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Olixar Super Fast Micro USB Car Charger with USB Port - 4.8A - Black Reviews

Keep your Micro USB devices fully charged on the road with this high power 4.8A total output Micro USB car charger with extendable spiral cord design from Olixar. Plus, charge an additional USB device from the built-in USB port!
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$17.25 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 209 customers

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Excellent product.
Very good charger
I bought the charger for my satnav & phone it works great
Excellent piece of kit
Sturdy and relinlle
Awesome car charger. Fast as I brought two of them.
Keeps my Samsung tablet fully charged while I have my Hems maps program running. All other charges I tried would keep up and the tablet would shut down.
This program uses chunks of power so good to have a charger that keeps up to the task.
This had the added bonus of being hardwired for my handset(micro USB) and the extra USB point if needed
Good clear specifications,prompt delivery for a good price.
I needed a car charger that had a 90 degree connection as my 12v socket is under the arm rest in my car where I can safely charge/store my phone on longer journeys.
This had the added bonus of being hardwired for my handset(micro USB) and the extra USB point if needed.
N.B. Short cable also suited my tidy needs but may not be for others.
The item was exactly as described as well as being exactly what I wanted.
A seamless, perfect transaction.
Thank You
The charger is very good
The charger is very good , 5 stars , worth the money , would recommend for a friend.
product works fine
product works as it says, charges your phone quickly in vehicle.
good service. product works well.
product working well.
was worried about product not turning up and it got followed up very promptly.
works well
Quick charge for my Huawei p8.
I'm happy with my purchase.
Works very efficiently.
We tested it with two phones being charged together and were impressed with the charging speed provided.
Thank you for the charger..
But I love to if the connektion cable was a litle bit longer.
But els I'm satisfired.
i am more than pleased withthe charger and the curly cord makes it neat and tidy in my car.
the product was advertised with all the information I required.
Totally satisfied
This was not my first order and I believe it will be not the last one according to high levels of service, type of information, organization, committment with Client after sales. All this made me not only a FUNMOBILE Client but also someone that has recommended this services to lots of friends.Tott
Excellent solution: Safe travel and safe communications
My daughter recommended me this Web site and since then I am buying some articles. This USB car charger is really very good and satisfies me for what I needed. For some long trips I am now able to have battery even at the end of the voyage.
Great charger
Great charger with a very handy USB port on the top.
Great design
Great design, robust, USB port acts as secondary charge device
Good design, robust
Good design, robust, the additional USB port can charge a secondary device
Awesome product - Great Customer Service
Got fed up with buying the cheaper version car chargers off a popular auction website which either never lasted or had very little power, so plumped for this item , a little more pricey than the other items from elsewhere but in the end was rewarded with a product which had the power to charge not just 1 but 2 items and charge with speed.
The only disappointment was that the lead somehow had a fault with it and I had to contact customer services to try and get this sorted, this however was like the product dealt with speed and efficiency, the only downside was this product was out of stock and I was given the choice to pick a similar item, I just hope it is as good as the product above.
Good news with this car charger
I have to admit to being sceptical about this charger-having recently had a different make which was quite useless! I have now used this one for 3 weeks and it is brilliant! It slots into my car holder exactly and I can use it to charge my Satnav and Phone at the same time without it overheating. I thoroughly recommend this unit, especially as it costs a very reasonable amount of money!
Quality Product, User Friendly
The charger is well contructed, the finish is of a good quality, the actual item does not flex if you try to squeeze it. so that its not flimsy, the thickness of the plastic is good. The cable contruction is of a ggod quality and where it enters the charger the joint is also solid.

It is a good fit in our Audi A3 and and you also have the use of an additional chargering point if neeed be.

It has a shiny black surface but most of this is hidden, in the charging socket.

The lead that is pemanently connected extends as far as I need, but I have not measuered how far it can actually extend, this is a great positive as other chargers without this feature, in the pasat the lead has not been put in properly or its popped out whilst using the phone or just wsn't connected, when I drove off.

Then when I noticed it wasn't plugged in So I've lost 20 mins of charging.:-(

Go ahead and purchase you wont be disappointed.
Quality Product, User Friendly
The charger is well contructed, the finish is of a good quality, the actual item does not flex if you try to squeeze it. so that its not flimsy, the thickness of the plastic is good. The cable contruction is of a ggod quality and where it enters the charger the joint is also solid.

It is a good fit in our Audi A3 and and you also have the use of an additional chargering point if neeed be.

It has a shiny black surface but most of this is hidden, in the charging socket.

The lead that is pemanently connected extends as far as I need, but I have not measuered how far it can actually extend, this is a great positive as other chargers without this feature, in the pasat the lead has not been put in properly or its popped out whilst using the phone or just wsn't connected, when I drove off.

Then when I noticed it wasn't plugged in So I've lost 20 mins of charging.:-(

Go ahead and purchase you wont be disappointed.
compact and excellent
This charger is fantastic. its also the second one I've bought. I bought one for my work van and n now I just bought smooth for my car. when not in use I can just leave it plugged in and the wire does not get in the way as it just coils back up.
It's great for my van as I always need my satnav and I can plug that in and charge my phone too.
This is very useful as I work from 9 till 7 and my satnav uses my phones Internet for traffic updates which can be a major drain on my phones battery but I can finish my shift with a full battery.

fantastic work from olixar
Great product
Great product
Excellent car charger
Now my wife can navigate the crazed streets of London safe in the knowledge that her phone won't run out of charge at the critical junction!
Great product can charge the phone while using sat-nav and looks good.
Great product
Great product delivered promptly.
Excellent charger
Bought this product to fast charge my phone - and discovered it can charge two without problems. Does the job and does it well.
Compatible with my phone, works well. Buenos
works great
Not much to say, the car charger works great, its compact and the spring coiled lead keeps the charging tidy when your driving. Price was good and compared to many chargers I have used its pretty good.
Works great!
I had checked stores locally and found that even with shipping, MobilFun had a better price and more features. No problems whatsoever!
Best fast charger.......
I've had.....ever! & I've had some car chargers!!! Excellent quality product all round! Fantastic service as per from Mobilefun!
definitely recommend it
I have been searching for a charger that can cope with my phone in the car and I have tried many that say fast, and had to return them all. This charger is brilliant and does exactly what it says!! It actually charges even while you use apps, which makes me feel much safer as a lone woman driver. The lead is moulded in so there's no disruption in charging if you go over a bump either. The added extra of an additional slot to charge another device just adds to the usefulness of this product. I would definitely recommend it and I have to everyone I know!!
Exdellent Product
Much faster charging than my previous charger.
Nice design. I particularly like the retracting cord.
Two year warranty a bonus.
Completely satisfied with purchase.
Best car charger I've had!
This charger is awesome, I am able to talk on the phone and my charge continues to increase. I will definitely be ordering another for my wife's car. The shipping was fast too!
Galaxy S6 Edge charger
I have just upgraded from Galaxy S4, and I didn't think the chargers I've been using would be suitable . I needed two chargers as I have one in my car and the other in the works van. Ordered on 21/1/16, arrived today. Product and Service absolutely faultless. Will definitely be using your services in future and I would not hesitate to recommend to friends. Many Thanks again. Eric.
So good I bought a second one
This is discreet and charges quickly with a port for a second device.
The first one stopped working after some time and it is still the most compact high power charger I have seen so replaced it.
Charger arrived promptly and suits my ohone
It works! Well! Like advertised! Perfect
Great product
Does what I wanted it for
I have only had the charger for a couple of weeks now and all is fine. It allows me to charge my phone and sat nav at the same time whilst allowing the car's usb port free for my music stick, which I transfer to my work car as it doesn't have Bluetooth. So far it is faultless and remains cool whilst charging. My only gripe (albeit a small one) is that it doesn't charge the phone as quick as I thought it might. However it could just be me living in an impatient world. I would buy one again though
Charges very fast. Great product!
The charger is great as it charges so fast. Nice cable as can be short or pulled longer. No negatives.
Very happy with the charger. Considering it came from the UK it got here pretty fast.
Product arrived securely and promptly, just what was ordered, true to description.
Compact and tidy when not in use. Charges well and handy to have the USB slot in it as well.
Works very well
I can't fault this product !

I have owned smaller chargers, but they don't seat as well and tend to be a little erratic. This plugs in and just works, providing power for two devices, one via the micro-USB plug on the cable and one via the USB socket.

A 'USB symbol', located beside the socket glows amber when it is powered and makes it easy to find in the dark.

Overall, a nicely designed product which works well.
Works very well
Works very well
A very happy customer!
I e-mailed Mobile Fun to enquire which car charger was best suited to my new HTC smartphone. Back came a very prompt reply to say that the Olixar USB car charger (with USB port) was recommended. I ordered the Olixar and it arrived within 24 hours.

A most helpful, friendly and impressive service from Mobile Fun. The Olixar USB car charger is absolutely perfect AND it also has a separate port for charging a second device at the same time. A very happy customer!
Great little product
This thing charges perfectly, sits out of the way ( fits inside the lighter port perfectly ) and charges two phones at greats speed.
Wife think's it's charges extremly fast
wife think's it's charges extremly fast,
works very well
I keep this in one of the power sockets in my car and it keeps my phone topped up nicely (only when I'm in it though)
Good product and service.
Great device does the job
Great device does the job
Nice neat charger
Like the flat design of the charger. Does what it says on the tin.
No problem at all
The connection light quite low, but once working no problem at all
real quality
Well made piece of kit, not the usual cheaply made unreliable chargers widely available. It certainly pays to buy the best! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Great little product
Great little product that actually does the job, not like some other products that say they can, but cant deliver. Excellent charge time also.
good accessory
A good charger, a worthwhile buy. I would recommend this product
Not good as it discharges the battery instead of charging
To charge mobile phone in my car.
MobileFun Reply

Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can see what exactly is happening? We will do our best to assist you and resolve the problem.
plug and play with these guys
does what it says on the tin!!
Excellent product
Fast, doesn't protude or interfere with gear stick, excellent product.
Marvellous little gadget
This is an excellent addition to my car.
I can now charge my phone and Sat Nav simultaneously.
My phone does not like all chargers but this one works beautifully.
I would definitely recommend this product
Really useful item
I am new to the smartphone world and thought it would be useful to have an in-car charger. This fits the bill brilliantly and appears to be really good quality, so I am sure it will last the lifetime of my new phone.
Good quatity car charger
This car charger works well, it seems to be built with good quality and the elastic chord is very convenient. The only reason why I don't give it 5 stars is because the micro USB end would be more convenient if it ended at a 90deg angle, but that might be because of the position of the usb port in the Z1, maybe it is fine for other phones.
Brilliant charger
1st test of it was a trip to Newcastle and back, got up too and sat on 100% charge no problem at all, then after a day out and about it charged my phone from 30% quite quickly again whilst navigating home, perfect
Ioved this, we went camping on a luxury site. All mod cons circa 1952. No hook up , no hot water, 1 toilet. but...........I charged my iPad, phone, hubby's phone, and had a nice drive around the Forrest of dean. It's brilliant
Great item
Me and my husband took our kids to the coast and on on the way back our battery ran out on BOTH phones! Now I've bought this car charger that can charge BOTH phones I'll never need to worry again! Great item and superb delivery!! Will definitely buy from here again! 10/10 :)
Very good charger
Reliability is it any good how long will it last etc...have had a few that only lasted a few weeks...months and failed ..This one so far is working very well and I am well pleased as I sometimes do long journeys and it keep the phone topped up especially when using the sat nav on the phone..
Great piece of kit
Brought for charging my phone from the car which is good but added bonus it came built in USB connection really good value excellent product
I enjoy this product and easy to use in your vehicle. Great compact size and USB input.
excellent addition fit the car
Really useful.
Now I can charge my phone and use the Sat nav at the same time.
This charger is fantastic
I bought this to replace an aging Nokia charger that although fine with my Galaxy S3, refused to charge my S5 with the satnav running. This charger is fantastic and charges the phone with the Bluetooth music playing in the car and the satnav on. I have yet to try charging using the USB port but its nice to have the option. I would definitely recommend it.
In-car charger,
Excellent value for money. Well made; perfect fit in the car socket and in the mobile phone. What more could you want?
Does what it says
Charges the phone, in the car, super fast.
The description on the box seems to sum it up!
Neat and powerful little car charger
I wanted a car charger that didn't sit too far out of the socket in my car dashboard (as the socket is very close to my gear stick). Thankfully this charger is nice and trim, and doesn't protrude very far out of the socket at all. The cable is relatively short too, and coiled for flexibility. This means there is no trailing or dangling cables tripping up my passengers or clogging up the foot-well as I have experienced with other chargers with longer cables. The charger gives a good rate of charge, as it is around the 2 amp mark. All in all, very pleased.
Fast In Car Charger
The Olixar in car charger is small and neat, yet charges superb, any one who needs a good charger for there vehicle this would be my recommendation. It also supports USB so enables me to charge my iPod.
Great bit of kit
Great gadget
So pleased with with my purchase as works really well as a fast charger for my phone whilst driving and as i spend a lot of time in my car i really need a reliable charging unit for my phone and this is perfect, highly recommend as it is also great value for money
Fast charger
Dose it work?
Answer: yes it does and charges really quick
Good quality car charger
Smart looking charger with an added USB port. Fits into the 12v port in the car well, and the cable has a handy coil style to stop it from dangling into the footwell.
Bought for my wife its keeping her happy (result)
USB car charger
Havent got anything yet.!!
Excellent product charges very quick super fast felivery
Best buying quality first time
I bought this for my Moto G , it's the second one I bought the first one I bought from a popular auction site for a few quid but takes ages to charge my phone.
The Olixar charges a lot faster, it costs more but quality is the most import thing !! Fast delivery from mobile fun.
Thought that because it was so reasonable in price it wouldn't be very good, but I was wrong! This is excellent and has saved the day many times since purchasing :) The service and delivery was excellent, I personally would recommend this company :)
Somewhat disappointed
The charger doesn't seem superfast. It works, but no faster than a regular charger. Disappointing.
Olixar Super fast micro USB Car Charger with USB Port
Good quality, easy to use mobile phone recharger, it only takes a short tie to recharge up the mobile from the unit.
Good kit
Connector doesn't fit through HTC hard case so had to change the shape with a bit of cutting and sanding. Otherwise great kit. Well made, plug it in and get volts and amps out. What more could you ask for?
excellent product, well packaged, delivery very good, excellent service all round and would recommend to anyone.
Solid bit of kit
Received the next day , used it straight away , well made product
car charger
got my charger today wow great packaging item was as described very happy
Works perfectly
I use my Galaxy Note 4 as my Satnav, which rips the guts out of my battery. The charger I had was only 1 amp, and couldn't cope. With this I can use satnav and it still charges battery on top. Works well
I have bought other samsung chargers and they have packed in within a week.. This one was my last hope. It was so good, that my son has pinched it off me and uses it in his own vehicle.. I asked him this morning what he thought of it and he said it was excellent so I would definitely recommend this product and this company (Due to the speed that it was sent out and the price.

super effective
I have a phone whose recharge-socket has not aged well, especially when in a car that has to go over lots of crappy roads. This plug has really done the trick.
usb car charger
third one of these I have bought,this one was for my son who liked mine and wanted one for himself,and where else would you go but mobilefun always great service,good products,and decent prices.
Very good charger compact and ideal to keep in the car
Works with Samsung S4 mini
Bought this charger so I can use my Samsung S4 mini with the Sat-nav on, but without draining the battery. An old 1 amp charger proved inadequate but this 2.5 amp does the job easily and with its low profile doesn’t get in the way either.
To check the USB socket worked I tried charging the phone with a separate power lead but this must be a lower current rating as it could not cope as well.
All in all it’s a good small charger and was delivered within the week.
My opinion
The item was well discribed well and delivered on time and works just right
Highly Recommended
Excellent device. Well made and high quality feel fit and finish. Fits Cigarette lighter tightly which is great as many are loose and disconnect themselves with the vibration of the vehicle, about as compact as you can get and the wife can charge her iphone with the built in USB port so extra brownie points there.
Oloxar Super Fast Micro USB Charger with USB port
Charges very fast until the phone gets too warm. Wanted a charger that would charge the 920 whilst using the phones sat nav.The phone gets very hot whilst charging and using the sat nav and then the charging rate slows down and the battery slowly discharges. I believe this is an issue with the phone not the charger. I think the phone restricts the charging current until it cools back down. Great service from mobilefun though.
great accessory -keeps you on the go
Excellent,reliable fast car charging device,i strongly recommend this if you spend much time in your car.
usb car charger
Got one of these awhile ago then the wife saw it and wanted one,they are great fits in the glove box no problem charges the phone really quickly, and with mobile fun you know it's a quality product, and there service is always brilliant , anything for my phone and mobilefun is always my first stop.
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