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Olixar Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector from Olixar for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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 4.3 stars from 79 customers

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Great so far
Easy to apply, with great instructions. No issues with my phone after it was applied.
Comes with all cleaning needs and application tabs. Plus it's all sealed in a legit box.

Only had a week or two so can't comment on its efficacy.
Good value
Very satisfied with the screen protector. Haven't noticed any dust or bubbles trapped underneath and the touch screen is still responding well. Would recommend
Case did not fit my dock
I purchased this case as was looking for a case that would fit my Sony charging dock. It advised that it fitted the dock but it didn't so a waste of money for me.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kelly

Sorry to hear you had problems with this case. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this issue further with you.
Good value
Fit great
Easy to install
Easy to install, doesn't effect operation of the phone and feels good to use.
Does the job
I'm happy with this screen protector it fits well and is very easy to install. Screen brightness is very slightly affected but I just increased the brightness so not an issue. Would highly recommend this and the brand in general as I have other products by them.
Does the job
I'm happy with this screen protector it fits well and is very easy to install. Screen brightness is slightly affected but I just increased the brightness so not an issue
Easy to install. Take your time with the preparation of the screen and the results will be good.
Excellent product
Excellent fitting product.
Very easy to follow instructions... Went very straight forward. Very thin, can barely tell it is on the device, with the exception...things work better with the screen protector . Very cool, insurance you don't even know is there.
Great product and service
My phone screen sensor stops functioning each time it has a tiny crack so after the third time, I was recommended the Olixar tempered glass protector. I purchased this from Mobile Fun. The delivery was quick and when instructions to fit the glass were easy. Mobile fun has a vast range of products and having made my first purchase, I would definitely re-visit when I need to make another purchase.
Easy to fit, crystal clear, seems to be bulletproof so far
Like it
Easy to use, doing its job.
Good product. Happy with it :)
Great protection
The Olixar screen protection have saved my mobile screen many times. Instead of replacing my moblie screen every time it gets a scratch og crakck, I only change the screen protection!
Faulty product?
I had difficulty installing the glass cover on my xperia Z3 compact. The glass cover actually covers the front camera ( top right hand corner of the phone), which I don't think it's supposed to. There is a gap in the screen cover on the top left hand corner which does not seem to serve any purpose. It's as if the affixing is on the wrong side. Certainly the packaging says its for a Z3 compact. But I'm wondering whether there is a fault in the manufacture.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Steve

Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can confirm you do indeed own the Z3 Compact? We can then investigate further.
not quite as easy to apply as everyone says, but does the job!
This is the first time I've had a phone with a glass screen, and am paranoid about shattering it, so the protector was a necessity for me. I haven't dropped it yet, so can't speak to its effectiveness in that regard.

Despite me doing everything correctly, I still ended up with a little spec of dust underneath. Instead of just dealing with the spec, I took the protector off and tried again, which was probably not the best idea, cause I ended up with 3 or 4 specs of dust instead, so I gave up. After about a day those specs are almost unnoticeable, so I probably should've just left it the first time! If you're really OCD, you might want to get someone to do this for you - my boyfriend noticed a few tiny tiny fibers caught under the screen, but I don't notice them.

Weirdly, this had a cut-out for the front camera, but it was on the wrong side of the phone. So the screen protector covers the camera. I've tried the camera though and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

A bit fiddly to apply, but can't complain if it saves my phone!
Fits perfectly and makes me feel confident that it will be protected
Good description of product.fits perfectly and makes me feel confident that it will be protected. Very good value for money.
This product has saved my phone and phone screen from smashing twice, excellent product
I am about to purchase my 3rd olixar tempered glass screen protector, I have cracked them from dropping my phone. This product has saved my phone and phone screen from smashing twice, excellent product.
Excellent product
Love these screens! saved my phone over the last 12mths. The tempered glass screen cracked after numerous encounters with the ground! But the screen of my phone underneath was as good as new :-) highly recommend!!
Good product easy to fit
Good product easy to fit and fast service as usual
Bought this glass screen protector with the matching clear case. Easy to apply and the result is a very attractive phone!
Great product
This great slimline clear case allows the beautiful colours and design of the phone to be seen.
Simple and prompt
I ordered the tempered glass screen protector for my phone and was very happy with the product and the prompt delivery. Dealing with MobileZap was simple and I would definitely do business with them again.
Great Screen Protector!
I was a bit dubious about this having read some of the reviews but the positive ones persuaded me to purchase it. The protector that is supplied with the phone fitted OK but was never clear and had suffered some damage over time so I was looking for an easy to fit, clear alternative. Although this is more money than the normal protectors it is worth the extra cost. The trick to fitting it is to clean the phone thoroughly using the kit provided. Once that is done the protector can be fitted in seconds and it provides a user experience just like not having one fitted at all. It is clear and very sensitive, in other words a perfect solution.
Looks good...
I bought this same screen protector before and it cracked and shattered on the bottom edge. I believe that was because the protector sticks out a tiny bit, the phone wasn't subjected to any shocks, it was just in my bag. After the cracks, it was easy to remove. I have a different phone cover now so hopefully cracks won't come up in the new protector.
Cracked down the bottom
I purchased the tempered glass screen. I had the Roxfit cover and screen and the tempered glass screen and phone screen somehow cracked down the bottom... I only had my phone in my bag and didn't drop the phone or bang it, so not sure how it cracked? I'm wondering whether the protection screen made it worse?
Great alternative to plastic protectors
This screen protector is easy to apply, allows full functionality of the touch screen and doesn't obscure it at all. Excellent purchase.
its loose
Effective and reliable
This screen was easier to apply than other similar products - absolutely no air pockets around the edge which makes a massive difference to how it looks in the end. The plastic casing for the back of the phone is really discreet, ideal for showing off the Z3 Compact's small and simple design.
Back to front
The camera hole is on the wrong side, or alternatively they have put the adhesive on the wrong face. Apart from that it is a great product, much easier to fit without bubbles and more resilient than the flimsy plastic covers.
MobileFun Reply

Could you please contact our Customer Services department and we will see exactly what might have gone wrong here.
Brilliant Protection
Purchased this screen protector after my Grandson smashed the screen on his phone for the second time in six months!

The tempered glass screen protector just glides onto the surface of the phone, visibility is a sheer with the protector in situ as without but there is a huge sense of relief in knowing that we have a chance to keep the phone screen in one piece should it fall again! Definitely recommend everyone to buy one.
Decent looking
Put the case and protector on the phone, looks pretty good. I haven't dropped it or anything (not planning to), but hopefully this will provide some protection further than the plastic stick-on protectors provided with the phone. The glass screen protector certainly looks better than the plastic one, and it doesn't get smudges. CAUTION: the lint cloth provided with the pack has bits falling off at the edges. One of these got stuck under the edge of the cover when I first put it on (must have not noticed it because it was so close to edge). After having to lift the cover off and remove the grey cloth bit, little fibres remain which is seriously annoying looking. Still stuck down after putting the cover back on, though.
Excellent Purchase!
As described. Great quality. If you follow the instructions, you won't have any bubbles. Very easy to install. A must have!
fits and works well
Happy with my purchase
Excellent purchase!
As described. Easy installation. Ensure to follow the instructions, i.e. cleaning the screen with the provided cleaning kit and you shouldn't encounter any bubbles. Much better than the standard film provided with the phone. Highly recommended!
Works like a charm
An easy applicable well fitted product that hopefully will protect my screen well. I have not dropped my phone yet, so I do not know what it takes to break this thing, but it seems solid.

The only thing that would have made it even better was if it filled out the whole screen - all the way to the edge.
Supplied on time and without damage. Comes supplied with all the things you need to install including a screen chemical wipe and polishing cloths. Followed instructions and the protector went on with no bubbles at all and looked perfect. Last job was to remove the outer protective film as stated in the instructions. Tried to lift the film but with no luck, I had to concede and believe that it did not have this film attached in the first place which was a bit annoying. Apart from this I was very happy with the product as it looked perfect, that was until after a week I noticed down one side air was seeping in. Tried to press it down but as expected no joy so the left hand side now had a horrible mark where the protector was not sitting correctly on the screen. This was very annoying because it was installed perfectly with no issues at all. Unfortunately for me with OCD I had to try and reinstall it, it lifted off ok but the usual when placed back down the surface was not perfect and bubbles appeared from a tiny speak of dust. I'm sure you'er all thinking I did not prepare the area but I did, everything was wiped over with a sticky hair remover and hands and surfaces were cleaned to perfection. I knew that this was going to happen but I had no choice. At this money its a bit annoying to say the least. One thing I did do was once off the phone I tried to scratch the surface with a very sharp needle and was very impressed that it was so hard and did not scratch no matter how hard I pressed. In my view i would love to have one on my phone but I cannot live with it looking bad with air bubbles and the risk of this happening I feel are high.
Hope this helps.
great screen protector
Very pleased with this screen protector, so much easier to apply than flexible version and gives almost invisible cover but still keeps touch screen sensitivity. Not tried hitting it with a hammer to test strength but dropped phone a few times with no damage.

Screen saver
Great easy to put on looks good
Ease of Use
I have been really impressed by the quality and ease of use of the Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Never having been very good at fitting this type of item in the past, I was sceptical and hesitant to use this.
However, the protector, came with easy instructions and all the cleaning materials required. I followed the instructions and the screen almost fitted itself! No air bubbles and a crystal clear result! I would use on any phone I have in the future!
Very pleased with the item
Very pleased with the item does what it says it will do,came next day thanks Mobile fun.
Easy to apply, excellent in use
Spend some time ensuring you know where it should be positioned before removing the backing sheet as removing and refixing leads to a poor result. It is then easy to fit and give a lovely result clear of bubbles. In use the surface and responsiveness of the device through the protector is excellent.
Not worth the money
I thought this would be a superior product after reading the reviews but it is the opposite. First, it's not like the image shown, the top left corner is missing and it doesn't fit the full screen around the edges so the screen is not fully protected from dust or damage. Second, after driving in the sun with the phone on the dash it has now developed 3 stain bubbles, not air, which now appear to be etched into the glass and won't go away making it look terrible. Finally, it smudges very easily compared to the plastic protector I got free with the phone leaving it looking worse. I can not recommend this product as a worthy cover for the Z3C. Very disappointed with it, especially for the price.
Believe the reviews!
Despite reading reviews by other purchasers I did not expect that I, Mrs Messy, would be able to apply the screen protector without trapping air bubbles and dust - but I did. Admittedly I was careful and used the cleaning materials provided. I have since dropped my phone on a stone floor and the screen survived unscathed. Delighted.
good product, easy to install, went on clean, no air bubbles and a perfect fit.
Highly recommended.Grows on you
Initially ordered a different screen protector.However,there was an indefinite delay,so I amended my order for the MFX.
When it arrived,I was at first underwhelmed.However,after fitting the protector,I was amazed and highly delighted with the product.Easy to fit,not a bubble in sight,easy to clean and the clarity of the screen is really something.It is literally just like having a second glass screen.
This is now the fourth product that I have purchased from Mobile Fun for my Sony Xperia tablet and smartphone and each have been of the highest quality.
Does exactly what it's supposed to!
Easy to apply. Does require regular cleaning as it shows up a lot of finger marks though!
very good for the money
Overall the case is very good! It provides a very good back protection.. However i rate it with four stars because the case gets scratched easily and also it doesnt fit very well on the sides on the phone but you can easilly live with that:)

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