Olixar Sentinel Sony Xperia XZ3 Case and Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Flexible rugged casing with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, the Olixar Sentinel case in black keeps your Sony Xperia XZ3 protected from 360 degrees with the added bonus of a tempered glass screen protector.
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Front screen useless
That the front screen does not clip on.
Excellent fit and protection
Have had several covers bit this one was the only one that fitted well with the curved screen protector. All the others made the screen protector pop off and come away from the screen which then stopped to touch sensitivity altogether.
Excellent product
Nothing at all
good correspondence
When I got screen protector it had damage.
I reported this matter to them ,then they send new one quickly.
Bad screen protector
Case is great, but screen protector is too narrow and doesn't stick well on the sides so dust gets under it.
Check the screen protector
Actual case is perfect fit and does the job. The screen protector was cracked on delivery.
Excellent product
Fits perfectly and looks great.
Xperia xz3 case
Case 100% glass screen protector didn't fit the bottom of phone correctly, made typing very frustrating.
Poor product
The screen protector does not stick to the screen and when used with the case the two overlap making the screen protector come off. This happened from the first use and now doesnt stick at all and has cracked as it has come off so many times in just 2 weeks!
I had the case and screen protector for 3 weeks already and everything is fine with both. Screen protector is still on. I do recomend to put the screen protector with the case on since it is a tight fit on the top and bottom.
Not fit for use
Main case fits well, but you cannot use side swip and the screen cove does not stick to the screen so every time you use it it makes a clicking sound and it will not always register your action and dust gets trapped under the protection screen

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