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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Curved Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect even the curved edges of the phone's unique display. Black edges match the black phone perfectly.
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 2.5 stars from 56 customers

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This package has everything needed to fit the screen expertly
This package has everything needed to fit the screen expertly. Unlike flexible films, fitting this after cleaning the screen with the pads supplied was straightforward. The small sticky tabs made alignment guaranteed and the screen protector attached itself perfectly. What - no bubbles? Definitely not, and this is with the S7 edge. Full marks.
Did not fit scrrn
This item did not fit screen and when the screen was fitted it i coul not use the keys on the phone
Not satisfied
Screen protector was good quality, however it seemed to be too thick as we couldn't used some buttons when it was installed.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ray

Please ensure the application is absolutely spot on. If the sides in particular are slightly off, it can impact the screen sensitivity. Hope this helps.
Hairline cracks within a day
Looked good coming out of the box but cracked within a day while in my pocket just from bumps etc. Tiny ctlracks but they are spreading. Also doesn't work with otterbox which pushes it up slight making it interfere with touch. Works find with out otterbox
S7Edge curved screen protector
Positives -the protector arrived quickly, was easy to fit, and it's hard to tell that it's an addition.
Negatives- occasionally lifts off from bottom of phone when placing in Brodit car holder, which has meant the protector has become damaged. The protector also emphasises fingerprints in bright light.
A good accessory if you don't need to slot it into a phone holder.
Not satisfied
The protector didn't stick well to the screen it keeps sliding off whenever the screen is touched and it cracked in less than 24hrs of putting it on without being dropped.
Not happy
After following the instructions to the letter, one day later this screen protector lifted completely off the phone. Absolute waste of money
Poor product
Bought the Olixar Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Curved Glass Screen Protector when it turned up done everything it tells you to do. Only stayed on my phone for a day before it came off. So got in contact with mobile fun and they sent me out a replacement. Again followed instructions on how to apply the screen protector to my phone. And within a week it has come off again very poor product do not buy this item.
After purchasing this item watching the fitment video ,and carrying out the instructions thoroughly. The screen has not stuck and keeps lifting down one side.
I don't however have a problem with mobile fun,as the item was sent and delivery promptly.
I have not made a formal complaint as it's a hard to prove who's a fault situation. But would definitely not recommended this product.
Not impressed
Followed instructions was very careful with application, it cracked around the corners in the first minuet. It also didn't stick to the phone well, I placed in my bag and the screen protector fell off.
It does come with an alcohol wipe which makes cleaning the screen easy.

But I have put the screen protector in the bin. It is useless now that it came off, multiple cracks, didn't even last half a day.
It is sooo good that u wont even notice that their is a screen protector...
Im so happy.....
Not Good
The adhesive side of the screen protector wasn't sticky enough and it detached from the phone after a few days .
Very good, extremely easy to install. No bubbles. Followed directions.
This was the second protector I had purchased the first one zip cracked due to incorrect application. If I had watched the instructional video it would have saved me buying the 2nd. Moral of story read or watch instructions.very pleased with this one.
Perfect for my purpose. Good value
The glass protector far exceeded my expectation for quality. Excellent product and easy to fit. Instructions supplied and a site with video to view on fitting too. Very happy with my purchase
Works great
Thus screen protector is great it was very easy to install and it fits great. I feel safe knowing that my phone is safe from damage
Not good
Broke within 24 hours. Not impressed for a "tempered glass" screen protector!
Doesn't work with case on edges go toon far. Also doesn't stick to screen so having trouble using touch.
Easy to apply
Easy to apply and to re-adjust if need be. But does reduce sensitivity of touch screen, so need to press onto screen with a bit more pressure.
Not fit for purpose
Tried three of these, all detached from phone within 7 days. Once detached adhesive faces become contaminated with debris etc rendering them unusable.
Good protection; unusable product
The item, being priced as highly as it is is not worth the money. Not in my opinion.
It fits and protects the screen impeccably.
However, it hinders use of the touch-screen severely.
At times, I can't even press certain corners of the screen without having to press them quite hard; even then I can't make specific touches.
Unfortunately, I think I'll be disposing of the item soon.
IT is unusable with a case (WHO DOESN'T PUT A CASE ON A £600 PHONE?) and while it is better WITHOUT the case, it isn't perfect; in any sense.

Terrible item.
Yes it offers protection, but it doesn't allow you to use the phone.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the screen protector.

If you watch the video attached to this screen protector page, it offers help on how to apply the screen protector and avoid sensitivity issues.

Hope this helps.
good fit but not with case
The glass cover installs easily and fits nicely on its own. However, the curved edges that make it suitable for the S7 Edge don't allow you to also have a protective case. I tried to pair it with an Otterbox Symmetry case, and found that the case pushed the edges of the glass up, so that the glass was raised in the centre of the screen. It might be OK with a softer, more flexible case, but not with a hard case like the Otterbox.
Covers and screen protector
The cover itself seemed amazing. Once I applied it to my s7 it looked and felt brilliant. But with the curved edges when I tried to put my cover on to my phone it lifted the edges and destroyed the tempered glass screen protector. Money down the drain. If you don't use a phone cover then a tempered glass screen protector is a brilliant without a phone cover.
A very expensive disappointment, after waiting a serious amount of time for the product, it failed in less than a week. The main problem was the protector detaches itself from the phone in your pocket allowing the adhesive area to become contaminated with with debris, preventing it from bonding back to the phone. Back to the search for a reliable product.
Do not buy if you use Olixar leather case
Do not buy if you use Olixar leather case because even though this protector is made by the same company, it DOES NOT fit the phone once inside the leather case.

You would think Olixar would test their products together but sadly no.

I just hope Mobilefun honour a refund on this.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Eugene

Please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate for you.
Screen cover waste of money
Screen cover is a waste of money, doesn't stick and is lifting after a few days use impossible to use without pressing on screen really hard,had a plastic screen cover that cost a fraction of the price think I'll be putting it back on
Poor fitting screen protector
Purchased the Olixar curved screen protector for my new phone, along with a new case from mobile fun. Fitted with curved glass to me phone but it appears to delaminate from the phone, which decreases the sensitivity of the screen. Very disapointed with what is a very expensive poorly fitting product.
Great material, not so great functionality!
The protector is made of a very good material. And the phone looks great with it. It's functionally, however is not as great. The screen sensitivity of the phone decreases tremendously with the protector on. The "a" and "1" keys or any of the keys on the edge are hard to press.
Excellent screen protector
The product is of very good quality. As well as its main purpose of protecting the screen it's very good as the coloured edges match my phone. Where a clear screen protector would be obvious, this product matches the phone to seem as if it isn't even there. Would highly recommend, 5 stars.
After waiting weeks for it to arrive the first impression was "that gold colour looks cheap" Anyway it was easy to apply and no air bubbles. Then I tried to use my phone. The screen sensitivity went to 10% ??. The All Ways On display wouldn't work nor would the edge screen. After 2 days I took it off and ordered another protector from another manufacturer
i found it difficult to use the phone with protector on
i found it difficult to use the phone with protector on also it was difficult to get on used demo instruction and after 1 week it cracked badly and had to buy new cover for the phone
Great product, easy to install, fit perfect
Great product, easy to install, fit perfect!!!! Fast shipping!!!!
Pretty, but
I had to wait for this item for some time and when it arrived I was really impressed. It was easy to fit and in place it looked really great. In fact I believed it couldn't be bettered.So why only two stars? In use the sensitivity was reduced. Could I live with it? At first I thought I could, but so many functions became too difficult to carry out. At the edge of the screen only pressing hard would do the job. Using the edge screen was almost impossible. It reduced a great phone to a fumbling phone. What a shame they haven't got it right.
Cracks very easily
Would give 0 stars if it was possible.
Fitted the screen protector, then tried to fit a case. The screen protector cracked. If it cracks this easily, I would have little confidence in its ability to protect the screen. Was told I couldn't get a replacement or refund as there was no manufacturing fault.
perfect fit
I've been looking at screen protectors since my purchase of my new phone no one had stock due to the design then i found this product yes it is expensive but so it a new screen the screen protector fits perfectly and works well with my spigen tough armour case as other reviews show that other companies have struggled to make it fit due to the design but this works great i haven't experienced any loos in sensitivity and yes the finger mark are there but every screen does it no matter what you do highly recommend this product due to the easy fit and the edge to edge protection
I waited weeks for this to come into stock. It finally arrived today. It fits like a glove and is extremely easy to apply. However I'm not very keen on the gold colour it doesn't quite match the phone, but I could live with that. What I cant live with is the loss of sensitivity of the screen. It has decreased by more than half, especially any area towards the edges of the screen. I will try to ride it out and see if it improves, but I cant see that it will, and if it doesnt it will be being returned. The loss is too great to deal with I am having to press hard on the screen to get it to respond.
Ruins screen sensitivity
The idea of having a strong screen protector seems good and is appears to fit OK at first but it isn't in contact with the screen all over so that sensitivity becomes very hit and miss. In my case, tapping on anything down the left hand side of the screen became hopeless and I have had to remove the protector. A very expensive waste of money.
Outstanding product...well worth the xtra cost!!!easy installation. Fits like a glove,with total protection.
Firstly the colour gold makes the phone look tacky not like the frosted gold of the S6 protector. Have to hit the screen hard on certain parts of the screen to open apps and the edge panel wouldn't open. Very disappointed and removed it after a couple of days. The S6 edge protector was fantastic. What's gone wrong with this S7 one?
Trustworthy but limiting
The cover definitely feels like it will protect the screen from a good knocking, it fits perfectly and its very easy to install with no bubbles at all. The only downside is it reduces the responsiveness of the screen by about half, especially on the edges, keyboard edge buttons for example need a firm press. I'm tempted for a thinner version (less than 9) due to this accepting less protection.
A long time coming but glad it arrived. Very easy to fit, tended to attract dust when I initially took the backing off to apply but no surprise, easily rectified by removing and re-applying. Can't say I've noticed much of a drop-off in sensitivity, certainly a lot better than a number of other screen protectors I've tried while waiting for this one. Looks good and best of all fits like a glove with the Samsung Clear Cover Case (Product Reference: 57046) with no lifting at the edges which I noted with both the vinyl type and cheap eBay screen protectors.

My only negative comment, it attracts fingerprints like nothing on earth, not too noticeable when in use but when the always on display activates it looks like a child's finger painting.

Despite this I would still whole heartedly recommend.
A massive improvement over the s6 edge attemps
Title says it all really, a lot better than any s6 edge one i tired. Does slightly affect sensitivity but only very slightly
Not fit for purpose
Waited three weeks to get the protector - looks pretty - is easy to fit but when fitted, the touchscreen sensitivity is seriously affected - not much point in protecting a screen that you can no longer operate properly - conclusion = a waste of money that will shortly be winging its way back to Mobilefun.

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