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Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector from Olixar for the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42621
$17.86 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 22 customers

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Just like it says
This glass cover is great, so easy to apply! Just what the description says, great product thank you.
Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Very disappointed with this. My first attempt to fit the protector it was a fraction of a millimetre out - when I tried to take it off to realign it the glass protector broke - sort of shattered/splintered. I don't think I will be trying using one of these again. I had to select a star rating to submit this review but I would rather have left the rating as no stars.
Very nice screen protector - bubble free and transparent
Bought this screen protector to replace the horrible self-healing one I've had for a while, which marked badly. This Olixar glass protector is hardened glass and is far superior. When fitted it has no bubbles and is perfectly transparent, unlike the plastic film types.

It comes with an alcohol wipe to prepare the screen. But then comes the fun part - getting the alignment right as the protector is offered up to the screen. This wasn't so easy; hence the four stars rating. As with all screen protectors, you probably only have half a millimetre tolerance to play with, so getting the initial alignment right is crucial. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts the protector was slightly out of alignment, so I carefully lifted the edge to remove and re-position it. My advice is to be very careful if you need to do this and try not to lift it at one edge as the glass becomes very slightly distorted and then won't quite seat down in the corner. End result is still very good, totally bubble free, aside from the small area below the screen in the corner where I peeled it. Shame these things don't come with a fitting template to make precise alignment easy.
worth the money
I really like this protective very strong screen for my phone, it's easy to put on and didn't cost a lot of money
Olixar tempered glass screen protector for Galaxy S4
Having previously purchased one for a Moto G3 I did not shop around for other screen protectors as I knew how good these are so there may be other cheaper makes available but I would be surprised if they are such good quality. Firstly it is easy to thoroughly pre-clean the screen of even an old phone with the alcohol cleaning tissue provided. Secondly the glass screen protector is much simpler to apply than the clear plastic type of protector, just remove the protective film, make sure it is the right way up and in the correct position then as soon as it touches the screen it just seems to magically suck itself down onto the glass. No need to spend ages trying to eradicate bubbles beneath because there aren't any! The touch and swipe sensitivity are not adversely affected, the screen is crystal clear, finger-marks are easily removed and, thus far, scratch-resistance is impressive. An excellent buy and strongly recommended.
Great product
Product is as described. Recommend it.
Easy to apply!
I ordered this for my 13 year olds Galaxy 4. She said she can't even tell its on and it does seem to cut some glare. Plus, she was able to put it on herself with no trouble! So far, so good. Hoping it adds extra protection...
would recommend it
Bought this for my 13 yr olds phone. She was able to put it on with no problem. It's thin and she has no issues texting! She's only had it on for a few weeks, so far, so good.
Best screen protector used
For the first time I have a clear bubble free protector. It is easy to fit any residual bubble removes itself and the end result is a solid invisible protector which is far superior to the cheaper plastic type ones. It is expensive but does the job permanently
Excellent Transaction
The screen protector is first rate,very easy to apply, looks and feels a treat.All in all most happy with all aspects of the transaction.Thanks heaps.
Excellent All Round Service
Excellent quality products,great communication,fast shipping, an all round fantastic experience.
Great buy!
Really pleased with the MFX tempered glass screen protector I bought from you. It actually does what it says, and the touch sensation is just so smooth, and it enhances the screen wonderfully well.
Very pleased indeed.
Love it as it is so shiny and looks so good.
Great fit
The first case I had for my samsung s4 was a flip case which was very thin and very pretty. It protected the screen but not the corners. After having dropped my phone and still managed to break the screen ( fell straight on one of the corners) I decided to change my phone cover. This MFX tempered glass protector was very easy to fit, is made for the S4 and is very thin so doesn't make the phone bulky. It looks like a good screen protector but I haven't put it to the test! I have combined it with the Flexishield case and I feel my phone is well protected now but still remain thin.
have had many screen protectors over the years - without exception they have either locked bubbles in or restricted functionality .
Not this one I have been unable to find fault with it - goes on beautifully, looks great and has not affected the screen sensitivity at all
awesome screen protector
After unsuccessfully attempting traditional screen protectors, I decided to try this. I was unsure about spending this much on something which may turn out unsuccessful again but boy I was glad I ignored those doubts! Best screen protector ever! Took about a minute following the instructions to the letter and went on straight away. No dirt or bubbles as I found with traditional ones. It has been on for a while now. Even dropped my phone a few times without issue. Would recommend this to anyone and have been doing just that!
Best screen protector
When I saw the price of this item I was put off a little at first. The reviews at the time made me change my mind and really glad they did. The MFX Tempered Glass protector is the easiest protector I have ever had to apply. The results are great. The screen is more responsive than the cheaper plastic based versions and the clarity is every bit as good as if you had no cover on at all. Definitely worth 5 stars
Clear display , easy to install , doesn't mix well with Mophie Juice Pack
I bought this along with the Mophie Juice Pack for my new S4 , the screen went on really easily , gave a clear screen and is barely noticeable.

Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend using this with the mophie juice pack as it doesn't quite fit with the pack on and one corner keeps coming 'off' slightly...
Great Quality Product!
I ordered 2 of these as we have 2 S4's in the house. I wanted something that would fit easily to the phones and provide some protection against any accidents.

The quality of this screen protector is spot on. It is slightly bigger than your standard screen protector, but then it should be based on the fact that it is Tempered Glass.

They both applied very easily and have formed no bubbles like some of the cheaper ones tend to do. It does apply very quickly so make sure you align it properly before placing completely down. The screen has lost no sensitivity and the phone is still great to use. You can see that there is a protector in place but it's not massively noticeable. I have an official S4 back case protector on the phone as well and it does not interfere with it.

I am very happy with this product and can see that it will last for some time. I think it would help protect the screen against any drops, however I don't intend to test this out!! I would recommend 100%, as per usual the delivery and service from Mobile Fun has been great. I have used them many times and will continue to do so.

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