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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S6 screen in pristine condition with this twin pack of Olixar scratch-resistant screen protectors.
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 4.5 stars from 34 customers

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Lovely screen protectors easy to put on!
It had clear simple instructions and took less than a minute to put on without any bubbles which is a first for me. I have had it on for a while now and there are still no scratches are pealing on the sides.
All my fault!!
Nothing wrong with the product, but I really struggled to apply both screen protectors to my phone, without lots of air bubbles, so they ended up in the bin.
easy application
it is easy to use& it saves my screen from scratches.
Very sleek product, really thin and fits to the screen easily. Much better than alternative thicker ones I have seen that do not 'stick' properly. Definitley recommend and would buy again.
This was so easy to apply
This was so easy to apply. Instructions easily followed so even I was able to get the protector on bubble free.
Does the job but not perfect
As with all screen protectors I've tried and applied in the past I was left with a couple of bubbles I couldn't get rid of, but that doesn't affect the protectiveness of the product. It's definitely a smaller fit than the screen so leaves about 2mm unprotected down one side or 1mm each side depending on whether you get it perfectly centred or not. Dust does start to collect in the gaps. Feel confident the screen is protected from scratches.
Great products
Great service Great products and great delivery
Bubbles harrd to avoid in screenguard
Fit like a glove and easy to install. Perfect!
Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector
Mobile Fun great as usual, Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector easy to fit does what it says on the tin.... Definitely recommend....
easy to apply
Found these easy to put on and sturdy when pushing out the air bubbles. Is a couple of mm shot of the edge of the glass a fit but is working really well and is really clear
Good quality and easy to use
What else can I say? Easy to put on and no air bubbles
Excellent features
Very happy with purchase
The screen protectors are not covering the entire screen. Would not buy again!
Good screen protector
Easy to apply and no bubble for me. There is a small gap on the side where it doesn't cover but nothing major. Would recommend.
screen cover
Got to covers in a pack. Straight forward to it on and once on they give great protection. I got a couple of bubbles in mine but that could be down to me and also the poor pice of cardboard that comes with the film covers.
Good screen protector!
Wanted a screen protector for my phone and this product fits the bill...easy to apply with minimum effort and was also good value for money with 5 in a pack!
Good product
Quite fiddly to get dead straight and the vertical alignment just right to miss the bits you need to miss, but worth the effort. Once done you forget it's there but safe in the knowledge that the actual screen is completely protected.
Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack
Amazing screen protection, difficult to stick, specially clear bubbles. overall well protect device and look clean.
Great protection
Doesn't need to be cut to size, but tricky to apply it without getting air bubbles, mine looks a bit like a car home window tint job,but it was my first time and I'll probably be better at it next time.
Bubble free screen protection!!
This item is great. The instructions are clear, I was able to apply the screen protector to my phone with no bubbles. It is very thin and good to touch.
The best thing is that the top and bottom sections have cut-outs to make it easier to fit. Some manufacturers have shaped holes in their screen protectors which makes it much harder to align to your phone.
No need to think twice, buy it...
Does exactly what it says on the tin
Screen protector does exactly what it says on the tin
Does the job but not the perfect fit
The product was easy to apply and the instructions were straight forward. I am rubbish at applying screen protectors but I succeeded with only 1 small bubble remaining. The only criticism I have is that it is perhaps just a little bit small and although the cut outs line up reasonably well with the buttons/receiver ect there is a 2-3mm gap all the way around the edge of the protector to the edge of my screen. Overall does the job and with two in a packet, its not a bad price .
Good easy fit
Fits well, prevents scratches, easy to put on.
Good price, easy to apply, good protection. All in all it does what it is supposed to. Happy with my purchase.
No touch loss
Easy to put on, managed it this time without any dust under it or air bubbles, result! Doesn't affect the operation at all and I can relax knowing the scree is safe.
great screensaver for the price
Excellent screensaver for the price and getting two is a bonus
Easy to fit and didn't get the annoying bubbled effect
Would recommended for price
Screen protectors
These are not an exact fit for the Samsung Galaxy S6. It does not cover the whole screen but it will do for now.
A good screen protector.
This is a nice screen protector it fits the display perfectly. The phone requires a stronger "tap" with it fitted but that is only to be expected I suppose. The cut outs are all in the correct places but like all these screen protectors I find it almost impossible to get them on perfectly. They always manage to end up off square and with at least 4 or 5 air bubbles (2 in my case) on the display.
excellent purchase
Screen protector is very easy to fix to the screen. The quality is good and there are no restrictions in using the touch screen. It is also cut to phone requirements so it does not cover fingerprint button and speaker. Definitely good value for money.

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