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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S8 Full Cover Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S8's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect even the curved edges of the phone's unique display. Black edges match the black phone perfectly.
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 2.5 stars from 35 customers

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Rubbish !
I accidentally bought two of these, and i carefully put one on my phone, then the other , but neither of them stuck down properly nor could i use the functions on the phone with it in place. So a complete waste of money for me.
Waste of money
Screen unresponsive without pressing down hard on the screen, doesnt even fit the Olixar case without lifting the protector away from the screen
Doesnt sit right on s8 screen
Bought this screen cover, its very responsive on certain parts of the screen but you have to press harder on other areas of the screen. Followed instructions to fit it, looked fine but i can hear a click on certain areas of the screen where its not sitting correctly. Does not sit well in the Olixar case i bought either, it lifts the bottom corners of the screen protector
Absolutely rubbish
Do not waste your money on this rubbish!! It dosent stick because it has virtually nothing on it to stick!!! It pops off easily especially if you have a case on your phone!! It's a waste of money time and dosent do anything it says it does
Great product - highly recommend!
Screen protector installs easily and is a great fit for the Galaxy S8. No compatibility issue with Samsung original clear back cover. Hardly noticeable once on the phone and unlike some other reviewers have noted no loss in sensitivity after a week of use or any problems with the screen detaching. Very happy with the product - will definitely order a spare!
Great product, recommend highly!
Having researched quite a few tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy S8, I finally decided on this one... Have not regretted it - no trouble applying it and no issue using it with original Samsung back cover. Also have not experienced the loss of sensitivity several users have described when using this type of product. Fits perfectly and hardly visible once on the phone. Very happy after a week of use - will definitely order a spare!
The screen proctor is good but I can't find any cover to fit with the screen protector because all the covers that I bought it lifts up the screen protector.
Good product
It is a nice and good product.
Poor Quality
1 month of use it has cracked in 3 places( never dropped) and make screen unresponsive
yhis has cracked with in two days
I have had one of these screens on my Samsung S6 for two years and no problem
but this one has just cracked so what do you say
Not so tough as subscribed
Item ain't so tough. Already different crackles after 1 fall. A fall from the pocket when sitting in a chair. Even with the steelcase around my phone. Nor the less its only the protector and not the original screen. But for the money I've spend for it, it's a useless item.
follow up to earlier review...
Before peeling off the protective cover from the lens, I noted what seemed to be some occlusion of the curved edges that would fit on the upper part of the phone. I assumed that they were probably part of the protective cover and when peeled off the screen protector would be clean, but, alas, they were on the protector itself so I've got this thing at the upper left and right edges I can't unsee. I don't think many would care that much, but, even though the protector is reasonably priced, it leaves me wishing I had gone with more established product.
The sensitivity is a touch off, but nothing to complain about. Does not compare to what you would put up with using old style Defender case.
Best screen protector around!
Great protector for your phone. I have an s8 and is very delicate. I bought a sturdy olixar case from you guys too and both together is indestructible. Ive dropped it a few times and nothing.. perfect. Touch sensitivity is no different and its very thin. Works with phone cases also!
This product is quite poor
This product is quite poor. It does indeed fit with a case but it has cracked in 4 places, having never been dropped sheet only 2 weeks being fitted.
Very poor value for money
It works...
This was my first screen proctor ever; iv never used any screen proctor for any of my phones. And since the s8 is such a beautiful phone i had to get something to protect it. This screen proctor works fine with out any case on except with two exception the edge is a little nonresponsive, and there was a rainbow effect in the middle even with there new technology with the dooted grid thing on the glass. but i could ignore all that on a new phone, wasnt the end of the world until when i put my uag case on everything went wrong... the edge sensitivity was completely gone... some of the letters on the keybord you had to push really hard down for it to work and the list goes on... basically a complete first experience disaster and a waste of my time and money.
A case can put pressure on the sides which can make the protector pop off
The Olixar screen protector does it's job. BUT if you want to use a case (like 99% of people), you might want to look elsewhere. A case can put pressure on the sides which can make the protector pop off and have problems sticking.
MobileFun Reply

You would be better using one of the specially designed Case Compatible screen protectors we have listed. Hope this helps.
Loss in Screen Sensitivity
After waiting more than a month to get this in the mail due to stocking issues, I was careful to apply this as perfectly as I could because I've tried other glass screen protectors for the S8 and they all had the same issue: screen sensitivity loss. And after applying this with meticulous care I was forced to reposition and eventually remove it all together for the same reason. Come on guys. Can someone please make a curved tempered glass screen protector that works?
Perfect edge
It's definitely the best screen protector so far, I've tried 4 different others now and they all have horrible edges that catches on my finger.

The edges are nicely done and case friendly on Samsung clear cover case only a sliver of gap left that i cant even feel. My finger doesnt catch on the edge when i access my edge panel. Would be nice if the adhesive is on the entire screen and not just the sides and top. Because of the lack of adhesion on the center there's some sensitivity issue in the middle part of the screen.

if the company remakes this item with a full screen adhesion, I will buy and replace this one.
Fits the phone like a glove and goes on very easy
Pros-fits the phone like a glove and goes on very easy.
Cons- have tried 4 different cases now and all of them push the edge of the protector of the phone , so therefore no good to use with a case . Also causes bad glare if using gear vr and the touch sensitivity is very bad and have to push down to get a response .
Overall thoughts , a good solid design but doesn't work with a case and the protector which leaves the phone unprotected on the rear.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Peter

There are 'case compatible' screen protectors available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 if you search for ID: 63316. Hope this helps.
Glass screen protector
Ibought the glass protector for new phone but it wont stay stuck to the phone and touch hard to make contact. Poor item.
Fits beautifully and looks great, only problem.
It does not cooperate with most phone cases and tends lift so there is no real touch contact.

If you want a cover without a case, great 100%
If you want a cover with a case, no.

I went through both Olixar covers.
MobileFun Reply

There are 'case compatible' screen protectors available if you search for ID: 63316. Hope this helps.
1st go I did my job perfect HOWEVER the screen...
My model is the clear full, if I could attach images you would agree. The glue is not enough, near the edges and corners some glue looks to be missing, not a solid strip. Also the shape is just out, bottom corners are raised away from the phone slightly. The important bits are a fail for the price. Sensitivity good
wouldn't recommend
i would say forthe money buy this over the zagg screen protector by a mile but if youre after a protector thatll good quality all the time dont buy this, since purchasing 4 days ago ive had multiple itmes where rainbowing has taken up the majority of the screen and is a huge fingerprint magnet
The cover does not sit flat on the screen in the center so you have to push really hard for it to register...impossible to type with. First time the phone fell (onto carpet) the protector fell off. Waste of money.
Didn't work for me
I installed as directed and used with a compatible Olixar case. The installation and fit was close to pefect. It worked well for a few hours and then a lot of the screen lost sensitivity rendering it pretty much useless.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Nicole

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector. If you haven't applied it perfectly, this can cause the screen protector in the middle to raise, reducing touch sensitivity. You may be able to carefully remove the screen protector and try again to correct the issue though.
Randomly falls off and cracked while in my pocket.
Not greatly impressed with this screen protector. Fitted it successfully and thought all was well. Picked up the phone 2 days later and it just came off in my hand. Re-ditted it but it would randomly come off. Then took my phone out of pocket earlier and it's got a big crack in it, even though nothing has happened to my phone.
This has ruined my touch screen sensitivity
This has simply ruined my touch screen sensitivity. Looks fantastic both on and off of the phone. But I'm so disappointed. Even being heavy handed isn't working. What a waste of money. 1* because of the packaging and initial appearance.

What a waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mr Watkin

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector. If you haven't applied it perfectly, particularly on the sides where the screen protector attaches - this can cause the screen protector in the middle to raise, reducing touch sensitivity. You may be able to carefully remove the screen protector and try again to correct the issue though.
Don't know how it would fit into own brand case but at least do not use with otter defender case
The length of the protector vague when using with otterbox defender case that the case tries to push out the protector. Even it gets fitted somehow the protector is distorted making the touch function really bad and creaking noise.

If I would not be using with the case there would be 100% satisfaction. It was just my risk using the two different brand nothing more.

Don't buy, not fit for use
Really disappointed with the product. Not quite curved correctly so does not adhere properly, and the actual sticking area is only on the black edging so it does not stick properly and just slides around.
Great protection, poor tactile performance
I love the quality of the glass protector.
It fits perfectly and putting it on did not give any difficulties whatsoever.
I love the fact how it nicely curves around the edges.
But in order to get any sort of response out of the phone, I feel I really need to push down on the screen.
Swiping is very easy and easily recognised, but typing is more difficult and a bit frustrating at times.
I'll probably move to a thinner, plastic/glass-ish protector very soon.
Just beware, if you are used to light touches on your phone to type, you will not like this cover on the S8.

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