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Olixar Slim 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad Reviews

Enjoy the cable-free convenience of fast wireless charging with this super thin and compact wireless charger from Olixar. Offering up to 10W, the pad has been designed to be compatible with wireless charging enabled iOS and Android smartphones.
Price: £19.99

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Enjoy the cable-free convenience of fast wireless charging with this super thin and compact wireless charger from Olixar. Offering up to 10W, the pad has been designed to be compatible with wireless charging enabled iOS and Android smartphones.
 4.4 stars from 112 customers

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Excellent product first class
Smart looking item
The Olixar Charging Pad looks great and charges better than my old Samsung charging plate.
Glad I found your web site with such an extensive range of accessories for all makes of mobile equipment
Good but not ideal
It seems like working fine, it is good looking, slim and lightweight. Only thing what I really dislike is ridiculously bright blue light when the phone is on the pad. I can even read a book if I charge my phone on the nightstand at the bed. I had to use a small plastic bit to plug into the hole where light comes out, so I can't see the faint red light now anymore, which is not quite good. I would be much happier if the power/charge indicator was some small dot or dash with mild backlight you could see well, but it wouldn't dazzle or lightenened whole room in the night.
So easy to use. Love it
Bought this and I wish I had bought 2 now. So easy to use and convenient. Looks nice when not in use and you hardly notice it.
Light ans thin
Slower charging.
I can fast charge my phone quicker with the lead it came with. I thought that this would save on wear and tear.
Great value and a good product
great value for money, charges quickly
Its awesome
Power output low
You have to place the phone in just the right spot for it to charge. Takes a long time to charge
I was disappointed cuz it didn't work with my phone. I thought I read were it was compatible. So I was going to return it but I found out I needed an adapter. That should be coming soon.
Very smart and efficient
Can be left to charge for a couple of hours with no problems. Very pleased with purchase
Exercellent Charging Pad
Have purchased this recently and l am very pleased with this charger as it takes no time at all to charge my I Phone up.
works well and very compact
A very compact wireless charger I am using it with the Olixar charging adapter on my Huawei mate 20 x and it does the job well.
Excellent product
really pleased
a great charger for my phone , really pleased with the look and functionality
Very nice, just what I expected.
How long does it take to fully charge the phone using this product.
Very convenient
Nothing . It does what it says on the tin .
Love how its so slim! Charges great
Great Product
Excellent service and product- easy to use worked straight away.
Very happy
I was told charging pads are slow to charge, but I am completely happy with the charging speed. The size and design of the pad looks great. I was pleasantly surprised at the power lead length, so the pad can be a nice distance from power points.
Great wireless charger
This wireless charging pad is great, simple to use and works great with the Sony Xperia 1ii. You do need to make sure it is on a flat surface as well as the phone otherwise it doesn't work. The only point for improvement would be a long cable as your limited. It's USB connection so can pretty much connect to anything. Highly recommend to others.
Compact device
I have only used this charger a couple of times and not sure if I have properly connected my phone as the charge stopped before the phone was fully charged, I will try a few more times and if this persists I will return the device
Fast charging
Great value product. Works well
Great for a small office
its not fast charging saw miss leading on that but its cosmetic good looking
Quite Slow to Full Power
The idea of this product is in principal very good and it does work well. You can just leave it to charge on your desk, however the charge time is considerably longer than my USB-C charger. Up to a couple of hours longer. OK if your not is a rush to fully charge the unit.
Ideal gadget!
This charger is brilliant. Delighted with my purchase
Wireless charger works well
The pad is slim, looks and works well. The blue charging led is bright in a dark room and maybe not the best colour to encourage sleep but not a major issue.
Very Good
Does the Job.
It’s the best!
I love the ease of charging my phone wirelessly. handy gadget to have and I would recommend it.
Good quality wireless charging pad
Good quality wireless charging pad from Olixar.
Competitive pricing, easy to use website and checkout as usual from mobile fun.
Great item
I love this fast charger and is a great price
Slim wireless charger
Seems very stable, so my phone sits safely on top and will not slide off. Good quality, solidly built device.
Charges very quick
The charger is a decent size for the phone. Glad I bought it. Would recommend
great value, super product.
Was it going to be worth buying?
It certainly was.
Great value for the money.
I appreciate the quick delivery of the product. It’s performing as advertised.
very good simple to use
easy to use works well
Great Product
In the past I've bought Olixar phone cases which I've always found well made and reliable so I chose this charging pad in preference to others. It charges reliably and efficiently and is a great addition to my work desk.
Great charger!
This is a reliable, space saving charger that is quite convenient. Lovely...
You have to place the phone in exactly the right place
There have been a couple of times when I thought it was charging but NO!

I now make sure the choir light comes on before doing something else or it won’t be charged!
That this was compatible
Works really well
Love it. Does what it should.
Wireless charger
very good wireless charger and well worth the money charges my iPhone very quick ????????
Handy, neat and works well
A simple but effective gadget. I have an iPhone 8 which has one shared socket for earphones and charging, so if I want to use earphones when the battery is down, I can't. This solves that problem. It charges quickly, although that may depend on the power supply you use.
Love it!! 2 thumbs up!
It works in both my iPhone 11 and my Samsung galaxy 8. It doesn’t work on iPhone 7. I love this charger. So easy to use. Would recommend to others.
I have a cousin has a wireless charger. I decided after purchasing a new phone to purchase a wireless charger. After searching several sites, I discovered a charger on this site. Once the charger arrived, I placed my phone on it and the phone charger within a matter of time. I would recommend this charger to others looking for a wireless charger.
Wireless charger
Neat product. Charges steadily.
I haven’t found that it is faster charging than a normal cable however a wireless charger that works with modern phones is useful.
Disappointed charger
I found this charger very slow to charge. I went back to using my charger cable
Great Product!
Great Product
Very fast delivery to Australia, the charger is great within 65 minutes completely charge.
Say goodbye to irritating wires
Really simple to set up and use. I haven't noticed that it's particularly fast but the tidy convenience is the point for me.
Very impressed
A very neat looking device that does what it’s supposed to. Easy to set up and despite some of the comments I read, I am very happy with the speed of charging. Would happily recommend.
Great choice
Delivered very quickly. Device is lightweight and easy to set up. Noticed one day my phone did not charge and the LED light was flashing blue, quickly realised my phone was not positioned properly so was pleased it indicated this so I could adjust. Would recommend.
I bought 2 and they live them
It was all explained well enough
Great product
That it does not charge all phones other then that product does what its meant to do I would and have recommended ti people to try it out thanks!
Good product, good service
Works well
Clever piece of kit
Lightweight compact and efficient it works speedily and is well designed. Recommended
good device that doesnt really get warm
very happy with this device. It does what it says on the box and I was a little surprised how the 3 blue lines stop the phone sliding. iPhones are notorious for moving on their own for no apparent reason. Doesnt happen with this
Very handy.
As I'd bought a new iPhone 11 and it has wireless charging capabilities I thought I’d order this. Very handy to use and saves plugging in. haven't noticed any heat issues which I have read wireless charging can Bring about.
Very good
Arrived in time, very good quality works fab.
Fantastic product - great value for money!
Really pleasantly surprised at how good this product is for the price I paid.
It does what it's meant to do charges my pnhone so i am happy with it
The best
Another good product from a very good mobile accessory company
Unobtrusive but effective
It changes my iPhone SE in no time. Well made and efficient
Handy charger
A very useful charger, I use it as my main charger in the home.
Good Product
Good does the job
Very good
Does it work ok quality and price
Wireless Charger
Not as fast charging as I thought it would be.
Great bit of kit
Good simple instruction to get it going. Works immediately without complication.
Its great ????
Its a slow charge but great for over night charging.
Great buy
This works well. It saves having to keep plugging the phone in and the consequent wear and tear on the lightning cables. No need to remove the phone from the case either. ????
Very useful
So much easier than than trying to put charging cable in the port.
Excellent product
Happy with product plus excellent after care from Olixar
Not totaly happy
It is slow to charge
Great product
This is a great product. Much better that the old
Plug in chargers you just leave your phone on it and it charges. Worked great for me
Fast wireless charger
Great charger, good value for money and prompt delivery
Great charger
Very handy.
Isn't mobile without plug in lead!
I assumed it was a potable product, that could of been used (charged up) whilst on the go...but it isn't...not a good purchase, and it was a tad misleading in the video offered.

Overall it works OK, but not for for purpose in my opinion.
Not Compatible with the OnePlus 7T Pro
Unfortunately this product is not compatible with the OnePlus 7T Pro as advertised on both this website and the official Olixar website which is disappointing. After receiving this item and finding that it isn't compatible with my phone I have found online that it appears that OnePlus phones do not support wireless charging. Although I am disappointed and my review reflects that the charger itself seems to be decent quality and works as intended with my girlfriend's iPhone 8, though the charger itself is a lot smaller than I expected being about only 10cm in diameter.
Value for money and exactly what I wanted :)
Ideal for a quick charge
A bit dubious when I purchased but turned out to be a handy little gadget. Very pleased.
Fast & efficient
Easy to navigate website. Fast and efficient arrival of product. Will definitely use this company again.
Before buying the product, it would have been useful to know how it connected to the mains. The USB mains plug is not an item I have and needed to order one. This is one of he items I am still awaiting, hence the headline, the device is still unused and I can not tell you how it is.
Does what is says on the tin.
Product is great to use, only issue if they also provide the plug supporting the 10w power supply that would great.
Really is fast!
Thought it might prop up, since the picture shows it so.
Excellent olixar Wi-Fi charger base.
Bought the Olixar WiFi base... Use it to charge my Sony xz2 mobile, I like the blue lights on the charger. I like how when you put your mobile on it you get a buzz from the phone to say its charging up.. Very good, its easy to use its not Rapid but its fairly fast at charging.
Very Happy With It
I'm really happy I purchased this wireless charger.

It's very neat and handy and does exactly what it says on the (tin) box.
Excellent kit,.
Web site very informative, good choice and speedy service.
Great buy
I'm happy with this product.
The charger works perfect. I can use it to charge my iPhone 8 which has a broken charging port. However it is extremely slow to charge.
If I had know how slow it was would be to charge I would have bought the faster watt one.
It works, but not very well
My s10 sit on this charming device and starts to charge 20 minutes later not even a 1 percent increase. Really disappointed with this. Its terrible to be honest. My wife has the same issue with her phone as well.
Very happy with this charger
Arrived in good condition and works very well. Delivery was slow. 2 weeks ( but this did include Easter)
Not the best
Being honest this is not the best product I have bought from you. The charger is a bit hit and miss. It seems to have a small target area and if not on that wont charge. The surface is also not 'sticky' enough and the phone can move about on it. Not my best purchase i'm afraid.
Nothing. Original description was fine
Great Stuff
Great piece of kit
Good profuct
Great product, rubber grip so phone sits securely, much better than plugging in cables. Neat
Cable doesn't match
The cable packaged with the charging pad does not actually fit the pad. It needs a micro usb and comes with usb C
Great charger
Charger works well and is nice and slim
Awesome Charger
Super purchase again from Mobile fun. The charger is perfect for my iPhone 11 and so simple to use. Already had many good comments from friends regarding this item. I definitely recommend it.
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