Olixar Sony Xperia XZ3 Full Cover Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass full cover screen protector for the Sony Xperia XZ3 from Olixar with black front offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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Probaly good
This fitted on nice and easy but as I had paired it with the Olixar Sony Xperia XZ3 Genuine Leather Wallet Case , I had to remove it as it just didn't fit properly once the case went on. The side kept lifting up and it effected the use of the phone.
Arrived quick. Fits well. Chipped almost immediately and has subsequently cracked In a few places. I have the phone in a hard backed case too. Might be the curved screen that's so prone to damage, who knows. If you have the phone, sure get the glass. I won't buy a curved screen phone again or an edge to edge screen.
How good it was and easy to fit. Thanks very much.
nice product
fit like a glove ,excellent transparency
The only case which fit and function
I have been looking non stop for a good cover and it's the only which really does the job
Only good for one fall
Fits the phone perfectly, I'm using it with the Olixar Exoshield case. My phone fell from my car seat to the ground and the screen protector shattered in two places. Saved my phone but is now useless. I expected a little more durability, since little falls like this are common.
100% Happy
Does it fit like s glove, Yes it does,
Perfect fit
The screen has no bubbles, super easy to put on. The screen is on solid and can take beating, I especially appreciate the fact that this protector is exactly curved to match the screen, so there is 100% protection. No scratches, no cracks. Will never have to worry. All phones should have this glass protector.
Didn't fit
Glass is not exactly the same shape as the phone glass so it did not line up evenly.. Thus protruding or misalignment
Mixed reviews
Not sure about this case. Looks good when it's on as it's not overly noticeable and adds no extra weight. However, it only sticks around the very edge so I'm not convinced it will last long as simple knocks to the side will probably cause it to come unstuck. I also think it reduces the sensitivity of the screen so I have to tap the screen harder and a bit slower.
Rubbish cover fell off within 2 weeks
Bought this cover used for 2 weeks dropped on carpet it fell off and will not stick on again popping off at sides.
Very disappointed!
Brilliant screen protector
Really easy to install

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