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Olixar Sentinel Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case and Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Flexible rugged casing with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, the Olixar Sentinel case in black provides total protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the added bonus of a tempered glass screen protector
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Flexible rugged casing with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, the Olixar Sentinel case in black provides total protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the added bonus of a tempered glass screen protector
 4.2 stars from 55 customers

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Excellent case for a good price
Saw this case on a case comparison video on youtube, so thought I would get it.
High quality, easy to apply and very cheap for what it is.
Highly recommended
Good 'feel'
Gives a slight loss of sensitivity when using a finger. Normal sensitivity with S pen. Easy to keep clean. I like it,, def improvement over previous screen protectors.
Too many dead spots on the screen now????
Application instructions are very good.... Seemed to adhere properly..... Packaged well. Maybe protectice screen has thickness issues? Makes phone difficult to use. ????
Brilliant and trusted side, order arrived on time and exactly what I ordered
not too impressed
The glass screen protector leaves the screen less sensitive to touch it can be quite frustrating at times i personally would not buy again.
Great kit
Great glass and case kit it's so good you don't even know that you have a glass screen saver.
Olixar Sentinel Glaxy Note 8 Case and Screen Protector
The product was well marketed, that is why I bought it and so far, so good, it does what it said it would do!
A great product
My local telco store but they couldnt help in replacing my screen protector that ran out of stick. I went on line and bought Olixar case and screen protector. Service and delivery was excellent and I love the product. Five stars
very good
fast delivery and very good service
Case great screen protector not so great
Once the screen protector is fitted, the edges of the screen become much less sensitive and you have to push quite hard to get it to register. E.g. typing is very frustrating because the letters at the edge do not register with normal pressure.
Great product
Boght this in order to protect my phone. 1 week later and i have a crack on the left middle side. The screenprotector is doing its jobb. Need to order a new one later :-)
I'm so impressed. Pure love....
Olixar case and screen protector for Note 8.
Didn't really need any info before making the purchase. This is my first "Edge screen" phone. The Olixar Sentinel case is good and not at all bulky. But I am having issues with the Glass screen protector. I know that i cleaned the screen properly with the kit provided. And at no point did I touch the inside of the Glass protector or the phone screen after cleaning. But the bottom left hand edge of the Glass protector never took properly. As a result of this writing any text by finger using the bottom left text on the keyboard is nearly impossible. Although using the stylus is fine. Furthermore all down the right hand side of the Edge screen dust has somehow gut underneath the screen protector. So in summary, I am happy with the case but dissatisfied with the Glass screen protector.
Very good quality product and super fast delivery
I am really recommending this product and website. Very professional service. Thank you!
Top marks
Very good quality. Really pleased.
Galaxy note case and glass
The case and glass fit my phone great.
Thanks for the great products and services your Company offers!
there is some problem!
I have purchased it last week for my samsung note 8. but I noticed after putting the glass protector on the screen its touch system is effected. it ia not smooth I have to press hard and sometimes I have to press it again and again. from the middle of the screen touch system is just ok but it is very bad from the corners.. it was perfectly fine before putting the glass protector. was ut supposed to be like this. I have used glass protectors before but none was like that and this time I invested a big amount than I usually do on casings and protectors,it is really not working well. I am kind of sad and disappointed.
Very good case strong and thin easy to fit screen and back case
Easy to fit front cover nice and thin just what I was after
Not good
The case is nice and classy but the screen protector didn't last at all.... 2 days after it was broken and I do take very good care of my phones.
Best Protective cases
Really a great product, I am always nervous to buy products from online before buying I had gone through all the reviews of the product but I felt confused due to some negative comments but the my requirement is urgent so I neglected the negative comments and ordered the product, but surprisingly I got very best product it's been 1 year from the date I bought it still it's in very good condition.
Very nice. Fits perfect and a good look.
It gives a good look to Note 8 and a good protection as well. Glass tempered screen protector is very easy to install. I'm happy with this purchase.
No value for money
The Sentinel Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case is durable,looks good.However, the glass screen protector makes the touchscreen sensitivity worse.
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear about your problems with this product.
Please ensure that the glass screen protector is installed correctly, ensuring that the sides of the screen protector are lined up correctly as this can effect the screen sensitivity.
Olixar Sentinel
Searched long and hard before choosing this case. Previously bought an expensive leather case but the magnets interfered with the Spen function. The olixar case arrived quickly and was a doddle to put on. The screen saver came without the positioning stickers so was a little tricky. All in all a very good case that allows wireless charging and NFC payments.
You might like it. I didnt
I personally didn't like case to slippery in my hand plus there was a gap between case and glass. I have since brought a different case. But you might like that
Great product and service
Very happy with the product but it did take quite a while to arive. Service and communication was very good
The case is good , screen protector i really bad
The Case is slim sleek and protects the device well but the screen protector is bad , it has fallen off the phone and it doesnt stick well especially to the edges
Compact and stylish and that is were it ends
I was looking for a case that covered the phone completely and the description and picture stated that this case would accomplish that need although that wasn't a true fact. I kept the case because it took about two weeks to arrive I needed a case and I hate to return things
For the price I could have done better
Fast shipping and accurate descriptions.
Good product
Pretty good, it is well designed, cover will not remove the glass. The only flaw I have seen is, the glue on the side collects lot of dusts, especially when in pocket.
Great product but took a while to arrive from order date
This case is amazing and protects the note 8 perfectly and as per title the only problem I had was with the time from order to actual delivery date which was extensive.
Great Product
The case protects my phone and the screen protector is great and does not minimize screen response. I would recommend to anyone looking for both screen and body protection.
Really good case
You can't go wrong with the price and two in one case and screen protector. I imagined that the screen protector would wrap itself around the edges of the screen but it doesn't cover it fully to the extent where you would like it to meet up with the edge of the case but it's not a huge issue. The gap is very small and it's not that noticeable unless your eagle eyed.

Overall it's a really good case with carbon fibre touches and good solid feel knowing your phone will be protected by any damages caused.

I would most certainly recommend this case.
Slim. Functional. Not perfect for me... but close.
This product is in two part, phone case and screen protector. The protector is easily fitted and looks slim. I have dropped my phone a few times but nothing that made me think... sh1t... hope my phone is ok!!!!!
If you have fat fingers you might a while to get used to the s pen removal. My fingers aint too fat but I need to use a finger nail to both secure a remove pen. It works. It doesnt add too much bulk to the phone. I ordered the case before my phone arrived, had I realized the Note 8 was slim I might have got something more chunky.
Screen protector - maybe I'm just too rough with the phone but this soon looked a bit frayed on the edges, maybe it was fitted a bit wrong, I am not sure. It worked like the original screen and no difference could be felt using it. I gave mobile fun a run down on how the screen protector went, they are sending me a new one, free of charge, which I promise I will be more careful with.

Great back cover, flawed screen protector
The back of this case is fantastic quality, it truly is. The mold is perfect, the buttons click as if they were the actual buttons on the phone.

The cut outs are perfect and line up very well. My only concern for the back of the case is, as with any larger phone case, not all headphones/jack cables will fit. I have a DeepBass cable in my car and it won't plug in without removing the case.

There are two grippy parts at the top and bottom of the back of the case, these are a godsend and make viewing videos and content feel safe and secure whilst out and about.

The glass screen protector, whilst appears to be very well made, the design of it has left me no choice but to return the case. I appreciate the difficulty in designing a case that provides coverage down the curved edges of the Note 8. I've tried a couple of cases on the Note 8 now, and I can confirm "there is no halo effect" as with the others.

My main gripes are that, at the point at which the screen curves, you can clearly see long vertical lines going from top to bottom, along with a blurred image from this line down the curve.

Also, the mimicked black glass of the Note 8 towards the top and bottom do not match the angle of the Note 8 and when viewed from the side profile, you can clearly see they do not match up and you lose roughly 0.5-1mm of screen estate towards the top and bottom.

Furthermore, at the very corners of the protector, the screen becomes unresponsive, leaving you unable to press the back button on Facebook (the very top left), and the very bottom right when you are typing, sometimes the delete key is tough to press too, it becomes rather frustrating as a heavy phone user.

The S-Pen does not feel as good to use anymore, the gestures and side swipes from the edges is hindered by the fact the case does not extend the full length of the curve, and thus your finger/S-Pen hits the raised glass and makes using these features rather frustrating.

I followed all of the instructional videos online, and made sure 100% that this protector was fitted as accurately as possible. There were ZERO bubbles as advertised which was nice. But as a technology nerd that has been in the industry for 15 years repairing mobiles/computers, I cannot recommend the screen protector, and if you are buying this case purely for almost 360 degree protection, you may be disappointed. If you like the design of the back and want it just for that, it is definitely not worth £30 but I can confirm, it is a very sturdy, well made back cover and I have no issues recommending that product on its own. If they provided this back case without the glass protector, I'd imagine it would be worth in the region of £15, and I would highly recommend it.
Good value for money
Screen protector is not the top quality but the back cover is lovely. Slim and elegant is what I need for my note 8 and the case does it both.
4 star because of the screen protector. I'm willing to pay a little bit more and get a better tampered glass.
Superior quality, tough material & an exceptional high quality tempered glass screen protector
I purchased this Olixar Sentinel case and tempered glass screen protector for my Galaxy note 8 after contacting Mobile fun to enquire if the screen protector is 100 % case compatible. Both products arrived within 2 days, super service. Upon examination of the case I found the quality to be excellent & a perfect snug fit on the new Galaxy Note 8. The tempered glass screen protector gets a rating of 100%, never before have I managed to get a tempered glass protector to fit perfect on a curved edge phone. Application was simple and I could not believe that as soon as the protector was applied it bonded straight away to the screen with not an air bubble in sight. I then fitted the Olixar Sentinel case to the phone and it was perfect with the screen protector in situ. the edge of the case meets perfectly with the edge of the screen protector. I can confirm 100% that this application has no halo effect around the edges and does not lift with the case in situ. In a nut shell it's a match made in heaven. The tempered glass is tough and strong & yet with it in place you wouldn't know it was on your phone. Money well spent & I highly recommend this product. I score the case 10/10 and the screen protector 10/10 and superior customer support & service from Mobile Fun

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