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Olixar SMARTUNE Bluetooth FM Transmitter Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Send music and calls through your car speakers with the Olixar SMARTUNE Bluetooth FM Transmitter - also supports SD card / USB stick storage for audio playback and 3.5mm line-in port for a variety of device options including smartphones and tablets.
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 4 stars from 126 customers

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Not transmitting
Hi I've successfully connected to the Smart tune through both Bluetooth and aux however no radio is able to pick up the frequency transmitted by the device. I've tried multiple frequencys and none seem to work
MobileFun Reply
Hi Danny

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Very poor
Have now received three of these devices,having returned two under warranty. All of them have worked great for the first two or three months and then pack up for no apparent reason. They are sent with a spare fuse but arfter checking this they have all been in one piece, meaning whatever is going wrong bypasses the fuse. Sick and tired of having to pay for and return defective items. Would NOT recommend this item to my worst enemy.
Connects easily and works well with my iPhone
enjoying the device very much
product is as good as advertised.
Not working!
Selected/set to same FM frequency (88.0 - Also tried other frequencies) on Smartune and radio.
Bluetooth is apparently paired and connected according to my phone.
(No request for security code, but that is reported in other reviews which claim it still works.)
Nothing to be heard on radio when set to transmit from phone!

I.e. useless.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory.

Please check the volume on your phone is raised and that music is playing. Can you also a test a phone call. If you are still having problems, please contact our Customer Services team
Bought this expecting great things unfortunately the device worked once and now won't go past welcome screen . Dissapointing
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jay

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
Excellent concept but disappointing execution
Although it does what it says on the box - eventually - it's far too fiddly to use while driving. First off you need to retune it to the chosen frequency everytime you you switch it on. Sometimes it just refuses to work until you turn it off/on again...and retune it AGAIN. The microphone is too feeble for a decent phone conversation but OK for a short chat (just). To save phone power I connect my phone to it by cable and not BT though it is possible to charge the phone from the transmitter if you don't mind wires everywhere. Overall it's been a bit of a disappointment really and yes, I have RTFM! Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and upgrade my head unit.
On a brighter note, the service from MobileFun was up to its usual high standards. BK
Easy to use, works very well!
Easy to use, works very well! Good connections! Very good price! Sound is good over FM frequency surprisingly good. Recommended.
Truely mobile music on the go
Great product for enabling playing your music via Bluetooth on your car radio. no hassle with cables. Ability to change tracks on the device. Only minor drawback is that it doesn't stay permanently paired with your phone, however, pairs again very quickly when you go into your Bluetooth settings and pair. Having bought alternate models which promise full Bluetooth without cables and been disappointed, this one delivers at a great price.
Thank you Jesus!
I absolutely love this product! I have taken away a star only because my 2006 Chevy has 1 cigarette lighter so I can't charge my phone when using this which is every time I get in the car! It charges my phone slowly so I just use the usb to keep it alive while using the Bluetooth. I hate CDs and I refuse to buy a Bluetooth stereo system for my old car who's only upside is its not the bus. This product means I can listen to my phones music without any leads and I can take calls without using the loudspeaker function and the phone sliding all over the place while I drive like a maniac who only passed her test because she was pregnant and the instructor clearly felt sorry for her!!! Love it! Recommend it! The sound quality is decent. Easy to change songs and easy to tune. Just a great product for a great price! Even works on occupied stations!
Basically it works fine, looks good, good value for money.
Basically it works fine, small print instructions very basic and hard to read, could not get the FM transmit frequency to change permanently, so stuck with factory preset, which fortunately is not on top of a local station. Good value for money.
Pairing with phone not automatic
I am pairing an iPhone 6 with the olixar device. Every time I enter the car I have to pair with the olixar device manually by going into Bluetooth on the iPhone. I have never been asked for the 0000 password to pair. Smarttune appears as a device to connect and it connects without asking for the number. This is a very manually process every time I enter the car. Am I doing something wrong here?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Paul

It should be all automatic as you say. Try removing the SmarTune completely from your phone's Bluetooth settings and re-pair from scratch. If this doesn't cure the problem, please contact our Customer Services team for more help.

Hope this h
Does not accept or make calls
I have been able to play my music through my iPod and can connect my iPhone via Bluetooth despite no code being requested, the Bluetooth image still appears on the screen. My partner then rang my phone and the call doesn't appear on the device or let me answer the call, nor does any ringing come through the car speakers! Very disappointed and does not perform tasks created for.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Emma

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Everything should work fine with your iPhone, however if you contact our Customer Services team, we will do our best to sort out your problems.
Not going over welcome
Bought this as a gift for my dad for christmas and when plugged in welcome pops up and nothing happens after.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Raz, sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Sounds like it is faulty to me, so please contact us and we can assist you further.
Good but not that good
Never thought they made something like this...it was on a Facebook advert so I thought I'd buy it..we have two cars one with Bluetooth streaming as standard and one without,so I thought it would make it easy to steam Spotify in the car without.

Build quality excellent,just sound quality poor,crackles,breaks up and seems to get interference from the alternator.
Having now looked at what's out on the market ,the price was very expensive,wouldn't of minded if the sound quality was better
Impulse buys don't always work out
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mark

Sorry to hear you were having problems with this accessory. You may either have a faulty accessory or you need a cleaner FM frequency for the music to not crackle as in our own tests the sound quality was really clear.

Hope this helps. Pleas
I received the Smartune today and was looking forward to trying it out. I put it in the socket and all that reads on the screen of the Smartune is 'WELCOME' and no matter what I do it will not do anything else. I have tried absolutely everything to get it working again but it just isn't happening.. so unfortunately I'm gonna have to rate it a complete waste of money. I was so hopeful that this was going to be great, but I am sadly very dissapointed.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Natasha

Really sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Sounds like it is faulty to me, so please contact us and then we can send a replacement to you which I am sure will work absolutely fine.
So easy to set up, although had to change channel as default kept dropping out. Perfect to permit use of old car stereo to be used in conjunction with either USB datastick for music or Bluetooth mobile. Not tried wired connection to music yet but sure it will work. Would have preferred slightly longer stalk on device as power supply quite low in car.
Best product
I just loved yours delivery right at the time. The items are the same as you guys told us in video. Awesome site to buy a product and very pleased with delivery
Too fiddly for me
Good points are how easy it is to set the SD card reader up and the fact it takes a 32GB card. When transmitting the sound is loud and clear. Bad points. I still have not been able to take phone calls, it pairs easily enough and rings when a call comes through, however, will not pick up regardless off button is pressed. It is too small and fiddly to scroll through files on the SD card when driving and therefore you need to stop if you want to make any changes eg skip a few albums. OK, however, still looking for something better, maybe a better head unit!
I really like this product
This is a very good product. works excellent
Excellent blue tooth fm transmitter
I have a very good quality sound system in my car which doesn't have blue tooth or aux connectivity. Being a bit bored with the usual UK radio stations, I wanted the ability to stream music from my phone over my car speakers - particularly Internet radio, as I prefer the wider variety of music as well as niche genres.

So far, my device has worked really well, with excellent audio quality, and it wasn't too difficult to set up either. The device also has blue tooth calling functionality with a bonus.

On weighing this device up against a new car stereo system, I found it to be the most cost effective solution, and I have no hesitation in recommending this product to others.
best buy
I have tried so many other fm transmitter but this one works fantasticly well and no disturbing sound.
Stopped Working
I connected Smartune as soon as I got it and the first time I used it I had no problems; I connected it via the wire to my Iphone 6 and it worked perfectly. Then the next time I wanted to use it I wasn't so lucky. All that reads on the screen of the Smartune is 'WELCOME' and no matter what I do it will not do anything else. I have tried absolutely everything to get it working again but it just isn't happening.. so unfortunately I'm gonna have to rate it a complete waste of money. I was so hopeful that this was going to be great, but I am sadly very dissapointed.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Clare

Sounds like you have a faulty unit, please contact us for a replacement.
Great Product
Really clear sound,unlike other models I have purchased in the past which picks up interfearance and distorts the sounds and really easy to use. The neck is really flexible which is ideal for the car, as our lighter is next to the gearstick. I liked it so much I have purchased another
Good value
good value exellent service and delivery very pleased with the product
A great product so easy to set up & use, so much easier to hear thru van speakers than my old handsfree speaker
Just what I needed
I got this to listen to my iPhone music in my very old Volvo. Works well, need to have iPhone volume at max to drown out a little bit of background noise. I'm very pleased with it.
Great product...
Only have it a day, but working very well so far. Very handy device with great sound...
Really good unless you have a phone that needs 2.1 amp charge
I used this with my iPhone 5 with no problems at all but with a Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6 it just won't work with the phone in and charging as the phone draws too much power, but if you don't charge your phone and just use the bluetooth is works really well.
Good quality but not the best
Good quality but not the best
Good Product
Some background echo noise to people who phone me.
Call Answering
Hi, I've read the reviews but can't see one that deals with call answering. Do calls come through automatically without the need to press buttons etc? How are calls made? Is voice activated calling an option or does one need to call manually and then use the bluetooth facility for speaking through the car's audio system?
Thanks in advance.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ian,

When a call comes through, you should be able to accept or decline the call on the device itself, without needing to touch your phone. However, with outbound calls, you will need to choose the contact to call on your phone manually, but you wil
Good piece of kit
Simple to set up and decent sound. Great that you can use USB, SD and Bluetooth. Navigating can be a bit time-consuming if you have many tracks or long mixes. Great piece of kit at a good pric.e
Not clear sound
Using the olixar transmitter now for abt 3 monts, but its just doesnt give the satisfaction what i want. I havent tried any other fm transmitter,but for sure the sound quality far below the FM radio, always noise in the background. Its worse in bluetooth mode, sure a bit better if u use the audio jack, though what you get in the box is bad quality cable. So ill try later with a bit better direct cable, but i expected a clear fair quality device. Its not the one.
Mobilefun 1st Class / Product could be better
Ordering and delivery of item from Mobilefun first class, product when first set up worked great, but I have to set it up every time I return to the car as it does not remember or pick my G5 phone and have done as per previous customers / advisors suggested but still having to set up every time. When set up music and calls through radio 4 out of 5. But gets a 3 overall due to having to set up every time.
Although the 12 amp plug is universal on cars, it is loose in the plug and if you hit it on the way to get your handbrake/gearstick, it comes out and you have to connect it again. Also, it can be quite crackly sounding through the car. Pretty average product
Very good product. The sound quality is outstanding. No problem at all works perfectly fine in my car.
Shame it doesn't work
I have to say, reading previous reviews that I had high expectations, but unfortunately despite 4 hours of trying, was unable to make it connect to my phone via Bluetooth. Thinking it might be a problem with my phone, I tried with another phone, but it just refused to play ball.
It's a real shame because it looks and feels like a really good quality product that's been well manufactured.
MobileFun Reply
Hi George

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team as you may need a replacement.
Olixar Smarttune
Great little unit. I have tried several fm transmitters, including some much more expensive than this, and none was any good. This one, however, works very well indeed.
Olixar FM transmitter
I have tried more expensive units from Belkin and others and they were useless. This little unit sounds fantastic. A bargain.
Handy piece of kit
I was looking for a handsfree Bluetooth for the car. They all seem to clip to the sun-visor. This didn't make sense to me, because if you clip it on with the visor down, it becomes inaccessible when you put the visor up and vice versa. A quick email to mobile fun sorted me out. They very helpfully suggested this Bluetooth transmitter. Does exactly what I needed and more besides. It lets me play a whole memory card of music through the car radio! Bonus!! However, I have two criticisms. Firstly, the instructions are a somewhat lacking. (I only found out by accident that the music can be played in various ways. i.e. random etc.) Secondly, although you can load music onto the card in folders, you can't access a specific folder. Other than these two points, I'm very happy with my purchase.
Compact and cost-effective
Once I had managed to save the frequency it was remarkably easy to get set up each time and use it with my iPhone. The great thing about not having a fixed charging slot is that it works with different types of phones as long as they have bluetooth. Good quality sound through the speakers and it enables you to have hands-free chat.
Great Buy
I am absolutely blown away by the performance of the Smartune. This was bought due to my cars Ipod dock breaking. The sound quality is outstanding.
A really nice bit of kit!
I recently received the Oxilar Bluetooth Transmitter.. next day delivery 1st Class post...it was easy enough to set up and after a few times of paring it's working really well! I had been using a cassette tape transmitter which was very intermittent but the Smartune stays in tune all the time! I also received a phone call which came through loud & clear via my car speakers which I had forgotten this also does... so that was a nice bonus! My only slight negative comment is that I am having to retune to the FM frequency whenever I turn the engine off? Is there a way to rectify this? Another smart piece of kit from Mobile Fun..thank you..ps will give 5 stars when I find out how to avoid retuning!!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Eamon

It should remember the frequency. Let's try this... Ensure nothing is paired or connected to the SMARTUNE and set your required FM frequency on the SMARTUNE. Give it a minute not touching any of the buttons and it should save this information
it is v good !
Amazing Product
firstly I've got to say I ordered this at 5.38pm Tuesday and it was here at about 11am Wednesday.... I'm on the Isle of wight, how??? amazing delivery time. secondly and most important is the Olixar smartune, brilliant, it worked straight out the box, plugged it into my car power point, switch the radio frequency manually to 88.0, turned on my iphone bluetooth, paired it, and started the music app and voila... music straight on. I own an older type car from 2005, no Aux, no Bluetooth.. no Joy! then this amazing product, if you in my position buy one! We have used the aux with an ipod, then the usb point with a usb pen drive, all work a treat. I've ordered a smart card to try that next.

if i could improve the device it would be to have an on/off switch as my power works even with the keys out, so not sure if it would drain the battery if left in.

also i will point out that if you use rubbish bitrate tunes on your phone, they might sound great on your phone speaker but once connected to some proper speakers that bit rate is going to matter somewhat. I have mp3 and acc mp4 on my iphone and you can tell the difference immediately. my advice is have your tunes as Mp3 and at least a 128k, def o lower than this bit rate if you want a top notch sound. the higher the bit rate the better the sound.

I cannot fault this equipment, fantastic!
Excellent piece of kit.
Small and unobtrusive, works every time.
Great Decice
I've had a mobile sun visor clip on hands free unit which I bought from mobile fun a couple of years ago and was very happy with it, the only problem was it was not very clear to hear when the vehicle was in motion especially with the windows open. Then I saw this device advertised and read the revieW's and decided to give it a try as everyone was raving about it, and wow I've got to say it's great. It puts your calls through your car speakers and has fully adjustable sound. It's crystal clear,easy to install and a doddle to use. Also plays your music via bluetooth or 3.5 jack plug or micro sd card from your device. Also you can charge your device via the built in usb port. No more need for stacks of cd's taking up space in the car. If like me your car doesn't have built in hands free this is a must. Along with the other goods I've bought from mobile fun I have been very happy. All good quality and a very good professional service.
Thankyou mobile fun.
Flawed by the Background Hiss
I've lately been on a search for a solution to play my iPhone music in the car and thought, given the good reviews for this product, that my search was over.

Not so! The features and setting up were just as advertised but (after sitting in the car for ages and testing every single frequency) the background hiss using Bluetooth from my phone is too distracting to tolerate.
Used this a few times now on long journeys and I can't fault it. However, being critical I would have to say that each time you stop and plug it out you have to reset it in order to use it. Pity it can't be programmed to remember the phone. 4/5 ain't too shabby though.
Swift delivery First classpost
Good piece of kit for price.
Works right out the box.
Ordered 15.45 Friday received first post Saturday morning.
Great bluetooth FM transmitter
The device is very easy to setup, once bluetooth connection is established your phone is remembered and connects automatically next time. The FM signal is clear for music with very little disruption would recommend 108mhz. Haven't used for calls yet but for music the device is great with both bluetooth and 3.5mm jack. The flex attachment is a bit soft at times. If you are charging an iphone 6 through it, it will ask if you 'trust this computer' when connected. If you have a 3.5mm jack plugged in, you will need to disconnect that for charging to start.
Received this item and am impressed with how versatile it is and the ease of use , once paired to radio and phone it works very well and seems very reliable
Better value than other auction sites!
I have bought a number of these type of transmitters from a well known auction site. They have all been rubbish except one which while good, broke very quickly. This one seems to be excellent and is very easy to set up and use and provides excellent sound quality. I am very pleased with my purchase.... so far! (Whilst, I have no reason to doubt it, I will have to find out if it is built to last!)
Very good
Very good and useful gadget for cars without an integrated bluetooth system or music system with USB gate.
However, when traveling, I faced the fact that the frequncy I use, was also used from a local radio station, so there was much noise in my music.
I wanted to play my music off my phone through my cars speakers and found the Olixar SMARTUNE Bluetooth FM Transmitter on MobileFun. It works a treat, allowing me connect as soon as I get in the car, no wires, no button pressing, just seamless connectivity. I have also setup my phone to automatically start apps when connected to the Olixar SMARTUNE Bluetooth FM Transmitter allowing text messages to be read out without the distraction of looking at my phone, making this a must for safety. 5 Stars!!!
Rock On
This is a great gadget,works well but user manual is in a font that small you cannot read it
Good kit
Bought this after reading all the great reviews. Does what it says but like some of the reviewers say it doesn't auto connect to the phone. I've un-paired several times and it works but as soon as its turned off I have to manually connect. This is with an IPhone 6 plus. (Can't see why it happens.)
great piece of kit
This device is the ideal solution to a value for money fm transmitter. The quality of sound and ease of use make it a top purchase!
After looking around at other products I decided on this Olixar SMARTUNE. I was quite impressed with its looks, it's fairly straight forward to set up just select an empty radio station and tune your player to that free station. Sound quality is great and found no problems with playback. You can pause a track or skip to the next track. It also has its own volume control tho using the volume on the radio is easier think this is just in case you have weak sound from your source you are using either direct from phone using the supplied cable or memory card or USB. Did find that using a 32gb usb did not work and the sound became garbled but was ok with a 16GB. Also found when playing tracks it would be a good function if you could change the album you have rather than having to go through all the tracks. Also a remote would have been nice and for the price it's a shame that when the product was designed they did not think if this. Have not used the Bluetooth so can't comment on how well this works. Just a point you can also put your music on random play so you can have hours and hours of music. Overall really happy with this does what you want it to do with no problems apart from a few niggles it's a great player.
Does what it says on the box!
I wanted a device to stream my music via blue tooth to my car stereo.toysTis fairly simple to set up and I am now streaming my music and Spotify Palates. The device sets up automatically each time you drive. Not tried using a media card or hands free yet.
perfect solution
The device is amazing when its connected. No faults and no hassle when you have tuned into your selected station.
The gooseneck makes it easy to shape it to your comfort and out the way of the gearstick.
Easy to use and is the perfect solution for when there is no aux connection to the car!
The SmartTune is an amazing little device. You plug it in, it welcomes you and within minutes you're listening to your favourite music.

You can change the frequency and it'll remember your settings. You can choose between bluetooth, usb, sd card and 3.5mm jack.

The sound quality for an FM transmitter is excellent, I've tried a couple of other devices and this is by far the best.

You can start/stop/skip tracks all from the device (using bluetooth).

Used this device for two 3 hour journeys and it's been faultless.

Highly recommend this to anyone.
Great Product and Service
Great product- allows me to forego the issue of burning through multiple aux cables in my car that never seem to last! The first transmitter I received worked for a week and broke however mobile fun swiftly took my return and issued a new one. Great product which allows me to connect my iPhone to my car stereo. Only wish is that it would pair automatically with my phone but for the money you can't complain.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ryan

It should automatically pair with your phone, please check your device's settings. You may need to clear and then repair your phone for it to function correctly.
Remembering Frequency
The Smart tune doesn't remember frequency even after 30 minutes of use, what am I doing wrong?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Gareth

The frequency should be remembered after just a few minutes, however might be a good idea to ensure that at this point you have no SD cards or USB sticks inserted in the SMARTUNE.
Great... Although.

Not remembering frequency. How long do I need to wait for it to remember?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Gareth

It should take just a few minutes for the SMARTUNE to remember the frequency for its next use.
An exvelent device
I can now play my music from my Smart Phone in the car thgouth the car radio, and when I get a phone call, deal with it and carry on listening to music.
The quality of the music is good.
Impressed with the supplier. When my first one developed a fault, the response to my e-mail was impressive. Speedy replacement with no postage cost to myself. I have for quite some time felt I could do business with "MobileFun" and this incident proved it to be correct.
Good gadgets, at a good price and very reliable service.
Love it!
I have been looking for something like this for months and so glad I bought this! I've only used it for my phone so far but the sound quality is great and the device is easy to use.
Its so easy!!
I have been looking for a way of getting hands-free in my car for a while and was a bit worried by the posts I've seen about Nokia Lumia 800's not pairing etc and almost purchased a new radio. When I found the Smartune on the Mobile fun site, it fitted the bill perfectly and I ordered one each for me and the wife. They arrived really quickly and worked perfectly using the default FM frequency. Although I was expecting a problem with pairing the Lumia, it paired immediately without the need for a code and the hands-free music functions works well. Smartune seemed to have hit a few nails on the head with the products they have for people on-the-move which I find really helpful. Thank you MobileFun
Exactly what I needed
I biught a sexy 8 year old Mini Cooper S but sadly it didn't have a connection I could use to play music via my iPhone :( This device allows me to do so PLUS I can save mp3 files on a memory card or stick and play music that way. It can also be used for phone calls. Brilliant :)
Arrived promptly, thank you MobileFun!

The device just plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and came to life immediately! Setting up was easy. I used the default frequency to tune my radio and easily paired it with my phone. Was up and working within minutes. It works well.
well it works pretty much as described BUT while I can connect to my iPhone I can't pair it and have to connect manually every time I get in the vehicle, I checked the instructions numerous times but I am not being offered an opportunity to enter a pairing code. What am I doing wrong?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Dave

The pairing code isn't always required by devices and will often connect without it. So it automatically pairs to the SMARTUNE, try removing the device completely from your Bluetooth settings page on your phone and re-pair.

Hope this helps.
great product but have a few Questions
Good piece of kit connected to I phone 6 no probs.Only thing I cant work out is how do you change from usb port or sd card back to your phones music. I tuned to 108.0 FM and very little interference in Scotland .can you have usb drive, sd card and phone connected and toggle between them and if so how?
MobileFun Reply

To switch to the SD / USB sticks music I believe the best method is to stop any Bluetooth music playing from your phone and then insert the SD card / USB memory stick so it realises this takes priority. To play music from your phone via Bluetooth wh
Very useful product
This item is very easy to use and works well
Much better than I expected
Works really well. Paired to HTC one M8 really easily to take calls and stream music. Bit more tricky to stream music from memory stick, but reformatting to FAT sorted that.

Highly recommended as a hands free / music streaming solution.
Very useful and highly recommended item
i wanted to give it a bit of time before submitting a review, so that I could really back up what I say with the benefit of having used this for a few weeks. It's a really super item. Easy to operate (and I'm not techy). It works with my ipod via a cable, or via bluetooth with my phone, and it pretty much works with the quality of your car speakers so it's much more convenient than fishing around for cd's without compromising on the sound quality. Using it for phonecalls - it does not deliver the same clear quality, but I'm not someone who spends time on the phone when I'm driving so it's not a major problem for me. I love it, and I recommend it.
Better than expected.
I've had something like this before and that turned out to be complete rubbish, so I wasn't expecting anything brilliant. It took literally seconds to set up and although there is a slight background hiss the sound quality is great. If your thinking of getting a Bluetooth stereo for your car no need, this converts the radio you have for a fraction of the cost.
Great piece of kit
When i recieved the unit i thought it may be difficult to set up but it was so easy the sound quality is great and the functions for skip and replay previous tracks are easy to operate while driving as is answering a call the sound quality is defined by the radio frequency that you tune both the unit and tour radio to the only downside is that it can be susceptible from interference if the station is weak
easy to use
An easy to set up and use unit an easy option to listen to music via Bluetooth through in car speakers in a very cost effective manner.
Great for the price
I bought one for myself and was very impressed that I bought one for someone else and they love it , easy to set up and good quality sound. Worth every penny
Great for streaming music in your car
My car is does not have a streaming audio system, this Bluetooth FM transmitter is ideal for people who carry music on their phone and want to listen to playlists without having to cut numerous CDs.
Works very well so far. Quality of the audio is good but will obviously never match CD's.
Great thing with this unit is that you can take it on holiday as well as the unit plus directly into the cigarette lighter
Excelentg device.
It is superior to many blue tooth devices to use in your car. Getting started is easy, no difficult set up. One plugged in the car, when you swith on the engine it comes alive and connects to your phone. You can play your music through the car speakers with good quality sound. You can phone out hands free. If a call comes, you press the accept button and receive the call then go back to your music. When you end the journey and switch off the engine, the blue tooth connection switches off. This means you do not have to remember to switch off the blue tooth connection to your phone, which has often happened to me, with the result that an incomming call could not hear me or me them. I have either had to run to the parked car or switch off the bnlue tooth on my phone and remember to switch it on afterwards. Very pleased with this device and of course as usual an excelent service from Mobile Fun which I now know I can rely on.
I have been looking for a Bluetooth fm transmitter for sometime now.

The device is very easy set up, my phone found the device straightway and I had music playing in my car with in no ti me. I would recommend this to my friends.

It does what it say's on the tin.

Very happy.
Does what it says on the box!
Having had similar devices in the past and been disappointed in them, I thought that I would give this one a try before installing a (very expensive) Parrott car kit for music streaming. This is easy to set up straight from the box and does exactly what you want it to at a fraction of the price of a fitted hands-free kit.
excellent piece of kit
i bought this to replace my belkin tune cast and this blows it out of the water hands free Bluetooth and it plays all the music on mine and my sons phones very easy to use and excellent quality
Clever - but flawed....
The device works very well, communicated with my iPhone instantly - but 1) Volume is low, even at max (16), and 2) It forgets the frequency it is set to, when powered off. Thus, one has to reset the frequency every time the car is used, which gets pretty boring after a while. This fault was not apparent on the other device, the less expensive Roadtune Universal.
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

It should remember the frequency chosen as long as you leave the device on a little while after changing so it can update with this new setting. If this isn't the case with your item, please consider returning it back to us.
Ideal for Spotifier!
For the son who likes gadgets, new ideas and Spotify music this was the ideal gift! He was even surprised that good old Mum was this switched on! Mobile and Fun !!
Fast and easy to use
Very nice and practical device, no need of special skills to set up as it comes ready to use, unless is needed to change the frequency which can be easily set anyway.
Sound is sent clear and loud over the frequency, strong material build.
Only one problem, there is no on/off switch, so it must be disconnected every time from the cigarette lighter port for my car which does not cut the power to it when the key is turned to off.
Still a very good product.
Bluetooth hands free
Excellent product for the price.
Bluetooth hands free
Excellent product for the price.
Bluetooth hands free
Works very well and easy to set up, really like that I can listin to my music from my phone to the car speakers and tacke a call as well.
Srvice from mobilefun was very good' and fast service wood recamend them to a friend !!
Good at the price
I changed from a blue tooth equipped car to one that wasn't, so I saw this as a convenient hands free kit. It's simple to set up, but I've only used the phone function so far. Two problems are is that the in built microphone is some distance from you, so you have to lean towards the device (but I do drive a large Jeep, might be fine in a smaller car). It has an audio jack, so I might experiment to see if you can use that as a mic input. Also it doesn't automatically reconnect to your phone, so everytime you leave the car, you need to tell your phone to connect again. This might be a function of the windows phone I use.
MobileFun Reply
Hi George

The connection should automatically be made, maybe as you say this is an issue with your version of Windows Phone currently.
Great piece of kit.
Very easy to set up and tune to the desired radio frequency (I used the one preset on the device) also easy to pair with phone via wifi. Or you can use audio cable. Sound quality is as good as your car audio setup. I recommend this product
Works perfectly, linked via bluetooth first time with my phone and perfect stereo sound out of my car speakers, looks good as well , im happy
Just what I needed
The Olixar RoadTune is the very best bit of kit I've ever bought, all previous Bluetooth kits have been poor, this one is crystal clear and you don't have to worry about turning it off to save the battery. Fantastic!
A great Hands Free Music Streaming Device
I purchased this Smartune Bluetooth device after buying a new car and realising that I could not fit a Bluetooth stereo for numerous reasons. I was planning on buying a parrot hands free system as I wanted hands free calling, but more importantly to stream music from my phone, then I got an email about this little bit of kit. Having had a radio frequency broadcaster before I was a little dubious. After plugging it in and setting it up, which took about 90 secs, I was under way making calls and streaming music from Spotify on my phone (via bluetooth connection). This is a superb bit of kit, juts find a blank radio station on the radio, program that into the Smarttune and away you go. When you get a call the music goes quiet and it rings and there are handy buttons to accept or reject the call. I also quickly worked out that the call buttons could be used to skip tracks when listening to music! A great bonus, as I do not need to touch the phone at all, so I am legal!
The sound quality on music is excellent and on calls it is very good (my speakers are not very good at all and since changing them the quality has increased).

I would thoroughly recommend this as a cheap alternative to an expensive hands free solution. What is great is that you can move it from car to car in seconds. I also really like that it stores the settings in its memory, so no reprogramming every time and it detects your phone within a few seconds. I haven't tried but you can also store music on a micro SD or USB and play it back that way (brilliant idea- will save phone battery) and there is a 3.5mm headphone jack and lead if you want to use an iPod etc.

All in all a really superb kit at a great price. I recommend this product highly for its value.
I didn't know one existed
Until I saw it in the news letter I didn't know I could play my music on my tablet through my car stereo system wireless. I can also answer my mobile and hear the caller through the speakers..
I will soon be ordering one for my wife as she has got her eye on mine.
Good unit
Nice unit and easy to set up. For me the socket connection got in the way of mt gear lever so it wasn't suitable
Smartune Transmitter - great gadget,
Does exactly what is says on the box!! Crystal clear & no interference. Well worth the money, would thoroughly recommend.
Spotify heaven
I use Spotify whenever i'm at home, work or the gym so getting this means I can even listen to it in the car
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