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Olixar Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact by Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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$17.25 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 43 customers

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Great screen saver
This is really easy to use, & really works! It's my second, as the first did crack after I dropped my phone - however it had been on for over a year. & it certainly saved my phone, the screen was undamaged underneath the screen saver. It's super easy to apply & in my opinion well worth it!
Does exactly what it's supposed to!
Easy to fit and has protected my screen extremely well over the past 6 months over multiple droppages. Can't fault it!
No messing about
Have used these screen protectors before so knew I was getting a good quality, long lasting, easy to fit product.
No messing about, no air bubbles or lift and does what it says it does.... Protects the screen very well
Worthwhile addition
The protector glass is a worthwhile addition to the phone given the cost of fixing the screen if damaged.
Good service
Phone saver
Brilliant add-on. I dropped a jam-jar onto my phone at the breakfast table. The corner of the jar hit the screen, so it was a concentrated impact. The protector cracked in a radial pattern, but held together and the phone remained useable until I took the protector off to replace it with a new one. Screen underneath totally unmarked.

The protector comes in a rather posh box with all the kit you need to get a perfect dust-free fit - but do read the instructions and take care about dust. Wear something relatively dust-free (not wool or cotton) when you fit it. The protector will not lie flat if there is one speck of dust on the screen. If you then have to lift to re-fit, it can take on a permanent bend and will never lie flat.
Nice quality
The screen protector has nice quality and applying onto the screen was an easy process without any difficulties. The only small things I don't like about the protector is that the size is still a bit smaller than the actual phone screen, and the holes always attract and glue to a lot of stuff around the edges that are hard to clean off.
Easy to put on, saves my screen every time
Was very easy to put on without having any bubbles. Replacment for my last one which cracked when I dropped my phone, but thankfully kept the phone screen from cracking. I always buy in pairs, so I have a spare one at hand for the next drop :)
I have previously had only the thin plastic film protectors, and found them pretty irritating: always greasy, hard to install, hard to clean, and never totally clear. This glass comes in a fine bit of packaging with all the stuff you need to do a really clean install. Screen remains extremely sensitive, the glass is easy to clean, and of course crystal clear. For peace of mind it seems the perfect solution.
Fits perfect
I read and followed the instructions which were very clear. It worked I have a beautiful clear screen (So far). I hope it works as well as it looks good.
It was a bit pricey but thanks to the £5 Voucher code if you bought this and a case it was doable.+ it might save me a £100 in future.
Good protection for screen
Fits well, Good quality. Much better than displayfilm.
Very impressed with the olixar tempered glass screen protector great clarity easy to install and best of all fast and professional service thankyou
Oliver glass protecter
I have recommended this product to all my friends as it's user friendly and so easy to put on the phone and so far it has done exactly what the write up said. I'm well pleased with it
Saved my Screen - Fantastic product.
Have had this 8 months but today dropped phone which landed face down on solid concrete. Loud crash with tinkling noise and I was certain screen was gone. To my amazement although the screen protector was full of cracks the actual screen was undamaged. Have removed broken protector and a new one is on order. This definitely saved my screen from being very badly damaged. Great product.
Good product and price, quick delivery
I couldn't find a glass screen protector locals, but of course I found one on mobile zap. As always great quality and price, and very quick international delivery.
item exactly as advertised
this is the second time we have bought this item, first one was great so we bought a backup tempered glass screen.
Good product
Very simple to put on my phone and I can't even tell it is there now.
Seemed to work, didn't fit with phone cover
Fitted the screen easily following the instructions and was looking and working fantastic. Fitted my new cover and it pushed the screen up at the bottom, tried to refit the screen but it was too long and the cover kept pushing it up.
Hole cut on wrong side
Very simple to apply. Size is right, cut-outs for speakers OK, but the hole for the selfy camera is on the wrong side. Not one for using this camera so no real issue for me, but seems a fundamental design flaw.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Andrew

Usually the cut-out is for a sensor, not the front camera. The camera should work absolutely fine covered by a glass screen protector.
Easy fix
Probably the best experience I've had with adhesive / sealing covers. As long as you can get the glass screen clean fixing this is really easy and it looks good in place. The only issue I have is it picks up finger smears more than the original glass or than some other glass protectors I've used in other phones. A minor quibble really. I'll update the review WHEN I drop it :-/
Excellent I
The tempered glass screen is great, I coupled it with the case mate tough, another good product. It was simple to apply and has enhanced my Sony Experia Compact 5's existing outdoor/tradesman's qualities.
Thin and well shaped
The glass edge is smooth, no corners or places where cracking is liable to start. Thinner than previous glass covers I've used and the transparency seems better (less impact of LED glare). The glue is really the best I've ever used, so easy to apply and provided it is clean no bubbles! The only negative compared to other (way more expensive) glass protectors the coating is less effective and it shows a lot of finger marks.
Nice protector
Didn't have any problems applying the protector (although the instructions didn't talk about some of the items included like dry and wet wipes) but the cover looks fine, fits well and has no impact on the use of the phone.
Brilliant product
Easy to fit, no bubbles, very happy with this purchase and other products from olixar, can recommend
Product exactly as discribed.
Product exactly as discribed. was sent from overseas which took a lil longer then expected as we expected it from Melbourne.
Fits and looks good
Easy to install
Very happy with this product
Very easy to fit, no air bubbles at all. Looks and feels like the real screen (unlike the plastic screen protectors). Very happy. Have used this type of protector before and will now never go back to a plastic one. They cost more, but are worth it.
Not perfect
Ordered one of these for my phone , applied it ,after a while bubbles appeared and it lifted off my phone , so complained and second one was sent which I applied and is ok, it's a bit of a one chance application so you need to be spot on when you put it on as you can't try a second time if you get it wrong . It's a shame they don't come with labels or tags on the protector to assist you when you apply it. I can't say how good they are or how effective it will be in its protection , but is supposed to be one of the best out there so time will tell. Over all I vote it 7 out of ten
I feel that I got more that the expected
The truth is that I was a little skeptical about the result to obtain with the product, since this is the first time that I use a tempered glass screen protector in one of my devices. My biggest concern, the lost in the screen resolution and the extra volume added to the device, however the results are just amazing. My Xperia looks great, I cannot notice a difference regarding the screen resolution and I feel very comfortable knowing that my Xperia is protected. I am very happy with the product, I feel that I got more that the expected.
Good fit & easy to apply
My first glass protector. Well packed. Instructions so-so: they didn't mention a couple of things that were in the box, which was confusing. However, installation went well -- better than any plastic film protector that I've used. It was just a matter of cleaning the screen well, positioning the protector by aligning it with a long side of the screen, and lowering it into position. Good fit, with all the necessary cut-outs.
Amazing product
I prdered this lether case because i have a friend at work and he recommend me the product as they are genuine and nice..It is for my husbad as a Christmas present and he was really happy and now is telling to all the friends look what my wife bought for me...
Definetly i will order again as the service is amazing.

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