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Olixar Slim 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad Reviews

Enjoy the cable-free convenience of fast wireless charging with this super thin and compact wireless charger from Olixar. Offering up to 10W, the pad has been designed to be compatible with wireless charging enabled iOS and Android smartphones.
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Enjoy the cable-free convenience of fast wireless charging with this super thin and compact wireless charger from Olixar. Offering up to 10W, the pad has been designed to be compatible with wireless charging enabled iOS and Android smartphones.
 4.2 stars from 202 customers

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Not fast charger takes ages to charge phone disappointed
Would not brought if known
Okay well built
Item arrived ok in a really nice packed printed box, and after receiving this item I was looking forward to using it instead of a cable, but since it gets very warm I’ve stopped using it as excessive heat I believe can’t be good for the phone and it’s battery longevity. My phone was an expensive investment that I must look after. I’m sure creating some kind of heat should be expected from anything charging but when charging with the cable it stays cool and charges rapidly.
In a cold environment like a workshop or something I’m sure it would be very suitable and definitely easier to use than a cable that’s why I’ve decided to keep. I have a cold workshop. Please note my review is based on my honest opinion and if you don’t mind your phone getting warm then I’d recommend this item as it is well built and has a good diameter so holds even the biggest phone’s easily.
Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.
Sometimes it charges my phone, other times it doesn’t charge at all (blue light is on and my phone indicates it’s charging but it doesn’t). Overheats my phone regularly so will stop using it- not worth it when it doesn’t always work.
That my phone was compatible
Awesome product
Received this product awesome love it thank you
what is this sorcery
works in iphone and android.....
I love this charger so easy so quick I'm ordering another one.
That I Would love it and to order two
Brilliant wireless charger
iPhone SE2020, with a thicker non slip case and charges perfectly through case- easily picks up charging even if not perfectly central- very pleased with ease and speed of charging.
Intermittent and finicky
Purchase this for my Samsung S20FE and it does not operate easy when there is no phone case.
Add a phone case and it does not work AT ALL.
Steer clear if you want a charger that works through a phone case.
Doesn’t charge fast
I ordered this for my brand new iPhone 12 Max pro & it takes forever to charge!!
Not powerful enough for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.
10 Watts is not enough to charge S21 Ultra. Needs minimum 25 Watts as it takes 5 hours plus to charge.
works well
charges well but not as fast as a samsung one. need to be careful of placement to be sure it charges correctly
Terrific bit of kit. Great value
Slim, lightweight efficient charger
I’ve only used this charger for a week but have found it ideal as a convenient wireless charger for my new iPhone SE, working perfectly even when the protective cover is on the phone. I’m not sure if it’s as fast as 10wph but it is fast enough for my needs and shuts down when the phone is fully charged. The item is stable on its rubber feet and the phone does not slide around when on the device. Simple to use and effective so far.
Simple to use - even for my husband ; ) Charges Galaxy Note 9 perfectly.
Fast delivery and great customer care. Thanks MobileFun!
Excellent - so far - only used a few days.
Bought this as an addition to the 5W I already had. Needed for 2nd phone. Much faster charging.
Not bad, takes too long to charge.
With adapter works but takes around 4 hours to fully charge
Shame it doesn't work properly
The only phone we can charge on it is a new Samsung S20FE. It won't charge my new tablet or my mobile phone. So waste of money really
Going to buy another
Really pleased. So pleased in fact I’m going to buy another.
Good way to charge
I am an old lady and took some time to get used to this way of charging my phone. Once I got used to it I would not go back to charge with a cable. Very fast and convenient.
No good for what I needed
My phone (Galaxy A40) wasn't charging because of a faulty charging port, so I bought this expecting it to charge my phone. No. You still need to plug it into the charging port of the phone. Absolutely pointless purchase. I ended up buying a new phone at a cost of £299!
Not cable free
Only charges when attached to charging cable ?? Am I missing something?
Excellent product
I bought the product, therefore I had all the information that I needed
Not worth the money
Worked for first week , now won’t charge my iPhone 12 mini.
As Advertised
Happy to see it works with the Samsung Galaxy A20.
You have to get a USB-C wireless charging adapter. For this phone or any other phone that doesn't have wireless charging capabilities. Great product.
Well good design
I made sure it was compatible with my Samsung galaxy A5 5G mobile
Excellent product
Bought this on a whim but could not be more pleased with it. Arrived promptly. Charges my iPhone quickly and easily.
It works
The charger works, and it looks great on my desk. What more can I ask for?
Neat charger
Bought this as a present for my son. He is delighted with it. It is small and neat but works wonderfully. No more fiddling with wires as he just lays his phone down on the pad and away it goes.
Very easy and convenient.
Ordered 3 items including this and this is the only thing I was happy with, delivery took a while too.
Simple Stylish Superb
Bought with the adapter for wife's Samsung to enable wireless charging. Simple to fit and charges straight away.
So far- great
Just received this item, so it’s early days.: however no probs so far, it’s working well and we received good service as regards delivery etc
easy charging
Was a quick add on to an order and glad we did as easy charging for phones that accept it.......
I had a wireless charger become faulty after 11 months use. Without any hesitation I was offered a full refund or replacement. You can’t go wrong with companies that respond so quickly to any issues. Thanks guys.
I thought it would be an easy charge,but having to add another piece of kit for my make of phone an the cost of that adds up,
I have not used this product as it is just as easy to just plug in the lead that comes with phone.
If the description mentioned what make and model it works with...that would have been helpful in the first place ,but therefore I would not of purchased the item.
More ease to which phone it will charge
Excellent fast charger
Charger does exactly what is stated . Light weight slimline fast charger
Hi i want to send this back to you but don't know how ?
I can't get it to work
Ok product but slow charging and a bit on the small side
Brilliant product
Brilliant product at brilliant price ????
Fantastic/ convenient
I bought it knowing exactly what it was and it’s function
Great looking slim fast charger pod
Bought as a gift for Christmas so not opened yet hence why 4 stars. Looks nice and good quality. Delivered on time. Highly recommend.
Super wireless charger
Bought this for my new iPhone 11 . Great gadget that sits next to me bed and charges very quickly . Happy with my purchase .
Wifi charger
Charges phones, easy to use. It said it was compatible for my Samsung Galazy A50...well its not...It will charge other good for me, disappointed it did not charge my phone, so I gave it away.☹
Good product
Good product
Not compatible with A51
Bought this with hopes that it would be a nice addition when charging my Samsung galaxy A51 but unfortunately it isn't compatible and it would cost half the price to actually return the item so now stuck with a useless charging pad :(
Very pleased with the product
Pleased with all the información i had on the product
Very pleased with the product
Pleased with all the información i had o
Doesn't Fast Charge
I use a Galaxy S10 that I bought brand new in May 2019. It has no issues fast charging from the cable, however when using this, it doesn't actually seem to charge. It doesn't fast charge and it only really slows the battery drain. Would not recommend at all.
Neat product, can be temperamental
Great little wireless charger. I've found that I have to be careful how I place it on the charger, if it's not in the exact right position it doesn't charge. And it's slower to charge than I'm.used to. I use it as my overnight charger so it works fine.
very satisfied
Does what it is supposed to
It works as it is supposed to.
Great charger
Simple to set up. Works perfectly with my Samsung S20. The light clearly indicates whether it's charging (blue) or not (red).
Not so sure
Not so sure it’s that fast at charging
Great idea though
Phone charger
Excellent quality. Fast delivery
Good charger
Must make the contact point clean and dry
Great product
Very happy with charger would highly recommend
Isn't exactly as fast as I imagined it would be
If it gave you an option to buy a fast charging cable with the pad
Good product
Works well
Wireless charger
This product works well with my iPhone 7 and adapter, what more can one ask?
Very impressed
Well I like the size, the design, colour overall a very smart piece of kit. It charges my phone with ease and I am very pleased. If I had seen this product before I would have purchased it. Would recommend.
Very impressed
Well I like the size, the design, colour overall a very smart piece of kit. It charges my phone with ease and I am very pleased. If I had seen this product before I would have purchased it. Would recommend.
Unobtrusive and efficient.
This is the first wireless I have purchased and I'm wondering what took me so long. The charging pad is small and it is quite unobtrusive so whenever I am near it I sit my phone on it and it charges! No having to plug in a charger lead. It is however slower than my phone charger but that is all relative. Would highly recommend for its convenience.
Very good
How good the product works
Still Haven't Received Item
I didn't realise it was going to take this long so far not great
Makes charging easy
Charges my OnePlus 8 Pro overnight even with a case on. Sometimes requires careful positioning - probably because of the case.
Doesn’t work
I would’ve liked the description of the product to be more detailed and elaborate before I bought it and I was like to know that it doesn’t work on iPhone 7.
Not compatible with Samsung A10
Bought this for my daughter as it said it is compatible with the Samsung a10 on the website. Recieved today that it does not work but it works with my Samsung s9. Disappointed as I searched the Internet for a wireless charger for her phone ans taught I finally found one. But it wont go to waste,just misleading
Great Product
Very easy to use and charges phone quickly.
Not that fast a charger!
Got to slide my iPhone SE 2020 out of its leather case to put on charger. The charger is not fast IMHO.
Very good but ...
As a charger this is very good charging my iPhone SE 2020 easily without the need to remove the case. One minor niggle: I like to charge the phone overnight at my bedside and the LED indicator is surprisingly bright in the dark. Easily fixed with a tiny square of black insulating tape. The phone provides all the indication that is necessary.
Charging pad
Great little gadget
To save time
Disappointingly slow charging rate
Like another reviewer commented, the phone has to be positioned exactly in the middle to get it charged. I am using a charger adapter plugged into the USB-C port and folded in between the back and the synthetic leather case of my mobile. At around 78% charge the charging rate slows down to a mere trickle, so it takes forever to get to 100%. My cable charger is much faster.
Works great!
Very compact and easy to use! Phone charges much quicker than conventional chargers!
chargeur rapide sans fil Olixar Slim 10W
Fonctionne très bien, aucun problème.
Check its charging
You have to make sure your phone is sitting on it properly otherwise it won’t charge your phone, It’s happened a couple of times lately, I charge it overnight and just grab the phone in the morning only to find its not charged up, not sure why as being round you can only put it on top in middle.
Neat and tidy
Works well and looks great
Easy and useful
I use this every day now!
Very good product
Delivery was very fast and product is excellent
Total waste of money
Product is very poor we already own a different make of wireless charger and it works great but this one is extremely sub standard, wont charge with phone with the phone cover on and even with it off it is extremely slow. makes a lot of noise when the power is turned on and the rubber grips on it meant to hold the phone in place while charging dont really work the phone slides off really easily. Definitely would not recommend this product.
Sleek Wireless Charging Pad
works great with my Motorola Edge Plus, charges quickly even plugged into my computer...
Excellent wireless charger
It charges my phone very quickly, super easy to setup.
charge pad
perfect, easy, time saver
Excellent product first class
Smart looking item
The Olixar Charging Pad looks great and charges better than my old Samsung charging plate.
Glad I found your web site with such an extensive range of accessories for all makes of mobile equipment
Good but not ideal
It seems like working fine, it is good looking, slim and lightweight. Only thing what I really dislike is ridiculously bright blue light when the phone is on the pad. I can even read a book if I charge my phone on the nightstand at the bed. I had to use a small plastic bit to plug into the hole where light comes out, so I can't see the faint red light now anymore, which is not quite good. I would be much happier if the power/charge indicator was some small dot or dash with mild backlight you could see well, but it wouldn't dazzle or lightenened whole room in the night.
So easy to use. Love it
Bought this and I wish I had bought 2 now. So easy to use and convenient. Looks nice when not in use and you hardly notice it.
Light ans thin
Slower charging.
I can fast charge my phone quicker with the lead it came with. I thought that this would save on wear and tear.
Great value and a good product
great value for money, charges quickly
Its awesome
Power output low
You have to place the phone in just the right spot for it to charge. Takes a long time to charge
I was disappointed cuz it didn't work with my phone. I thought I read were it was compatible. So I was going to return it but I found out I needed an adapter. That should be coming soon.
Very smart and efficient
Can be left to charge for a couple of hours with no problems. Very pleased with purchase
Exercellent Charging Pad
Have purchased this recently and l am very pleased with this charger as it takes no time at all to charge my I Phone up.
works well and very compact
A very compact wireless charger I am using it with the Olixar charging adapter on my Huawei mate 20 x and it does the job well.
Excellent product
really pleased
a great charger for my phone , really pleased with the look and functionality
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