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Olixar Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack - iPhone 5S / 5 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your iPhone 5S / 5 screen in pristine condition with this 5 pack of Olixar scratch resistant screen protectors.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36284
$10.44 inc VAT
 4 stars from 24 customers

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Easy to apply! Very happy!
Nice protector, good value, crystal clear!
MFX does the job again!
I've been using MFX screen protectors since I got my first iPhone 3GS. Since then I've used these screen protectors on mine, my wife & her families mobiles.

These screen protectors are bubble-free and very easy to apply.

Super fast delivery as always from MobileFun and would recommend these screen protectors to anyone.
Really good
Easy to apply and can hardly see it, really good product and you get more than one which is good so when it gets too scratched you can swap it.
Would reccomend it
Screen Protectors
If you take great care when applying the screen protector, they are excellent. Don't rush it.
Great value product
5 units in the well packaged parcel, easy to apply with good well fitting results.
Great deal
Great protection and easy to apply,and looks the art !
Poor quality
When I had my iPhone 4 I purchased the MFX 12-in-1 screen protectors, which I thought were of a very high quality and easy to apply.

However, there was no way to apply the IPhone 5 screen protectors- every time I tried to peel back the protective film covering the screen protector once I had applied it to the screen, it ended up pulling the whole screen protector off the phone. This happened five times- wasting all five of my protectors!

Also, the holes on the protectors for the home button and the front facing camera were far too big, suggesting the protectors had been produced in a rush.

I ended up buying cheaper a 10-in1 screen protectors pack from elsewhere and the first protector I tried to apply to my phone worked without any issues and they were of a very good quality.

I felt that the MFX screen protectors I received were of a very poor quality, especially for the price I paid for them, which is a great shame considering how happy I was with my previous MFX protector purchase for my IPhone 4.
A little extra protection.
A bit tricky to apply, I used a proper cleaning wipe before going over with the cloth supplied and still managed to get a couple of dust bubbles.
Hopefully next time will be a little more successful.
Good idea though to give a bit extra protection to a vulnerable part of an expensive phone.
Does exactly what it advertises
Having the cover on (clear sheet) you can't even tell. You can hear well on the phone. I'm glad I brought this from here.
Great value
This product offers great value. 5 screen protectors in one pack. In the past I have paid nearly as much for just one. I have fitted mine and it is a perfect fit and no bubbles!! You really would not know it's there. Perfect.
Great but not perfect!
I was torn between buying a screen protector that was more expensive, supposedly "bubble-free" and could be used more than once, or these 5 cheaper protectors. I have never used a screen protector before, so I decided to take a chance on the cheaper version (and that way, if I messed it up, I had 4 more tries!).

It has taken me three attempts to get it right, and even now it isn't perfect. I've got 3 small bubbles at the top of the phone, but none over the screen so I'll have to put up with it for now. You have to thorough clean the glass before application, and then continually wipe the screen until it's seamlessly spotless.

My main gripe with this protector is that the cut holes aren't perfect for the iPhone 5. In the images, it shows a long hole for the ear piece and one small circle for the camera, plus the main button. This isn't the case. The manufacturer has very obviously used the template for the iPhone 4/s and elongated it to fit the iPhone 5, which means they've still got the camera hole next to the ear piece, which the iPhone 5 doesn't have, and the hole for the front camera isn't a circle, it's an elongated hole. It looks pretty silly having random extra holes.

Other than that, the protector makes little to no difference when using the phone, the touch screen is just as effective when without.
MFX Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack - iPhone 5.
Great product. The best screen protector I have had. Easy to apply. Soft to the touch when using the Iphone. Would recommend.
Excellent Screen Protector
This screen protector does what it says. Gives a very smooth finish, which you cannot notice. However you need to apply it with great care, as the smallest dust particle will cause air bubbles.You will also need to wash your hands thoroughly before application. Another top product from mobilefun.co.uk!
Surprised how good
I've always been dubious about mobile phone screen protectors however I am extremely pleased with the MFX screen protector for the iPhone 5. Snug fit, fiddley to apply but once on it looks a treat and you can't tell it's on. The brightness and colour of the screen with the protector on is as good as without, I would recommend this to anybody looking to protect their iPhone 5 from scratches, marks etc.
Easy to apply, and applied the protector perfectly with no dust trapped, however I achieved this by using compressed air before applying, as no matter how many times you clean the screen, dust will always find a way to ruin it for you.

Perfect fit though!
These screen protectors are difficult to apply without small but evident bubbles. Despite the cloth and smoothing tool that came with it. Great Value but be careful when applying.

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