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Olixar Sony Xperia XZ Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Sony Xperia XZ by Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. The outer frame matches the black fascia of your phone perfectly.
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$26.53 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 30 customers

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Very easy to apply to the screen. Excellent product that easily removes finger prints. extraordinary.
What a good product this is. It said it was easy to fit and if you followed the instructions carefully it works well. Thoroughly recommend it.
It's OK
Although I bought the protector for the XZ it was not the XZ Premium hence it didn't fit ... so this was my fault however, I did give it to a colleague who has the XZ. The reason for the 3 star review is the protector is not curved at the edges hence it tends to sit proud of the screen towards the edges of the phone. It does not seem to cause a problem but just doesn't look right to me.
Very easy to apply to the screen. Excellent product that easily removes finger prints. extraordinary.
What a good product this is. It said it was easy to fit and if you followed the instructions carefully it works well. Thoroughly recommend it.
Great screen protector
I have used this glass screen protector on several phones now. Previously I used the basic plastic type, but as many of you know, it is near impossible to apply without bubble!

These glass screen protectors are very easy to apply. Best of all no bubbles! There is no loss of sensitivity once applied too. I recently dropped my phone, and cracked the screen protector, but it saved the phones screen. In fact, when I took the old one off, the screen was still pristine underneath.

Definitely worth the money!
great glass well packaged
wonderful piece of ultra-thin glass technologie
delivered in a strong, protective package .. the olixar version of the secretive Japanese box.. open three ways find the cleaner and you are off to the races and the bliss of a great screen protector.. except if, like me, you were born BC, before computer era, and could use a tad bit more demonstration on screen placement to avoid that missed it by a 1/4 mm feeling with texting a bit off or requiring extra pressure.Otherwise great glass
it's a screen protector and it does the job as expected. the product is excellent and as described
Well fitting and strong!
I had struggled to find a screen protector to fit my Sony Xperia XZ properly due to the curved screen. Even though this protector is a bit more expensive...it fits perfectly!

I wasn't expecting the top and bottom to be blacked out and was initially put off by this but it takes nothing away from the phone and in my opinion makes it look a bit smarter. The cut out points for the speakers and camera are absolutely spot on, and a huge bonus for some people will be the fact that despite the top of the protector is blacked out, there is actually a clear spot just for the Sony logo to peep through!

I have had no problems with this protector so far and it has not been scratched even though i tend to carry my phone and keys in the same hand. My one gripe would be that the screen can be a bit smudgy sometimes, but its nothing a quick wet wipe wouldn't fix for the sake of keeping your phone screen intact!

Very happy!
Excellent product
Excellent product, easy to apply and works well.
it's fine
It's fine
Very easy to fit
Very easy to fit, works perfectly with phone cover, easy to clean. It seems strong enough, without actually dropping phone there's no way of knowing
Great costumer service and good product
The screen protector fits perfectly and looks awesome on xperia xz. Costumer service is great.
Great screen cover
Great screen cover, fits perfect
Not very desirable
It fits perfectly-That's good
Not well designed-Protective case and film sometimes cannot 'fit' together around edge
Too thick-Sometimes its hard to type compared to plastic film(It's thin, but it's still too thick)
Not very strong-Sometimes worried because it falls off from screen
Overall-Just buy thin plastic film, better price and performance
Perfect product !
This screen protect fits perfectly, even though the XZ has curved edges. It was very easy to fit and has a very professional look..
Olixar quality
Great quality tempered screen protector

Curved to fit screen perfectly, adhesive is on the edges, THIS IS NORMAL, performs as it should

Black around the screen with cut outs for front camera, speakers, notification led, light sensors, and doesn't hide the Sony logo

Fits so well you'll probably forget it's there until you remember it just saved your screen!

Comes well packaged from a quality company
After trying a few alternatives, i wish i chose this one first
Upon buying the Sony Xperia XZ, i made the mistake of going for a cheap tempered glass protector from another location. The quality wasn't great and it cracked during application.

I tried another similar product but despite claims it was suited for the XZ, it left considerable space around the edge of the screen.

I wanted something better so i picked up the Olixar Sony Xperia XZ Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The quality was miles ahead of my previous choices and it was much easier to apply.

The cover is clearly designed for the XZ, as it has cut outs in the exact places needed for the speaker and camera, along with covering every part of the screen.

If you're looking for a well fitting and strong protector for the XZ, this is the one.
Love it
Totally recommend this product
Great service
This screen protector was a replacement for one that had cracked within 24 hours of fitting. Mobilefun replaced it free of charge having asked for and seen photos of the cracks.This shows their commitment to excellence in their customer service and I will certankly use them again
So close to perfect
Only major issue so far is that from time to time it gets a weird defect from the application. kind of like moisture was there when it was applied but it weirdly comes and goes

With that all said, fits perfectly and again cutouts do not interfere with what the device needs to do. Would recommend for now but with a word of caution.
Love it
Love the glass top. Works really well.
Product very good
the product is great. but i found that the installation instructions didn't appear to match what was in the box. specifically, i couldn't find 2 "tabs" to stick to the front of the screen protector to enable positioning to be done without touching the underside of the protector. nor could i find the thing for removing any last bits of dust. however, i got the screen clean ok and improvised to position it. so all good.
Good protective glass
Easy to clean, easy to put.

Too bad it only in BlackWhite Colors.
I have Forest Blue model.

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