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Olixar Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Full Cover Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This ultra-thin tempered glass full cover screen protector for the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact from Olixar with black front offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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Broke from one drop
Well it goes on easily and looks great but fell out of my pocket a few days later, only 2-3ft and broke. Maybe this is standard but disappointing.
dust gets under it
I requested this protector for a birthday gift back in November.was initially happy but very quickly realised that the little window on the front to display the Sony Logo is pointless, and its also a weak point. My screen protector cracked when I was cleaning it, the gap under the window flexes so must have been weakened over time. On top of this, because the window is so small and the gap between the window and the opening for the speaker is tiny, dust gets into the window and behind the screen protector.
Good quality - but not sticky enough
The quality of these "Olixar" screen protectors is pretty good. Had cheaper so-called "glass" screen protectors in the past that weren't a patch on the quality of these, and were prone to cracking due to brittle formulation of the material.

The Olixar's are accompanied by a useful set of accessories to asist getting the protector onto the phone without issue. Especially important on the XZ1-Compact since the left and right edges of the screen are bevelled which means correct placement becomes more important.

Unfortunately the glue / sticky pad that adheres the protector to the screen isn't so good. It's "tacky" at best, but even with the protector fully (and properly) applied i was able to move it around the phone in small amounts simply by rubbing the phone screen against my jumper (while attempting to clean the surface).

I ordered a second (hoping this to be better) and the screen protector itself turned out to be slightly bowed from top to bottom, and it it still had the weak sticky pad much like the 1st one.

So I purchased a MOTON-branded protector (that looks identical to the Olixar one) from another retailer, and this one has been much better all ways round.

All-in-all, not "bad", just not good enough. Would not recommend.
Excellent product
Easy to apply.
This product does what it says in the advert, but, at some viewing angles there is a strange metallic reflection, so that's not perfect!

Easy fit, no bubbles....
Good value for money
Good adhesive, defonately won't come off. Comes with screen cleaning alcohol wipes and cloth. It does say "finger print resistant" of course this is too good to be true.
Top Rate
So far very impressed with this item. Customer service was exemplary. Time will tell if it continues to impress.
Works great
Sticks down well. I appreciated the provided cleaning cloths and ethanol wipes, which aided in removing dust from screen prior to application.

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