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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Front & Back Screen Protector Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Guaranteed to protect your entire S6 Edge from dirt and scratches, while retaining your phone's screen clarity and the original look of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52674

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 1.8 stars from 9 customers

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Absolutely useless
Bought this to replace a very good different branded one, that had started to come unstuck after a year and a halfs use.
As short time left on contract opted for a cheaper one and immediately regretted it. This one lasted 2 mins before edges peeled off!!
Totally useless for curved screen as too thick or rigid
Did not fit (too small for screen) and did not stick to edges. Completely unusable.
Didn't stick to the front
The back cover worked well although a little too small, front cover did not stick to the curved edge, so was unusable.
This product did not work
This product did not work, there was not enough adhesive on the cover to hold the sides of the screen protector to the curve on the Galaxy S6 Edge.
Quality and service
I was naturally apprehensive about buying a graded used product and especially a Mobile Phone. I can however say that i received a immaculate Galaxy S6 Edge which i have now had for two months and i am exceptionally impressed with it.
The phone itself arrived promptly inside the original box and well protected and i can't fault the service or quality i received.

I now feel i can purchase such products with confidence from Mobile Fun...Thanks Guys
Doesn't like edge's
Screen Cover won't stay stuck down on the curved edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge, very disappointed
The cover feel is good but the big draw back is that the sides do NOT stick down properly. mine stayed on for 2 days and peeled off. it not adhesive enough.
not so great
seem good when i got it
placed it on my phone but the sides wouldn't stay down
and i ended up catching it all the time and took it off still haven't found a
screen protector for my phone :/
Doesn't fit S6 Edge
I purchased this product hoping to protect my S6 Edge however the front protection does not fit and continually peels off the sides...quite annoying & I've now taken it off. Back protection fits perfectly with no faults.
Good, but not good enough
This screen protector did covered from edge to egde and anti-scratch. But it did not stick to the edges well. I had to push the edges down everytime and it was very annoying. I think I'll try the new one, Felx HD, once it's back in stock and see if it's better or not.

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