho and Olixar Boom Brick) and i have to say is the best unit so far. The other two are good, but the sound out of this unit is superb. This one was for my daughter (all kids have different models, trust me makes life easy!!)The Toughbeats, is well made, tactile, compact and certainly seems robust enough to take a few knocks. Fantastic price, speedy delivery...another quality Mobilefun product.
not fit for purpose
I think I have probably got a faulty one it is not loud enough and the microphone hardly works when using it for hands free, which is what I really bought it for the people at the other end can not hear me speaking.When I bought this I thought it would be good for hands free in my truck because if it was to be used to play music in the garden it must be loud but I find that it is not any louder than my other hands free and to top it all the microphone is useless.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Laurence

Ensure the volume up control on the speaker has been pressed plenty of times and that the audio level on your phone is also pushed up to quite loud so you can find the right audio level.

Hope this helps!
Best tough speak I have bought
This speaker looks sleek and also chunky great would and I have had it in the garden in the sun and rain as it accompanied me while I got the plants sorted! Water/splash resistance is great! Also as it gets mucky I gave it a wipe with damp cloth and as good an new, easy to link up so can go from mine to wife's to daughters apple devices no problem, best around speaker 5 out of 5

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