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Olixar Sentinel Samsung Galaxy S20 Case And Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Flexible rugged casing with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, the Olixar Sentinel case in black keeps your Samsung Galaxy S20 protected from 360 degrees with the added bonus of a tempered glass screen protector.
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 3.7 stars from 3 customers

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Overall I'd say the product is average to be honest.
Case fits but is loose on the sides which is annoying.
Screen protector is pretty strong but has a black line around the edge so you end up losing some of the screen.

Tighter fit and no black lines would have been 5*.
Looks good!
Works but not without issues
The case and screen cover were super easy to install, but the screen introduces a layer of difficulty while using the phone. Screen sensitivity, especially around the edges, is greatly reduced making the force you need to use on the screen much more than other screen protectors.

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