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Olixar StickFix Multipurpose Sticky Gel Pads - 3 pack Reviews

Organise the world around you and keep it tidy with StickFix sticky transparent gel pads. A strong adhesive large surface area ensures you can mount pretty much anything to them, from keys, phones, tablets, remote controls and more. Three shapes included.
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Organise the world around you and keep it tidy with StickFix sticky transparent gel pads. A strong adhesive large surface area ensures you can mount pretty much anything to them, from keys, phones, tablets, remote controls and more. Three shapes included.
 4.1 stars from 36 customers

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Very Useful
I like the different shape and size options that make them very useful and handy to use.
A Great Product
Easy to use and clean
Awesomely sticky
These pads are really good. I enjoyed being able to put my phone on it at an angle and was expecting it to move over time but it stayed put the whole time-awesome!
Easy to use
Sticks to the cars dashboard and holds the sat nav securely.
Very sticky
Sticks well to most surfaces, it doesn’t like cold glass windows.
Otherwise good if sometimes too sticky if the whole of the back of your remote control sticks it might take the (removable) back off in the process, in time this eases.
Work well
Work well
Great for the car
Very sticky, great for the car. Love it
Really sticky
This item is really great will stick almost anything to any surface. be prepared because they are really sticky.
Are they adhesive enough to hold a good weight. Yes
Excellent product
If it worked on all surfaces, and how long the adhesive lasted
So strong it is difficult to remove mobile phone from it
An excellent product if you don't need to remove something in a hurry. It almost pulls the back of my phone away when removing it. Really strong adhesion pads
Really sticks
Stuck one of these on my dash for the phone and took me ages to peel off. Evenutally done it. Gave other set to husband and he keeps his keys etc in a cupboard stuck to them. Great idea
Pretty effective
These little pads are INCREDIBLY sticky. My phone does not fall off the dashboard when I drive. In fact, I have to prise the phone off the pad, it is SO sticky.
Just what I needed
I'm a crafter and these are just what I needed to put small tools on to avoid loosing them or knocking them into my waste bin. So useful to cut to put on the side of machines for holding tools (magnetics not allowed near computers).
Works like magic
I bought this in order to mount my phone safely and legally in my old car which has no docking facility. Simply put: it does the job, working like magic! When I come to sell the car they’ll be no damage or makes to the dashboard.
Not the best product I have purchased
Stuck on quality either very good or very very poor
Okay for some uses
These pads are good for the shown use, putting a mobile phone on a car dashboard. However, I had hoped they might be useful on a vertical surface too, to stick phone cables etc on, but they didn't work for that purpose. I did use one pad to fix a phone case. Probably good value for the right uses.
Pretty Sticky!
These things work a treat, especially in the car.
Excellent Product
These new gel pads are just the job especially having 3 in a pack. The whole family replaced their existing pads.
Very sticky situation
I wasn't sure whether to give 5 stars or 1. Why? Well, the pads are incredibly sticky. There was me wondering if my £500 phone would drop to the floor, instead, it's stuck so hard I imagined breaking it trying to unstick it. I wouldn't put anyone off these but be warned its not something you can stick on and off on a whim, they're a tad " permanent". I don't regret buying because a use will be made in the future but I was kind of expecting a lot less sticktion.
Excellent Adhesive Power
This set of pads are very good value for money. I have found them excellent for holding items to car dash, in the bathroom and also for miniature tools in my workshop. Three different shapes is ok but a set of three square ones would be ideal.
Firstly there were issues with the items delivered, Mobile Fun resolved these without issue, no complaints there.
The actual product id not what I expected, in effect it's a one time only fix to the chosen surface, when trying to use this with my phone case, which is leather, it damaged the surface on removal, also it would not stick to any surface that is not completely smooth.
Good when used flat
These are great for small items when used flat or at a slight angle. However, when I tried to stick a small adaptor to a vertical wall, it fell off, though the sticky pad stayed in place.
Great idea, very useful
The pads adhere easily to most surfaces, need to be aware that they become too soft almost melt in direct heat. It does mention that on the pack. Used out of direct sunlight and at normal room temperature or slightly higher they are fantastic. Good idea the different shapes adds a bit of fun and fits better in certain areas like the bathroom mirror etc.
Really good
Does what it says it says on the can !
Great sticky pads, stick like ****!
Works better than I expected. Sticks my mobile which is in a case to a textured emulsion painted wall when charging. This I didn't expect!
Too sticky for my needs
Bought this primarily to mount mobile phone on car dashboard. However my mobile is in a case and the adhesive effect was so strong I have great difficulty in removing it from the dasboard again.
As advertised
These pads are very sticky and adhere to surfaces, however the TV remote control will not stick to it which is a nuisance but holds smaller things ok.
Not just Sticky, more like Super Sticky
I wasn’t expecting a lot when I ordered these but they are so sticky they should have include a pry-bar, I am using them in my home and car and know that my phone won’t come off no matter what, great piece of kit.
Probably strange to say that these are disappointing because they are TOO sticky. Well at least when fixed to a surface they are .. but on the other hand, it's that I have tried to hold with them had failed to adhere unless I press them into the front of the pad so hard that it becomes almost impossible to separate the holder from the held item.

I was hoping for something similar to a cheap version that I received free with a purchase from a Chinese retailer, this has proven invaluable in the car, and when tested in the home equally so. Unfortunately even (or maybe especially) as a 2 for 1 - I feel that I am left with two sets of sub-optimal products.

Two stars are because I bought them and they are pretty much as described - but not as good as I had hoped. So no reflection on MF -
Not much use - don't take any weight.
I tried to use these to hold up an led strip and they wouldn't hold it. No use other than on a flat surface and certainly don't hold anything properly if there's any movement.

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