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Olixar Total Protection Samsung Galaxy S5 Case & Screen Protector Pack Reviews

Guard your beautiful Samsung Galaxy S5 from damage with the Olixar Total Protection Pack. Featuring a slim polycarbonate case and an ultra-response glass screen protector, this pack provides the ultimate in lightweight protection.
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 4.5 stars from 108 customers

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Good case overall but weak magnetic fastening
Nicely made leather effect case with slots for credit cards etc.
Disappointed with the magnetic fastening strap. It is very weak.
Easy to apply, perfect
Arrived from overseas very quickly. Easy to apply, recommend to anyone.
Great Screen protectors
The Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen protectors that I ordered from MobileZap were exactly as described in the advert and they came in very solid protective cases that protected them in transit. The items came quickly and I definately recommend the seller.
Strongly recommend
Great fit. Goes right to the edges unlike other screen protectors I've had. And very thin.
Best protector I've had. Recommend.
Bought two tempered glass screen protectors for Galaxy J3 and S5 and both are great. They fit virtually right to the edges of the screens unlike previous protectors we've had and are significantly thinner.
Best protector I've had. Recommend.
Bought two tempered glass screen protectors for Galaxy J3 and S5 and both are great. They fit virtually right to the edges of the screens unlike previous protectors we've had and are significantly thinner.
Good choice
Easy to order and arrived quickly. The protector was simple to fit, left no bubbles, the screen is still as reactive and it does not appear to gather too many fingerprints. Good choice from my point of view.
Easy and Strong
Easy application. Took only 1 minute to prep the phone and apply the screen. Now my phone is protected!
Best pane of glass I have ever bought
Great bit of kit that so many overlook! Have used Olixar for years now with each new phone. This was a replacement as I was careless enough to drop my current phone. But, the pane of glass did it's job - it cracked and the phone's screen stayed intact - bargain at 15 quid and bought through mobile fun means I can rely on service and delivery to be top notch.
So simple to apply this screen protector, it is unbelievable! Previous protector (different brand) was cracked but had protected the phone screen from the same fate so had to have another - best money I have ever spent on my phone. If you value your mobile and it's screen, get one of these!!
So implementation to apply this screen protector, it is unbelievable! Previous protector (different brand) was cracked but had protected the phone screen from the same fate so had to have another - best money I have ever spent on my phone. If you value your mobile and it's screen, get one of these!!
Think this is worth the extra money over plastic easy to put on and can't really see it total protection along with my armour case
It has all the information on your site so 5 *****
One of the best protectors
I bought this as it is 100% better than the plastic film ones fits very well and fairly easy to apply, a bit expensive but will protect and last.
Good screen protector fits well easy to apply smudge less and tuff.
Great Product. Good Price. Nuf Said.
My first purchase from MobileZap. Product is great. Price is reasonable. Took a while to come from UK but that's as expected. No complaints at all. Would recommend based on this first experience.
A great buy
I'm thrilled to bits with my screen protector. Once it was lined up it was easy to put on. No air bubbles to clear.It is slim but very protective. Whether I use my thumbs or the stylus pen, the slightest touch is all that's needed. I would recommend this screen.
Olixar S5 Tempered Glass Screen
Dissapointed with this product, fits ok but there are impurities in the glass that showed up when fitted.
Very happy with Mobile Zaps service as i have bought accesories off them before. I have bought an S5 tempered glass screen off them before but a different brand which was a quality product. I wont be buying the Olixar tempered screen cover again as the quality just isnt great.
I opened it up and it was all packaged very nicely. I looked at the install video on the website and it looked very easy, just wipe down with a wet wipe and then use the microfibre cloth. In the packet there was a wet wipe, dry wipe and a microfibre cloth plus a few stickers. The dry cloth was numbered so that was pretty self explanatory but the stickers? they ended up in the bin. I followed the instructions and it fit perfectly, no bubbles and no problems.
Quality product
Great fit, really thin but tough glass. Does not affect the screen touch in any way.
Super thin glass, perfect fit.
Purchasing of product on your website was easy and product received within a reasonable time.
Am very happy with the product . Was well packaged with clear instructions and cheaper than I could buy locally. Was also out of stock at a local supplier, so has been a win win all round.
Would not hesitate in buying again.
Thank you
Having had thin plastic screen protectors on my previous phones and been disappointed with how long they last. Decided to go with a glass one. Excellent, extremely easy to install, has no effect on functions of phone, seems very hard wearing, only had for a short time so will have to wait to see how it stands up to daily use
Extremely Good
I quite like this glass, it's easy to fit and no bubble troubles - would rate it amongst the best.
Really good screen protector
Ok - this is the second one of these that I've bought... first one fitted really easily just dropped straight on. Donated phone to hubbie a year later and had dropped the phone in the meantime so although the screen was perfect still (dink in side of phone - oops) the top corner had lifted slightly so thought I'd treat him to a new one of these. Messed up with first attempt as a speck of dust had got caught - thought it would be a nightmare to remove but just gently levered the semi stuck screen up, used blue sticky sheet included to remove dust from screen & sticky side of protector & dropped back on - you'd never know it was the second attempt at fitting!!
Great item again
My son researched this item and was very impressed with the reviews. He told me it could stop a bullet but I wouldn't like to put that to the test. Easy to fit and looks top quality. Have been told by my son to give it 5 stars.
Screen protector is ultra thin and simple to fit. Smoother surface than factory screen! Phone is just as responsive as before.
Case also very slim profile and a good, secure fit. Although the corners seem to be well protected, the top and bottom edges of the phone look a bit too exposed. Apart from that, both seem to be A1 quality and good value.
Just what l was looking for
This is a must for any phone, It's easy peasy to fit, all you need is a steady hand.
The case I bought is for a Samsung S5 and I own an S5 Neo they are supposed to be the exact same size according to all the reviews but the case I got is a TINY bit big as in, It's not snug. It still looks good I am very happy with It.
Good product...good price
Like it
I am very impressed with my items, I was worried about attaching the tempered glass but following the easy instructions I had no problem what so ever.
Good quality
Nice product
It's great
I wud recommend to everyone
screen protector
Always have a screen protector, but plastic. The glass is fantastic because it will not scratch which after 2 months the plastic is almost impossible to see through. Brilliant
Nothing fancy. It does the job.
It's a nice product. I don't tend to drop my phones but if I do I expect this case will protect it satisfactorily.
Nice product, excessive packaging
Very happy with this screen protector. I have tempered glass screen protectors on other devices and I would say the Olixar one is better than them. Very clear to look through and the coating ensures fingerprints are kept to a minimum. It came with clear application instructions and I found it easy to apply. I have knocked off a star because of the excessive packaging. I do understand that tempered glass needs to be packaged well, so that they don't break in transit, but this Olixar model had excessive plastic packaging. All of which ends up in landfill after you've applied the screen protector to the phone.
It's bad!!
It's really not worth it to buy.. my half of screen is cracked n I have just for 3 weeks. . Wouldn't recommend to buy to nobody
MobileFun Reply
Hi Greta

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. We can only hope that the screen protector was working as it should and took an impact without it damaging your actual phone screen.
Tempered glass screen protector is of good quality for protect the mobile screen
Excellent service delivered on time. Tempered glass screen protector is of good quality for protect the mobile screen.
This is a great product
This is a great product as wife hates plastic screen protectors.
Clear description of product
purchased cover for Samsung Galaxy 5. Clear description of product.
Great basic case
Ideal basic case. Exactly what I needed
Don't buy
Just a waste of money, product in the bin. Not enough adhesive so one giant air bubble, despite rigorous cleaning beforehand
Biggest air bubble in the world
For 80% of the screen it looks great but there doesn't appear to be enough adhesive liquid. Following the instructions carefully (yes I washed my hands) but I cannot get it to stick to the complete screen, very disappointing as this is much more expensive than a normal screen saver, so only one bubble but that occupies 20% of the screen, If I press down hard it covers but as soon as I let go it lifts. In desperation in desperation I took it off and pressed down on the effected area which then worked ok but the bubble went to the other side, thats why I know there is not enough adhesive. OK its is in the bin now and I lose my money
I'm so happy now the best my phone
Good quality neat screen protector
Was a little difficult to place without touching the glue side & inevitably I put my fingers under the top edges. If I was being picky the slightly less than clear areas are annoying, but in reality I never notice it unless I try to! Also spent time trying to remove a non-existent protective cover after fitting! Dont pick at it like I did, there isnt one - generic instructions apparently ! When I pointed this out to MobileFun they kindly sent a replacement.
Very good strong case with a nice tight fit well worth the money & looks good on showing the colour of the phone.
Screen Protector Extraordinaire.
Having tried "screen protectors" on other phones, I was loathe to fix one to the Galaxy. I defy anyone to stick a flimsy plastic protector on without getting bubbles and dust bumps. This product is completely different. It applied to a clean screen (cleaning materials included) with ease, no bubbles etc., and is now part of the phone. The surface is as touch sensitive as the uncovered screen and it adds no noticeable thickness. An added bonus is, being glass, it is easily cleaned with a buff from a duster without resorting to expensive screen cleaners. The best addition to my phone in the past year - highly recommended.
good but tricky
The result is great and especially the feel when using the phone. It was a little tricky to apply esp vs some covets that you apply with a lotion, wet application ones allow you to refine the positioning, this is tricky as the protector is rigid and you have to lay it down perfectly orientated. It could do with the front protective plain having some tabs to hold while you apply the product. Once on its great but not as perfect a fit to the whole screen edge to edge as other plastic ones I've used,as I use a chunky case it doesn't matter, but you would notice it a lot if you use your phone naked. So far it has resisted my keys a few times, so great on the protective and use.
mfx Samsung galaxy s5 tempered glass screen protector
A genuine high quality product at an affordable price.
Pretty damned good
It's a little more fiddly to install than we are first led to believe and the instructions aren't a great help but with common sense it is fairly easily manageable and it looks great without spoiling the look or weight of the phone. Certainly better than the wrap around I had before. It's neater if you don't use the button extender and actually reduces the liklehood of accidental contact.
New screen cover
Just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S5 and wanted to make sure I protected it. When I was putting it on, all was fine until I got to the top left corner, it just wouldn't ( and hasn't ) stuck to the glass. It's really annoying. I tried and tried, using a little plastic device to push out the air and get it to deal. No luck. Very frustrating. You can't really tell when using it, but you can definitely see it when in sleep mode. I was very careful not to touch it, so it is a pain. In saying that, the actual protector itself seems to be very good quality.
Properly good product.
You can mostly take your chance with the supposed deals across the Internet, but this case is actual class, especially for the price!
Properly impressed.
amazing product and excellent service!
I can really recommend this product. High quality just as described and really easy to put on the screen unlike the thinner plastic type screen protectors. I'm very clumsy so drop my phone a lot, this screen protector has not shown any weak points after being put to the test. Definitely worth the money! Crisp clear display has not been affected at all by this product. Excellent customer service and received the item in good time. Don't hesitate folks! Just buy it.
Excellent product!
Always use Martin Fields screen protectors so when I got my first new phone for in a few years it was straight to mobile fun for a MR protector. Great fit and price as always.
Not impressed
I bought this because of the reviews I had read on here and because I have had good experiences of purchasing from Mobile Fun previously. But it has been a total waste of money for me as I am not impressed with this product and the finished result on my phone. The instructions hardly make sense, with missing words etc so it's off to a good start! There is a tab to peel off the protective layer once you are ready to apply and this is where it started to go wrong. The tab is very thin and weak, too weak to be up to the job of holding the layer in order to peel it off. It ripped off the layer immediately, which left nothing in place to hold onto and prevent finger marks on the adhesive side. The tab is placed right where the front facing camera is once in situ and this has resulted in the glass screen not being able to stick in this area, which will affect the front camera. The glass screen is a few mm smaller than my phone screen, which it obviously needs to be, but this is a big enough visual difference to have to be very careful in lining it up.
class product
Very happy with my screen protector
Very pleased with the item
Was Really imperessed with the item
Screen Protector
great product does exactly what its surposed to with no loss of colour.
Useless for me
This screen protector is extremely easy to apply and it has a premium feel to it when compared with other screen protectors. You can't even really tell when it's on and it doesn't affect the quality or brightness of the picture at all.

However, just a few days after having applied it, the protector started randomly cracking in my pocket - without any trauma to the device itself. It was only a small crack so I decided to ignore it for another day or two, until I woke up from one sleep with yet another crack on the protector. The cracks got worse and worse and now there's no use to it whatsoever.
S5 MFX glass screen protector
The screen protector itself seems excellent quality and was very easy to install with no bubbles. Just dont be a moron like me and touch the sticky side to see how sticky it is... I now have a partial thumbprint in mine... however the one I installed second on my wifes phone is perfect. Overall, great product and great service
MFX Samsung Galaxy S5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
my wife is a local Councillor and runs her own business,she is on her phone 10 hrs a day,the plastic one degrade and bubble up,but this one show no sigh of wear at all,well worth the extra money
Love it
This product is great for your phone. Easy to adhere and a great protection for the face. It also gives your touch screen a quicker response.
very good
This the best screen protector you can get it's so easy to put on and it really works my phone fell out my pocket and my daughter walking behind me stepped on it and still the screen is ok would recomend it to any one
A Very Good Buy
Applies very easily, does not impair touch screen, easy to clean, very good protection.
Screen Protector
Easy to apply - really clear - does need cleaning to stay perfect - good product - no worries
Excellent screen protector
The quality of this screen protector is very good and I'm sure it will protect my phone's screen very well.

Application went well. There were a few small bubbles but pressing on them got rid of them, due the silicon on the underside of the screen protector. In this respect, this fares a lot better than traditional screen protectors where it is much hards to get rid of bubbles.

I will definitely buy one of these again when I need a new screen protector.
Great Screen Protector
Easy to fit, perfect.
Tempeted Glass Screen Protector
I ordered this product after a friend of mine had tried and teseted it.
It does exactly what it says it will do!
Very good service, arrived before the estimated date.
Easy application and very happy!
Looks great
Being transparent you don't even notice is there, easy to handle you phone with it. Looks great!
my first tempered glass screen cover
I regretted not getting a screen cover for my Galaxy S3. So I decided I was definitely going to protect my S5's screen and went for one of these. IMHO <£13 is a small price to pay to preserve the screen of an S5!

It's extremely easy to apply and it's quite exciting to put it in place and then tap the centre and see the adhesive stick from the middle of the phone's screen to the outer edges.

In the box you get a good kit with cleaning products to prepare your screen's surface and some little nubbins for the home button in case you want it to stay proud of the protector. Personally, I like how with the protector applied, the home button now lies ever so slightly recessed. It means the home button isn't pressed accidentally so much when I'm getting the phone in/out of my pocket.

The phone's screen is just as responsive with the protector applied as it is without it.

Overall, very pleased with my choice.

The only improvement that I would like to see on future revisions would be to round the edges of the protector down to where they meet the screen, which I've this morning seen on another product. However, with the "Muvit miniGEL Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 - Black" also applied to my phone, the edges of the screen protector are tucked neatly into the inner edge of this. These two items make a great combo!
looks good
the kit comes with cleaning wipe, cloth and a sticky pad to clean before applying.very easy to fit with no air trapped at all . does not affect viewing that you can notice.i give it a 4 star as the glass is everso slightly smaller than the screen but this will be covered with the case edging. also the rubber stick on home buttons you get went straight in the bin. not needed and a terrible fit! overall for the money so long as it lasts well seems to be a good buy .
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