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Olixar Total Protection Samsung Galaxy S6 Case & Screen Protector Pack Reviews

Guard your beautiful Samsung Galaxy S6 from damage with the Olixar Total Protection Pack. Featuring a slim polycarbonate case and an ultra-response glass screen protector, this pack provides the ultimate in lightweight protection.
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 4 stars from 37 customers

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The screen protector doesn't cover correctly
I've used olixar for many years, but this screen protector just doesn't cut it. My S6 has a flat screen is flat but the the protector doesn't seal on the edges.
Does what it says on the tin
Pretty good case teally. Easy to fit with spaces in the right places for charging etc. The only let down is the flap for the charging port is a bit too flappy.
Worth Every Dollar
I had one of these protecting my phone for over a year. A month ago a walked into a barbell with quite some force. Obviously the glass protector shattered but the did its job beautifully. Not a single scratch on the screen. It is for this reason I have purchased another and would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking at protectors.
Having been disappointed with two previous screen protectors (Tech 21) I took time to research other brands for my new phone. I chose the "Olixar Ultra Tough tempered glass" one in the end. It was delivered as per order and very easy to fit with no bubbles or problems. So far it has maintained its finish and resists fingerprints well. I am very pleased with this item and recommend it highly! Ordering through MobileFun was easy and at a reasonable price.
Just what i wanted
I wanted a case that protected my phone and yet showed the platinum gold of my phone. Also i wanted the screen available to use but still protected.
Job done. The screen protector is quite thick which i wasn't expecting but it's still super touch sensitive.
The quality and service was excellent my only complaint was that the two cases already had a couple of scratches on them when I opened them
Olixar tempered glass screen protector
Very nicely made product, with the only downside being that it doesn't cover the total surface of the phone. Though in my case this is not a big problem as the case I have fitted has a raised rib all the way round, which helps protect the edges of the protector.
Looks good whilst being functional
Bought this for my 16 year old daughter's new mobile phone. She wanted a good quality screen protector having dropped her old phone and cracked the screen. When it arrived, it looked good quality and was really easy to place on the screen of her phone. You cant tell it's on there and the touch screen works absolutely fine with it on.
perfect product
It arrive and installed fast and fit perfectly
Excellent product
This has to be a excellent piece of kit for protecting your phone.
Found it to be delivered prompt and on time.
Easy to fit to phone and now giving piece of mind in case of any mishaps that may happen.
Excellent product and easy to fit, would not hesitate to purchase again
Looks great, feels good, no bubbles
Easy to apply, well it took me a couple of goes but that's me not the product.
Looked great & feels good straight away.
It's been on about 3 days now & no lifting issues or bubbles at this point.
It's slightly smaller than I expected/hoped (covers the screen but only just width wise) but still does the job very well.
We have it in a case - which did have an inbuilt screen protector but we busted the screen protector out of the case since it's a flawed design & hopeless. Anyway bottom line there is it fits well (not too tight or loose) inside the 3 piece case.
Very gooood
You can't hardly notice it
Good protection
Clear and slim and almost invisible, this case is still enough to prevent major damage to your phone if it hits the ground. And if you've got a coloured phone you can still see the colour with this case on.
Cracked while attaching it to phone on day one.
Cracked while attaching it to phone on first day.
protects but some issues
I bought one of these for my s4 2 years ago and I really rated this product.
However, the one fit the s6 just didn't seem to fit the phone?

When I finally worked it out it fitted but somehow just did not seem quite right.

I'm fine with it now and still rate the protection. Hopefully a future product will fit as well as the s4 one did.
Good case but needs regular cleaning
I'd argue this isn't 100% clear... as you can see it when it's on the phone! A good case which fits well over buttons/ports etc and is comfortable to grip. My only grumble is that dust and dirt does get sandwiched between case and phone and so it does need frequent cleaning.
best i've tried
I tried a few off other sources and they were well too small, this one basically comes up level with the 2.5d glass bend which is as good as it is going to get without curved glass
looks good
Case looks good but scratches really easily
Very slim, sleek case
This case is about as thin as they get, while still being flush with the camera at the back (if it doesn't protect it then whats the point of having a case?). I'd say this case is more to reduce scratches than to protect it from drops - something to bear in mind. There is a slight case of the "rainbow effect" on the back of the phone.
DO NOT BUY this product for your Galaxy S6
At the time of writing, there were three other reviews. Two good ones and one bad one. I can only say that the two good ones really have no idea how thing works. Do not buy this particular product. Apart from the fact that the protector does not fully cover the screen of a Galaxy S6. The top totally ignore the sensors of Galaxy S6 and cover them up. Comparing to other make of tempered Glass protector, Olixar seems to have used other model's and change the dimension slightly to fit and they didn't even bother to check the positon of the Sensors of S6. I wish I could give it a ZERO star. I actually don't trust Olixar now. Do check their product before you buy.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alex

As the Galaxy S6 has an ever so slight curve to its display, the screen protector covers the actual screen and not the side edges of the front of the phone. This is to prevent it lifting over time and also to stop any halo effect. This is the s
Way too small!
This product is far too small for the phone. Unfortunately the 2 other reviews that state the same were added after I had received my order. Very disappointing for what is an expensive screen protector-Not worth the money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sophie

As the Galaxy S6 has an ever so slight curved display to the very sides of the screen, the screen protector covers the actual screen and not the side edges of the front of the phone. This is to prevent it lifting over time and also to stop an
Does not fit phone
This item does not fit the Galaxy S6. As stated in a previous review there is a significant gap between the edge of the screen protector and the edge of the phone. Will be returning item.
Very easy to install
Very easy to install,thicker than i thought it would be. Woyld have gave it five stars but for one little problem, Why does it not fit the screen, its to small there's at least four mm gap all the way round the screen so will be getting a different one soon

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