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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Curved Screen Protector Reviews

Safeguarding every part of your S6 Edge+'s screen, including the smooth curvature, the Olixar Curved Screen Protector provides flexible, yet durable Polyethylene terephthalate protection.
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 3.7 stars from 30 customers

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Item arrived in the advertised time frame with all parts that fit together well. Thanks
Very good
Very good screen protector. Easy to apply. Hardly noticeable.
The perfect choice
When I finally received this screen protector, I followed the instructions and applied it to my precious phone. It fitted perfectly, there were no bubbles and it looks great. I'm satisfied and happy that I got it. The best choice I could make.
Here is something that does what it says it does
Having acquired a new s6 edge+ mobile phone and case, I wanted to be sure that the screen would be protected.

I was concerned about the fitting of the screen protector with the phone in its case, but everything fitted perfectly. It was very easy to attach, with the small plastic card provided it was easy to remove any air bubbles.

All round it is an honest product that does what it states.
Excellent screen protector
Excellent screen protector, one of the best I've used so far. Can't recommend enough.
Not great
Bought this to cover my new edge, it was a pain to put on and then it wouldn't sit right under the cover I bought (otterbox). If you're going to buy it get someone in a surgical setting with absolutely no dust in the air to apply it for you.
Good curved screen protector
Good product, was dubious about a rigid curved screen protector but this one works, the curved edges stick to the screen fine. Previously used the messy flimsy spraying water type. The Olixar is clean and easy to use. Be accurate though when you line it up to the phone you need to get it right first time to avoid reapplying and getting dust stuck to it
Protector went on easily and felt natural but the edge started peeling away after a few days and I had to get rid of it. So a waste of money for me.
good screen protector
Good screen protector easy to put on
Not worth it
Disappointing that the curved edges lost their stickiness after less than two weeks allowing dust to get trapped underneath. Although it comes with alcohol wipe, dust stickers and a microfiber cloth and is bubble free, I will be replacing it for a tempered glass or the Invisibleshield once that is available.
Not working with case on
Be aware that, if you have a case on, it might press against the screen protector from the sides. Now my screen protector is peeling off slowly from the sides, top and bottom. You need to take this into consideration when buying this product. Not working for at all. Unfortunately.
Not satisfied at all
Not satisfied at all does stick down on the edges not very good at all.
Good quality
Good quality screen protecter easy to fit adheres well.

Purchased this after getting a shocking one from a popular auction site which was about as much use as a chocolate tea pot.
Very good product
Very good product fits great looks great easy to fit
Amazing screen protector for S6 edge plus
I love this screen protector, almost bubble free and feels great. Comes with dust stickers, cloth, alcohol wipe too.
Very easy to put on high quality
perfect fit!!!!!!
I was very weary about getting this screen protector as the edges are curved, and it would have had to be a very exact cut, and because there aren't even samsung ones in the shop yet...... but 100% get this protector! I chose to pay slightly more (i think its slightly over priced) but the protector itself is an exact cut. They also send you an alcohol wipe (which is a massive help to clean first and you dont usually get) and a dust cloth a bubble remover. The protector has tabs at the top and bottom so you can hold them without getting any grease from your fingers on the edge (i have always found it this that causes the edges to lift up). It really helped and the curve angle and edging fits 100%. You must take care to do the right things when applying any protector film, but as long as you follows these, this will work perfectly. My screen is still super responsive and for the first time in years...... i have ZERO bubbles, dust, dirt or grease. Its as if i dont even have one on!!

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