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Olixar Total Protection Galaxy Note 4 Case & Screen Protector Pack Reviews

Guard your beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from damage with the Olixar Total Protection Pack. Featuring a slim polycarbonate case and an ultra-response glass screen protector, this pack provides the ultimate in lightweight protection.
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 3.9 stars from 50 customers

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Great screen protector
Overall very happy, looks and feels great plus super easy to insall, the only downside is- I wish it was a little wider so it wasnt so flushed to the edge of the screen,
Excellent quailty - I like that it doesn't get greasy and seems very resilient.
Not greasy; seems more hard wearing than other screen protectors I've used. Relatively straight forward to install.
Screen protector is fantasic
Screen protector is fantasic, it is invisible were it matters with a line on the edge were it does not matter.
Bought this one because the first was so good and now has a crack which has stopped the phone screen from any damage.

The case is not great. It is a hard she'll case that will stop the back of getting scratched but would not protect the screen and would not cushion the phone from a drop.
Not very happy
I ordered these two items together because I didn't see a choice of the cover only. I received a tempered glass in the value of 10 GBP which I didn't really want. The cover itself is great but I cut off the plastic around buttons as it was uncomfortable to press the buttons. Also camera doesn't seem to be protected at all.
Seemingly good quality, fairly easy application
Applied to brand new Note4, took ~5 minutes. Instructions straightforward, kit worked pretty much fine. No flex in the glass screen protector, be careful with your initial alignment - avoid a second attempt. Silicon bond mostly attaches itself, overall result 9/10. Pricey compared to eBay but of known good quality and therefore worth it.
Almost perfect
Very nice quality. I managed to fit it on the screen perfectly, however the halo effect is still there around the edges due to the curve screen.
very high quality
This screen is slightly more expensive than some of the cheaper options
but it is very high quality, rounded edges and also takes more to break than the cheaper options
Ordererd the SMX Galaxy Note 4 tempered glass screen proctectorand the Long neck Galaxy Note 4 car holder. Both these items are perfect for what I need. The screen proctector was a perfect fit as was the car holder. I have to say I was impressed by the efficiency and prompt delivery......and I live outside the u k. Brilliant.
Tempered Glass Screen Protector
This is an excellent product and if you follow the clear instructions it will provide your screen with fantastic protection. The size of the protector is just short of the extreme edges and this allows you to also use a protective cover without any interference from either product. The cut outs are perfectly aligned with the corresponding features of the phone and it took me just two minutes to apply the screen cover. It does not interfere with my finger print security, or the camera lens and is very easy to keep clean - a brilliant product and certainly so far is sturdier than other more flexible coatings - no bubbles or use of cards to smooth it out - it just applied itself so to speak - you need to make sure that before you let it go that it is in the right position, because your can't reposition it. But knowing this it is very protective.
I have had a few different screen protectors now and this one has impressed me the most. It protects against little 'everyday' drops and it has survived numerous heavy 'night out' drops. Overall I would extremely recommend the screen protector to anyone
Doesn't stick down at edges
Although this protector appears to be the correct size ie a little smaller all round so that it doesn't cover the curved bezel of the screen,as others have pointed out, there is a 4-5mm gap all round the edge where it does not stick to the screen so looks awful. Best avoided.
I would thoroughly recommend this product
Bought this for my new note 4 after reading s number of reviews for its and similar items. Some reviews for this item suggested that it did not fit properly due to the note 4s curved screen at t the edges. This screen is slightly smaller than the sreen to take into account the curve and in my opinion fits perfectly. Very easy to position if the instructions are followed. No bubbles! Very easy to clean. I would thoroughly recommend this product.
Doesn't protect camera lens
Was looking for a clear, lightweight case, with sufficient height around the camera to protect the lens when the phone is placed on it's back. This case has a lip around the lens area that looked like it would do the job, but the lip still sits below the level where the camera protrudes... So, waste of money, need to keep looking. Anyone been successful?
Good Case
I was looking for something that would was not too bulky and heavy. This is exactly what I wanted as it doesn't take anything away from the look and feel of the Note 4. Also it works great with the non slip desk stand as well.
Was expecting it to be better
Disappointed with the screen protector, as there is a line 5mm all the way round, where the protector has not "stuck". This effects the screen quality round the edges and makes a brand new phone look rather old. Other than that, it's a very nice screen, but I have to admit that with the failure to stick right up to the edges is making me seriously consider buying a different one....
MobileFun Reply
Hi Del

Due to the nature of the slight curve featured on the bezel of the Note 4, the screen protector covers just the flat part of the screen to ensure the screen protector doesn't peel away at the edge, preventing it becoming dislodged from the displ
Well Pleased
I am well pleased with this screen protector. affixing the screen protector was a doddle with no bubble, I would go to say it more or less self applied as I aligned the screen protector and drop it into place on my note 4.
I would highly recommend the MFX screen protector.
Not a great fit!
I have tried two now and neither was a perfect fit with each having the halo affect around all the edgers which will probably mean that in due course it will gather dust under it. It seems just slightly too big a fit? I'm left feeling a bit disappointed in this product.
Doesn't fit properly
These protectors don't fit properly. The note 4 screen curves slightly at the edges so the protector won't stick at the edge all the way round. It leaves a 5 mm edge not stuck down. Also the home button slot is slightly off so the protector sits on the bezel at the bottom preventing the bottom corner from adhering. Reading forums it's a problem with all the early release glass protectors. Hopefully mfx will redesign this one as they are usually great.

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