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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Curved Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Safeguarding every part of your S7 Edge's screen, including the smooth curvature, the Olixar Curved Screen Protector provides flexible, yet durable polyethylene terephthalate protection.
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 2 stars from 12 customers

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The worst screen protection that u can ever get. It doesn't stay on the edge of the phone at all. Just doesn't get stick. My opinion don't waist your money for nothing as u will end up to bin it as i did. Don't bother to get any screen protectors that is curved. It wont stick on the edges.
Bubbles, lifts on the edges
Even with careful application there was a lot of bubbling and the protector didn't stick on the edge properly, it kept lifting off. As I wanted the application to be flawless, unfortunately I had to remove it. Although the full coverage and precise cut outs was appreciated couldn't help but notice the minor flaw of packaging mentioning that the protector was tailor made for the S6+, not the S7 Edge.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Emily

This we believe was a packaging error, the screen protector is designed for the S7 Edge as you would expect.
Very bad quality!
Very bad quality!
Went on well, thinner than expected
Went on well, thinner than expected, peeling within days around base of the phone. Buying something else. Disapointed
It bubbled a bit
My husband put this on for me. He is very good at these and often does them for friends and family so he's no novice! It still bubbled and lifted on the curved part of the screen. We've managed to get most of the bubbles out through about an hour of rubbing it. The edge thankfully is being held down by the case. It looks fine. I just know it's there! My husband said it's one of the worse ones he has applied. We would've ordered another one to try again. However we are worried the second one could be worse and for the money it's expensive to keep trying. We might have another go later on when more types have come out. On the plus side it reaches right up to the edge. Maybe someone else will be luckier.
Poor cut, poor stick, tricky installation
Well I had tried the Zagg Dry HD and felt the fit was a little off and thought I would try this.

Upon opening the packaging it was clear that the protective films were no longer connected to the screen protector, however I soldiered on.

I go the alignment correct however the curved design meant that the protector stuck on both curved edge prior to meeting the centre, after a fiddley 5 mins i got the protector stuck centre and pushed out the bubbles. the adhesive was too strong and meant alot of the bubbles were very difficult to get out even after apply a little heat to soften the protector. I got to a point where I had a few bubbles left but then noticed that 2 corners would not stick due to a deformed edge, which looks like the cutting mechanism in the factory had stamped this shape out but wasn't sharp enough and creased the edge slightly meaning it was constantly lifting.

At this point I had enough.

The cut is poor
The adhesive is too strong
Curved design make installation too difficult

I would not recommend this and would recommend the ZAGG Dry HD instead. It's overpriced for what it is, if it was £5 then I probably would have bought a few and kept trying for a perfect install.
Not very good at all
bought this after watching the utube clip of mobile fun installing it.
the video shows how good it sticks to the edge even after a week or so. Well the edge on the one I have dosent adhere at all and lifts off straight away after application.
not very good at all, dont waste 20 quid on this.

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