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Olixar Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones Reviews

The Olixar Sticky Dashboard Mat provides your smartphone with a secure resting place on your car's dashboard which doesn't leave behind any sticky residue. The Dashboard Mat can also be used to hold keys, lighters, change and many other items.
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$13.26 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 165 customers

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Useful gadget

I Bought this item as a 2 for 1 offer. When it arrived there was only one and only one listed on the delivery note, when I contacted your company you immediately sent me another one. I was impressed with your responce and I will certainly buy from you again, well done
Ron Bodimeade
Very Poor - it’s useless
The “stickiness” on the top of the dash board is fine.
BUT the sides are so weak and flimsy that they hardly support an iPhone 7 horizontally and the phone falls out very easily.
AND it’s not designed to take a phone in the vertical mode
AND trying an iPad mini is a total non starter
Only works on some surfaces!
A bit disappointed with an excellent product after I found that it did not "stick" very well to the dashboard of my car. It does stick well to many surfaces but just not the surface I had intended!
I bought the mat to have a designated spot for my phone, besides sitting it in my passenger seat. While, it works at times but when the sun is beaming the phone can get overheated. So most times I have both on the seat (at least the phone does not fall to the floor now). The mat holds the phone very well, however I now noticed that the mat is not sticking to while on the dashboard or my leather seats. I still think it is useful to hold my phone in place!
Practical design
What I like most about this is that it came well protected for the "sticky grippy" surface, and is easy to use, unlike some phone holders. Can either put your phone on its back into the "well", or as shown in the photo, slot it in so that you can see it when you need it. On a long journey which is well known, I will drop it into the well, and only lift it to where I can see it when I need to get local directions. A well thought out design
Well impressed with product and service
It fits nicely on the dashboard and keeps our phones nice and steadily and can easily get without any trouble
Generally useful
Side supports could be more rigid as it flexes when braking and accelerating. Hard braking ejects the phone. Would probably be better on a smaller phone
Pad not sticky enough
Ideal in theory but the underside of the pad isn’t sticky enough in my opinion.
Holds everything pens, glasses etc but I wouldn’t risk a phone on it because of the underside of the pad.
Sticky dashboard mat
The "sticky" dashboard mat does not stick to my dashboard, it will stick to the shiny surface between the screen and the dashboard, unfortunately the distance is very short so it does not work very well
Smart product for light weight phones
Idea is sound but my Blackberry Keyone is a little too heavy to sit horizontal. Do not leave on your dash in the hot sun, will leave a residue. I opted to put on arm rest and lay phone flat. Works very well this way.
This does not slide at all, so that is a plus.
Quite floppy if used as a top of dash phone holder, has an odd smell to it.
No instructions with it but all looks fine thanks. will attach asap
Haven't used or attached the item yet, but the idea is great, hence the purchase. Would be good to have some form of instructions - but I guess we work that out as we go
Efficient transaction
Happy with the product
Great product
Excellent product, phone, keys etc are so stable when on the silicone mat. Phone does not dislodge when going over bumps. No more rattles and vibration noises while travelling. Highly recommend
Useful doohickey
I think doohickey is more apt than gadget (as you'd associate a gadget with something that has moving parts).
I don't need to mount the phone on the dash all the time, as the hands free unit works with the phone in my pocket. If I want to use google maps this doohickey is just the thing. I keep it in the glove compartment until needed. It doesn't move, and will sit anywhere on the dash you put it.
Good idea
A disappointing performance with my iPhone 7 Plus + Otterbox Defender case.

The unit I received started to bow with the weight of the phone during its first use and then suddenly slipped off the dash. Fortunately, the Defender case did what it was supposed to do.

Until a 'compatibility list' is invented for the holder, I would recommend use with smaller/lighter smartphone & case combinations.
Works well but..
Works well but does not hold the phone solid as you go over the speed bumps etc
Great Product
Hooray - no more runaway mobile when in the car.
Being so flexible & sticky, I can put my phone in places I would not have considered.
Have given one to a friend as well !!
To keep things from rolling around!
I bought 6 of these for family and friends. We all love it. At first it seemed odd to have something on the dash...but it will hold anything I put on it; cell phone, sunglasses, regular glasses, change...plus any knick knacks you need to put somewhere and can depend it will stay there. Even my mechanic and detailer asked, "Cool, where did you get that?"
Will be a good stocking stuffer this Christmas!
Good product as described
Useful and handy. Does as was described
Sticky Dash Mat
This really is a sticky mat and it holds an iPhone6 very securely on a steep slope on my dash. Both the phone and the mat stay put with no sign of letting go. Highly recommended.
This is great you all need one
This is a very good all round product,it has many uses and many dashboards.Great price
Does what it says.
This is really tacky and does two things very well.
It sticks onto the dash at perilous angles.
It holds a phone very securely where it looks impossible to do this.
Dashboard mat.
The mat surprised me. Well made stuck to the dashboard, my phone, coins and vaporiser no longer fly around the cab. Gave the free one to my son and he is more than happy with it. Delivered on time, good product and well priced.
A Bit Disappointing
The device does a reasonable job of holding my phone, but does not stick to the dashboard, which has a stippled finish (Honda Accord Euro). If you ever apply Armor All to your dash (as I did about 2 years ago), forget about trying this product.
Excellent product. Does what it says on the tin. Works as described. Thank you.
Excellent product. Does what it says on the tin. Works as described. Thank you.
It does not work on myös car. It does not stuck on dashboard.
I want money back. Zero stars.
try harder
A good idea but needs more thought I dont see why there are two slots in this item,I found the I Phone fitted but not all that well ,I thought it may do also for my Garmin sat nav ,not so ,really struggled to get it to fit (only just) I have now altered the grips with my knife ,only for the Garmin,ill Manage with the I Phone
Good product
Absolutely brilliant. Just what was needed. Works well now there's no more arguments about what goes in the middle well. We both have everything to hand. So easy. Thank you
Very neat solution when using my phone as a satnav
Very neat solution when using my phone as a satnav. I can put it exactly where I want it. Much better than my previous windscreen mounted cradle which would not do horizontal very well. It was also falling apart, which this one won't as it has no parts!
Sensible solution
Solved my problem of having a phone holder which is easy to attach i.e place the mat in a place of your choice and it stays in position with the phone firmly in place . Store it away easily as it's flexible in the smallest is storage in your car. Works well in the summers heat bearing down on the dashboard . Not winter tested yet. Only concern is dust sticking to the sticky surface.
Excellent attachment for the car
Despite an order mix up the item arrived and is an excellent attachment for the car
Works Great
I was surprised how well this works. i bought 2 on one of there deals and have one on my glass desk and one in the car. They are really quick and easy to use. Plus you can store your other loose items in the tray.
Quality but doesn't suit my car
The product seems to be of high quality however it doesn't sit well on the dash space available I'm my Subaru impress. The curves and limited depth means when I put my s7 edge in the holder it bends up in the middle and drops my phone.
It doesn't stick at all. My phone fell out the minute I started driving.
Good product
I made a mistake it's not hat I need. But the reliability of the company was great...
It works.
It sticks. It holds the phone. It works.
Waste of time
How heavy the phone must be. I have a samsung 6 edge and when i turned a corner the whole matt and phone fell off. Lucky my phone never broke. So waste of time. Very annoyed and a waste of 10 pounds
MobileFun Reply

Depending on your dashboard if it is for example particularly textured, the mat may have trouble sticking. It is always advisable to test the mat before placing your phone on it, to ensure it is secure.

Please try a different position on your dashboard, however if you are still having issues please contact our Customer Services team.
Good buy
Does the job no problem holding the phone number place.
Not good
Doesn't stick to my dashboard at all
Wow. .perfect!
I do a LOT of driving and one of the most frustrating things during my long hours spent in my vehicle is not having a good place in my vehicle to place my cell phone within sight but not in my way ~ this item solved that problem! It stays in place, even on angles surfaces and can be positioned usually perfectly. Definitely worth the price ~ thanks!
Its still on my desk
Its super smelly. It's smell is so strong that i can't use it in my car.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Maureen

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Very strange, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
It works perfectly for my phone!
satisfied with item &service
product was as advertised and delivery was well within the stated time
This is great as it is really sticky on the dashboard but the smell of the material is disgusting sorry so cannot use it.
This is great as it is really sticky on the dashboard but the smell of the material is disgusting sorry so cannot use it.
My phone still lies back on too much of an angle. Good sticky mat though
Works but keeps detaching from dashboard everytime I try and pull the phone and/or keys off
It stays put!!
Really happy with this. It stays where it is put. I mainly wanted it for use while using GPS on the phone. It works really well and will sit wherever placed and the phone slots in and stands so it can easily be viewed. I have one for both cars which is even better (with buy one get one free!!).
Not rigid enough
The uprights or lugs which hold the phone are far to flimsy and short. My phone very quickly fell over which wasn't much good as I wanted to use it as a satnav. The idea is good but it needs improvement. It did stick on the dashboard well. I have returned the item
Excellent mat
Totally happy with this product. It is exactly the same as it is advertised
Doesn't work as expected
Were happy to receive this item within a week of placing the order. However, we are unable to use this as expected. It is supposed to be one size fits all devices, but we couldn't stand our cell phones or the GPS. It wasn't sturdy on the dashboard, and the width wasn't as deep to hold the phones or GPS steady during the drive. It's very disappointing.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sheeba

Sorry to hear you had problems. Can you please contact our Customer Services team with the manufacturer and model of the devices you were trying to use with the sticky dash mat so we can investigate further.

As you can see from the imagery, we had no issues, however unusually textured or shaped dashboards can have an impact as well as phones with large cases on.
Very good where it works!
Clever sticky technology. Sticks to my centre arm rest very well and retains my leather cased mobile phone perfectly. However, it will not stick to the leather (?) dashboard of my 2001 XJ8 and so is no good if I want to use the mobile as a GPS. Therefore only 4*.MobileFun service excellent, will shop here again.
Doesn't stick to dashboard of either of the family cars
So didn't stick to either a BMW or Volvo dashboard....
Does what it says
Just started using this and so far am very happy with it. Does what it says.
Fantastic convenient purchase.
It even holds up my iphone7S so I can FaceTime & make calls whilst mobile . . . . plus other bits''pieces. . . . I bought a second one for my friend as she admired mine (& the dashboard mat as well).
Jim from Taunton.
Very sticky
I am amazed at the stickiness and stability of this product
it is what they say
It is all you see in the promotion. It works..i threw out my phone stand.
Not suitable for Australia
Temperature of dashboard can reach 50C and above so it becomes too flexible for use when car is moving
Hi I was disappointed in the product as it really does not stick as well as expected on my dash of a Toyota hybrid yarris. It does slip and the surface was clean. I would not recommend this.
Great proudct
Would it do the job well it did big time put it on dashboard anything will stick to it great proudct
Not So Sticky
Concept is good but I personally think it doesn't work too well with a Galaxy 5 but probably better with the slightly larger newer phones.
Sticky pad
The best dashboard organiser ever. The slots to position your device is a very good idea.
Great Product
Great product, very supple, stays exactly where you place it. On a level surface it does hold the phone in the grips but my dash is not level but holds the phone laying in it perfectly. I also place pay and display tickets in it as they tend not to blow away when the door opens. It also holds my coins / cards for tolls.
Sticky means Sticky
This is great for holding a smartphone in a panoramic position when using sat nav apps, etc. Even though the dashboard on my car is sloping the mat does not move, nor anything that is placed on it. Would recommend. I gave my son the bogof mat and he agrees with me!
It seems OK
It seems OK. Looks like it will donly the job
Great product have brought more for my son.
Olixar sticky dashboard holder. My husband lives it gets in the car and all goes on to the pads. And when I get in I done sit in phones and keys etc.
Good product
Very good and handy priduct
Works as advertised
This thing is awesome. Works great and is versatile. I've used it successfully on our dashboard but also vertically over my air vents too.

Have to make sure the surface you are putting it on is clean otherwise it won't stick as well. I've seen people complain about that in other reviews, but rest assured with common sense these work. So much so we came back and got a second one for our other car.
Good product
Nice and sticky and the grooves make the devise more visible. A very good product made even more attractive because of the offer of buy one and get the other free
Simply the best.
Bought my share of sticky mats in my time. This is by far the best value for money, stickability , size and versatility , phones ,keys,pens.I have a very curved dash(falls away steeply in to the car). Nothing moves at all no matter how hard you brake.
As the well known proverb states......Sticks like ---- to a blanket.
Great product
Great product, does stay where you place it. Holds either my phone laying down or my keys. As my dash board is not level the phone tends not to stand up in the groves but this has really not been an issue. Also put one in our other car which does have a flat surface and the phone stands up OK. Nice.. would recommend
Excellent product great for my phone and sat nav keeps them in place
Doesn't hold the phone tighly
Phone moves around once placed in the holder.
Better one around
Product is pretty useless, as you can only adapt your phone horizontally.
It doesn' t really sit on all curved surfaces and it s unbalanced once applied on a curved surface if the whole base doesn t completely sit on a surface.
I bought 4 damm it.
Good product but not for me
I have given this 5 stars because it is well made & if it works for you then you will like it. Before buying this item check the surface of your dashboard. I didn't check mine, consequently I now have something that doesn't work very well. My dashboard looks & feels like linen possibility to discourage things being stuck on there, safety feature? The dashboard mat doesn't move about but it isn't stuck to the surface. Luckily I only wanted it to put my iPod on instead of it being stood in the cup holder. So, yes it is a nifty little item but check your dashboard surface first.
A very handy when using maps on your phone
A very handy when using maps on your phone. Hands free and you can see where your going without taking your eyes off the road.
Do not waste your money on this terrible product!
It doesn't work. My phone flips over so I cannot use it for a Satnav. After two weeks it was no longer sticking to my dashboard. If I could give negative stars I would.
Excellent product
This works great. Don't worry about all those other gadgets you have ro mount. This is so simple and works the best.
Very Good
I wanted something that wouy hold my mobile firmly this done it no problem
The dashboard of my Citroen Picasso is curved & parts lift up so not easy to position phone in order to use the GPS but this mat held the phone perfectly on a slope. Just what I needed.
Great product
Great, with 2 year warranty, delivery on time
Ideal for use on car dashboard.
Sticks well and easily moved to another posuition if necessary. Holds my Samsung Note 3 securely. Also promptly received by post. Well Done.
works reasonably
A little wobbly and my Samsung S7 fits poorly when in it's case
Does what it says!
Olixar Sticky Dashboard Mat is great! I have bought other 'dash holders' only to send them back or bin them as they leave a sticky mess on the dashboard or worse the phone! This product is large enough to hold a sunglasses case, or house/car keys. A mobile phone can be used in a horizontal position as it has a couple of handy slots on it. I have one in our car and one in the Motor Home. I am very fussy about marking the dashboard in either vehicle and they've worked a great! I don't think I'd like to be without them and I am considering buying my family some as stocking fillers. This is my personal opinion and I have not been given any freebees!!
I purchased this item as it was buy one get one free with the code.
So I am very satisfied with the service from Mobile Fun.
Excellent item
Certainly is as sticky as a very sticky thing yet easy to move around and release items that are being held. Holds phone, keys, wallet, glasses etc secure and safe. Highly recommended.
A simple, but the most convenient stand for my smartphone.
Product is good
The product is very good in itself, but doesn't stick necessarily to all surfaces.
The surface has to be very smooth not bumpy, otherwise it wont stick.
But the phone sticks nicely to the product. My car has a bumpy dashboard and it wont stick to that, only to my glove box, which wont be very practical if I were to use my phone as a GPS.
When you accelerate or break the phone is dislodged !!
Works fine
Works as advertised. Props up phones on dashboards.
print delivery no problem,
Correct item fitted property, as ordered.
Looks the goods, but doesn't work
Opening the pakage, I was optimistic that this would be good. However, despite the fact that it holds the phone very nicely, it just slides around on the dashboard. It just does not stick and stay in position.
Very simple and works
Mobile can be fitted upright - or an angle away or towards you, so no reflection
Very useful thing
Very useful thing. I'd like to be a little more sticky from below.
Does good job
Not great- Lost it's stick after a day and isn't very good at holding the phone
Wasn't very impressed with the product, it's very generic and I am not a bit fan of it's style. It is rather large and awkward. It collects a lot of dust and has lost it's stick after a day of use. The holders for the phone don't do a great job and the phone wobbles quite a lot. I also found it difficult to find a position with the car that makes it useable.
I like it
Great product.
Simple but effective
Just the job. Make sure you get the one with the ridges in the sides that can hold a smart phone for navigation. Bought one for each of my cars and for all the kids' cars.
only sticks to vertical surface
I like them when it holds my phone from sliding around on a vertical surface but it does not stay stuck on a horizontal surface in our cars.
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