Olixar Samsung S9 Plus Case Compatible Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus' screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass curved screen protector, designed for full coverage of your phone's screen. This design leaves enough space for a case too.
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Not for me
Whilst its fit is perfect enough I found I took away the sensitivity of the screen.
Now back to a genuine screen
This item is excellent.
I am happy with the purchase of the item as it helps to protect my mobile phone.
Excellent product.
Easy to fit.
Great Fit, Great protection
This screen protector is fantastic, easy to fit ad does exactly what it is meant to. Best piece of advice, clean your screen really well, align and then press the EDGES down for a good seal.
Bellow average, at best.
£15 would warrant a decent product of this type. Small crack on first pocket height drop (with high quality case on). Clarity isn't the best. Screen can look dim and dull at anything bellow full brightness during the day.

Might as well just get an eBay knock off.
Not durable
Looks nice, no problem with touch sensitivity but it starts cracking in just 3 days. M having a big crack on the top part in just a few days.

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