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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Curved Glass Screen Protector - Frosted Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect even the curved edges of the phone's unique display. Frosted edges are ideal for gold and white phones.
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 3.3 stars from 162 customers

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Glass screen protector
Even the though i ordered this product months ago and it only came recently the customer service kept me well informed on the delays. i have ordered this product many times however on this occassion the screen protector isn't responding to my touch very well, i have to press quite hard or a few times.
Screen protector
I've had this brand of screen protector before a few times but this time when using my phone with this screen protector my screen is no longer response have to press quite hard and a few times
Broken screen!
I was happy with my purchase until I dropped my phone onto a wooden floor from the couch and the screen and the screen cover is in bits now. Because it's stuck on, I'm not sure should I pull it off as the screen underneath is in shards also. I'm afraid I could do further damage to my phone.
MobileFun Reply

Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Great Clarity
This is the second one I have purchased and I absolutely love the clarity and protection.
Screen protector work well and looks great
Does the job very well ( I dropped my phone two times after and leed screen has not scratched)
it fits perfect to my phone. Does the job very well ( I dropped my phone two times after and leed screen has not scratched).
Definitely recommend this product - worth every penny ;-)
great item.great service
nothing to change.its a great item
Easy to apply and high quality
This is the easiest screen protector I have ever fitted and it fits perfectly on the phone. It is very clear and gives full protection of the phone. Expensive, but so far it seems to be worth it.
As expected
Great website. Easy to navigate. Easy to filter. Fair pricing. Fast delivery. Will go back.
Fits Edge but....
Glass screen protector fits S6 edge but unlike other glass protectors for standard smartphone, it doesn't reduce daytime glare. In fact, the guidelines were very transparent which made it worse.
Literally dreamy!
I was very strict about my phone staying cover/protector-free because I preferred the look of it that way. Then my boyfriend told me about this site and having found they have the curved version to fit my Edge perfectly, I decided to give it a go! It does, it's very clear and crisp, easy to see and use the screen and comes with a set of cleaning products to use beforehand! Last night I dreamt I was telling Blake Lively about how well it fits and that it even covered and sealed the tiny crack my screen had on the top. Then we took a photo, obviously. Hope this helps! :)
Glass cover easy to put on and looks great.
Just what I was looking for to protect my screen. Better than the 'stickies'.
Great product, great service
In urgent need of a new phone cover, I went to MobileZap as I had a couple times before. As usual, their product was superb and the express delivery was well worth the money! Shipping from the UK to Aus within 3 days, and with full tracking capabilities. I will continue to use MobileZap for all my phone related needs, and would definitely advise others to do the same!
Horrible protection
The minute I put this on it cracked. I threw it out because I can't be bothered going through exchange process
Amazing screen
This screen is amazing. One thing to keep in mind is that it does take a day or so adhere to the phone so please dont panic when theres a bit of a bubble or gap just please be sure to take your time lining it up to your s6 edge. This is how i applied mine : seriously , i took mine into the bathroom and turned the shower on to hot and let the bathroom STEAM up this is to eliminate static and the moisture helps it stick even better initially call me crazy but it really helps lol ! CLEAN THE SCREEN FIRST ! Take your time cleaning it with the provided alcohol pad and pad. By far the best tempered glass out there. For questions email me ! F.marte86@gmail.com
Glass is prety awsome
I gave it 3 star just because it is so sensitive by mistake my S6 edge fell down under car seat and I get a hard scratch witch look so wearied, but its cool nice but so sensitive more than original screen.
Too fragile
Not wort it at all. I baught two covers. One cracked within 24 hours after applying a back cover (stand up edges on screen cover). The other one within 7 days from heat. Don't buy!!
Fantastic item.
I got fantastic item. Very happy this time.
Unfortunately first order was sent wrongly and I had to pay for return post.
Does The Job
It fits pretty well, just not quite perfectly. The clear sections for the touch buttons are quite a bit off, and if you don't manage to sit it absolutely perfectly it can be slightly raised due to sitting on the ear-piece speaker. Trying to then re-sit it results in it cracking due to being very well stuck to the screen. Once on, there's a definite loss of screen quality as it's not perfectly clear (even without getting any dirt stuck between it and the screen). If it were £15 I would rate it 5 stars, but I feel it's too expensive mainly due to the loss of screen clarity.
Cracked after 2 days
The screen protector cracked after 2 days. The phone wasn't dropped and has no marks on it. The screen protector is useless.
service from the store was fantastic. the product itself is good, mine has developed a crack along it width wise. Obviously it protected the screen as the screen is fine. Worth the money
service from the store was fantastic. The product itself is great. Mine has developed a crack along the width. Which has saved my screen from cracking. So it was worth it.
Not up to the standard I expected
Easy to fit and looked the part, but has cracked already, with no known impact. In fact I'm going to try to remove it this evening. Wish me luck!
best screen protector ever
this screen protector is actually way better than the spigen brand I have before , so easy to install anyone can do. keeps you phone as new.
Worst screen protector I've had
I bought this screen protector as the video review seemed quite good. It fits easily but that's about it. It gives a glittery look to the phone which I suspect is something to do with the touch sensitivity. But the worst aspect is that within 10 days it has cracked along the entire length of the right side of the phone. It has not been dropped and is also inside of a flip/view type cover. I thought it would be a qualitypical product at the price but it's not. Steer well clear of this.
Worth every penny
A tad expensive but worth every penny.
I have bought two screens and both have cracked even though I have a Samsung official case covering the phone very disappointing
Fits great, excited to actually have a tempered glass for this phone
screen protector
Got this to help protect my screen, cleaned glass per instructions and put protector on. Seems like it wouldn't actually set on the screen. Had to press really hard to actually get the screen to respond. Ended up throwing it away, big waste of money.
Galaxy S6 Edge curved tempered screen protector is awesome
I was very impressed with the curved tempered glass screen protector for the galaxy s6 edge on the first one i purchased. my tempered screen cracked, which protected my phone screen. Since i do not like having cracked screens, I purchased another one. When I received it, the screen was cracked up in the right hand corner (which is no fault of the company). I contacted MobileFun about this issue and immediately sent another screen overnight. I was very impressed with their professionalism and quickness in customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend to anyone to purchase from MobileFun. I absolutely love my screen protector. I did purchase the frosted white screen protector. It makes my phone look cool. The screen protector is very easy to install. Both times I have installed the screen protector, it has fit perfectly on my phone.
Cracked in first week
I'm not sure if the cracking of this screen cover saved my phone's screen from cracking. I didn't drop the phone. It may have just been compressed or twisted while in my sports bag. A hard plastic cover that covers front and back was fine.
The best yet
Apart from the impressive packaging that this item arrived in containing all necessary preparation wipes, it also contained a code link to the manufacturers website for video fitting instructions. Having followed the instructions to the letter it was the easiest screen protector I have ever fitted (and I have fitted lots). To sum up expensive, but you get what you pay for, a great bit of kit.
Excellent screen protector, worth every penny
I recently purchased a screen protector for my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I dropped my phone on a solid kitchen floor, I was absolutely devastated when I saw the screen was smashed as to replace the screen is extremely expensive, nearly as expensive as the phone. I was so relieved when I found out that it smashed the protector and not the actual screen. Was definitely worth buying this to protect the screen. Hence why I purchased another to replace it. Most certainly better to pay for the protection rather than the cost and hassle of getting the screen replaced or having to live with the crack through your screen.
Perfect Fit, Great Protection
The Curved Tempered Glass protector is a perfect fit for my Galaxy S6 Edge. I got the frosted one for my gold phone. It completely covers the screen, end to end, and provides the protection I need. The cut-outs for the buttons and top speaker are exactly right and even with the protector my phone is super responsive. The only negative thing is that it slightly dulls the phone display but not excessivley. Just enough that you can tell the difference.
Overall, I recommend it for the way it fits my phone like a glove.
It's unnoticeable.fits pefectly
The screen protector fits perfectly to the phone and it's unnoticeable. very clear and touch response is instant. easy to fit too. I've ordered a wrong item and sent it back to them, they are happy to replace and I've got a replacement in short period without stress on communicating with them. awesome customer service.
I rate this product very highly
I rate this product very highly it would get 5 out of 5 but the touch sensitivity is slightly compromised which is expected! Easy to fit and sits nicely on the phone. Would buy this again in a heart beat!
Curved screen makes it hard to put a screen on
Using the screen protector for a little over a month now I can say this it is just ok. I had to pull it off and readjust the screen twice because after a couple days there was gaps and pockets that formed between protector and phone. Once I finally found the sweet spot the screen works pretty good with a little less screen sensitivity. I am not sure if this is worth the price but screen is good. I could have done without the frosted glass. It kinda makes it more feminine
Distorted the resolution and bottom left of screen protector cracked within two days.
Nice screen, thin screen. it did crack when I tried to shift it over, when it wasn't placed just right, so I just left it. it also gets very dirty, I constantly have to clean my screen. I debated going back to my plastic rubberized screen, but I am willing give this screen a try.
Love it
I received this quickly and it provided the protection for my screen that I was hoping for. It covers the entire screen which I love even with the screen being curved it is all covered.
This protector broke just trying to put it on the phone. I tried to press it down on the screen and bam, money wasted literally 5 minutes out of the box. It also cracked in other corners as I tried to put my phone case on which is very minimalistic, so it's quite incompatible with any other phone protector. It's also not a perfect fit because the frosted edge hangs down over the top of the screen a couple millimeters. I had placed mine about a milimeter too high on the phone, and that's why it cracked when I pressed down. Even with it being set too high on the phone the frosted edge still hung over the screen that far. Also the frost makes the phone look glittery (if you're a woman you might like this. As a man, I did not). Oh, and this thing attracts fingerprints and smudges like you wouldn't believe. They aren't so easy to get off either. Simply wiping the screen protector on your shirt or pants won't do the trick. This thing is seriously a bad product. I would recommend something else, especially for the outrageous price. I honestly feel swindled.
Cracked within a week
Have had the product less than a week and it has already cracked. It fits well and doesn't effect the touch screen it still works perfectly fine.
This product does not adhere to the screen properly
This product does not adhere to the screen properly after one day it started lifting in the corners and then subsequently cracked. For a product that lasts a day is a joke dont buy this I will be expecting a full refund.
Excellent product and support
Excellent product. Had problem with 1st protector and they sent me a new one immediately. Kudos to mobilefun :)
Beautiful screen protector, nicely packaged but it broke on my first day of usage!
This screen protector came beautifully packed in a box with cleaning cloth and tissue with alcohol for cleaning. The instructions were easy to follow. I put it on my Samsung S6 Edge and the protector was very sensitive to touch, which was good.
But... the screen protector broke the first day I used it, when my phone slid out of my pocket while I was sitting down and fell on the ground. Luckily my screen did not break. I paid a lot for the protector and it did not last one day!
Maybe spending less money on packaging and more on the protector itself, is a good idea?
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are disappointed with this item.

As the phone dropped from your pocket, the screen protector has possibly saved your phone's display which is what at the end of the day it is designed to do.
Cracked putting it onto the phone!
I buy a lot of stuff online, and this is my first negative review of a product. It doesn't fit the top corners well, and when I tried to press down to make the corner stick it cracked. I've had this thing for 2 minutes and it's broken. Also cracked the other corner putting my back cover on it. Also the frosted top covers a top line of the screen. My phone looks glittery now. A complete and utter waste of money.
cracked near volume keys
That it doesn't crack
waste of money
Waste of money. It broke as soon as I went to put my phone sleeve on. The best part, there's a 2 year warranty as long as the seal isn't broken. If the seal is broke eat the money because they won't do anything for you.
I am very unhappy with your product! the screen protector. I dropped my phone in my driveway and it cracked the protector already! I thought it would last a lot longer, than a week or so! I expected it to be a reliable product. I would NOT!!!! RECOMMEND IT to anyone.
great 5 stars
i love it
Weak and overpriced
I really thought this screen protector will be great because of the price, but on installation the corner of the protector cracked. Which made me think that if my phone had to fell at a very low height the screen protector will crack.
Cracked while I was fitting it. Also the coloured edges are not great, they look cheap and would prefer a clear one.
I wouldn't order again, not in this colour. It did protect my screen so after I dropped it cracked on the other side but actual screen was ok.
OK Quality
The screen is OK, but didnt last long, cracked mine while I was fitting it. Also the colour is not great, looks cheap. So maybe if they would do one without those coloured edges would be great, but I wouldnt buy again. Its OK for protection, altough I cracked mine I didnt break the actual screen so that was OK.
Just dissapointed in general look.
Nice product
Almost a perfect fir, however if it does its job I'll be happy
Great service and product
I received a damage product and upon sending it back they provided a free replacement for the S6 edge. Their communication was great. The product is fantastic would deal again
Good but came oomes off too easily
I ordered a clear one originally which was excellent but on my black phone made it look like a glitter ball!
I therefore ordered a black one whih looks much better. But after 3 days it popped off.
I managed to get it back on but am now nervous it will do it again.
Shame as its an excellent product for the S6 Edge.
I would reckoned to anyone
When I ordered this it is exactly what I wanted and the only thing is the price. I would reckoned to anyone
Seamless Protection
i bought a Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Curved Glass Screen Protector - Frosted which is fantastic. If I didn't know it was on my phone, i couldn't tell, it is so seamless. It gives me such a lot of peace of mind knowing it is there also.
Curved protected
Having read all the other reviews I was a little suspect at ordinary this screen protector. However I have to say delivered very fast and went on a treet. No bubbles just followed the instructions was the most easiest screen protector I have ever fitted. Looks great no lifting up at the edges etc. Hopefully will keep my S6edge looking great for ages.
OK Quality
The frosted glass is more like silver, so don't buy for a black phone, doesn't look good. It fits OK, make sure you fitted properly, I had mine slightly to the right and when I try to move to the left it cracked. I dropped phone on desk and glass cracked on the other side as well. It was easy to remove and fit properly, stuck back no problem and it did protect my screen as it's supposed to, just didn't last very long, now I have two cracks on it on both sides, only bought 3 weeks ago.
This tempered glass screen protector is exactly what the product says it is. Very simple to apply and fits perfect on my galaxy 6 edge. Great product, no problems so far.
Faulty screen protector
I waited months for this product to be available. I was excited about it.....Until it arrived, I cleaned my screen and followed all instructions but the screen would not stick. On top of not sticking my keys would not work with it on top. I tried adjusting and simple movement cracked the side. I didn't pay money for two for it to not work! I had to pay to return it. I am sent both back because there was NO reason to open the other when one was already faulty. I'm disappointed in this product I'm currently awaiting my refund and shipping cost refund. I don't recommend this product.
Great product!
This tempered, curved glass cover for the Galaxy S6 Edge is truly fantastic. Installation was very straight forward. There is an alcohol wipe included for cleaning your phone first and then you peel the plastic wrap off the back of the tempered glass. You carefully place the glass on your phone and then just press it in the middle. One note of caution, however, is that you should line it up by the lit symbols on your phone and not by the edges of the phone ( though that is important too). Hope this helps.
Exactly what I wanted
Ordered the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge curved glass screen protector and it is perfect. I had ordered from another company and received a protector that wasn't form fitted to this specific device. I am so happy that this was form fitted and the company is not deceiving as the other one was.
I found the glass to be fragile,I followed the instructions for installation & IT CRACKED All the way down the left side of my s6 edge,I honestly expected better for the money.
just what I was looking for.
very good fit
The screen covers perfectly the curved sides and all the way in the edge of the phone. It was very easy to fit and it looks very good. Got two silver and one green, they look perfect on phones. Also i had to take one off and refit because I installed it crocked, it was easy to take off and perfect after fitting again, the glue to the screen wasnt smudge or not sit properly on screen
The best .Very good product.
The best .Very good product.Thank you.
Does not stick properly at the corners, and now it has cracked at the two bottom corners - and I've only had it less than a month. Very disappointed, not worth the money !!
Crack appeared
Was not happy with this product only had it for a week and a crack appeared on the bottom left hand corner,when a received it and had a look at it a thought this is just what I've been looking for only to be let down not well spent very disappointed.
Great Glass
This is the only curved GLASS screen protector that I am aware of for the S6 Edge. I tried several "film" protectors and they all became scratched within a week. This GLASS screen protector is awesome. It was very easy to install and it has not scratched since I installed it several weeks ago. This GLASS is far superior to any "film". I am beyond 100% satisfied with this product.
All about the curve
This glass screen protector fits my Samsung Galaxy s6 edge perfectly. It appears almost invisible. The screen feel is substantially better than it was with the film type protector I'd originally had on my phone. I would highly recommend this product to anyone else who might have an S6 edge..
It's alright.
Pros: Fits perfectly and covers the edges. Works well with the screen except for typing. Easy, fool-proof installation. Fits perfectly with my case and it does not pop out like other reviews say - I guess that depends on what case you have.

Cons: Easily cracks (only lasted a day of normal use), slight loss of color to screen, has a weird plastic-look shine to it, typing is RIDICULOUSLY difficult with it on, it is still a fingerprint magnet even though it's advertised not to be (on the box), and the "frosted" finish is actually a tacky-looking glitter finish.
Just OK
I like glass screen covers but this one isnt that great. The edges are frosty like which is fine but the actual screen almost looks wet - its hard to describe - just looks like it distorts the screen a wee bit. Still clear but noticeable and s&^ts me right off. Only keeping it on because it cost a pretty penny!
Excellent I love it
Excellent I love it the curve glass screen protector for the s6 edge it fits perfectly.
PERFECT, thank you!
I received my Olixar curved glass protector a few days ago. I had low expectations since I`ve seen reviews on similar products on youtube(but none from Olixar?). Other products seemed to be misfitting and made the screen hard to use because of lowered sensibility and reduced viewing quality.

I bought two OLIXAR screen protection`s, one for me and for my friend. We`re both very happy with how it fits, feels and looks. First I was sceptical becaus of the price, but now when I have tried it, it`s worth it. The s6 is expensive so protection is necessary for me.

Will definetly recommend!!!!!
Not worth the money
I had high expectations for this, especially as I pre-ordered and had to wait for sometime before receiving, however overall I was very disappointed with this Protector.

The screen felt cheap, it didn't adhere to my phone very well, and wouldn't allow my edge part of my phone to function properly.

I have now returned for a refund.
A avid temperate glass user
I always use temperate glass screen protectors on all my phones regardless how good or strong the screen is. I was happy when I finally found a temperate glass protector for my s6 edge. I like this protector because once it's own you can't tell there is even a screen protector on the phone. However unless your planning on not using a case don't buy this protector bc it does not work with most cases bc it will continue to pop off. Also the frost is actually glitter finished. And it even though I can still use it, mine did crack the day I put it on. It is also tricky with the keyboard at times. And I feel it's to over priced for what you get.
Gf thought this screen was overpriced but I insisted because she was using a regular S6 tempered glass cover on a S6 Edge. This tempered glass cover is VERY thin and fits on the screen PERFECTLY. Just wipe down the screen and place it on gently. There was not ONE single air bubble at all.
It went on perfect, does what it's intended to do
Rcieved the screen protector last week, put it on my phone and it'seems great. It went on perfect, does what it's intended to do, and I would reccomend it to everyone.
Very good product.
Very good product. Worth the price.
Really happy with the product!
Customer service was really good, provided constant updates of when the product was going to be available and shipping was fast, really happy with the product! Will order again when needed.
looks great
it looks great, went on easy. it cracked in two werks.
After quite a long wait, and a couple of delays, I finally received this much awaited Frosted Screen Protector for my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge..I am so far, very pleased with this product...It was very easy to apply to my phone, and I had no dreaded bubbles at all, so far so good...I had been to every phone shop in town to try to get this product or something similiar, and I had no luck...so a big Thank You to Mobile Fun for sourcing and supplying this brilliant Olixar product for such a beautiul mobile phone...I absolutely recommend this product and Mobile Fun.
It's OK
Literally, after waiting almost two months for this, it is OK. At first, it didn't adhere well to the phone but it gradually stuck better the more I pressed on it to type. It now requires a lot of force to touch the edges and the part right next to the edges. Every time I press the home button, I hear an annoying sound of my finger hitting the glass. I'm debating just removing it. So is it worth it? Meh.
Broke after week with no impact. Actually started cracking just due to pressing on the screen. Very disappointed.
don't waste your money
Not a great product no better than a protective film. First thing I noticed was it has lots of small dots where the adhesive shows. It smears everytime you touch it. And now I have just tried cleaning a smear off it and it cracked. Waste of money
It's excellent perfect fit all the screen
That the protector covers alk screen around my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Terrible, Unresponsive
Terrible screen protector, Bad design.
I took it to people that put on screen protectors for a living and even before he took it out of the box he warned me it'd be problematic, That they used to sell them and how bad they are..Because they only use a small bit of adhesive, the screen doesn't make full contact..ESPECIALLY on the right side..The letter P using the samsung keyboard you practically have to punch, Same for the send button on Skype.
On the default samsung dash, The apps button on the bottom right is unresponsive unless you press harder.
I've got 5 phones and a tablet currently and they all have screen protectors and this is the worst product I've ever seen..DON'T listen to the other reviewers , There is no way their S6 Edge is a different shape or a different size, There is no way their screen protector makes better contact since its a lack of adhesive that's the problem ...They ALL will have the same problem since its a design flaw.
I'd get my money back if i could, what a ripoff
Glass Review
Overall enjoy the precision cuts and edge covering fit. Don't know how durable it is yet, thankfully. Dislike that it far from smudge-proof. No matter how clean your hands are there are constantly finger streak marks left behind.
Well please with the product I'm extremely happy at the fact that it's able to protect the whole screen and it's glass not the rubbish plastic one with air bubbles.
Great product
Overall a great product. Waited much longer than I hoped when I first went to order it, but it was worth it. The company kept me informed on what was happening through emails the entire process.

Screen protector went on fairly easily. I had no bubbles on application, and the product did not move once put on. The corners do not have much adhesive, but with the use of a back case, this problem is mitigated fully.

The top and bottom black sparkle looks pretty cool. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but it doesn't look bad at all. One of the only problems is the alignment of the protector is not perfect. The arrow and tabs icons at the bottom of the phone are slightly covered, blocking a bit of the lighting.

I would recommend this product. I other people simply because there is nothing like it on the market.
Excellent product - Olixar Glass Screen protector
The Product was exactly as described by Mobile Fun. So glad I splashed out that little bit extra for what can only be described a great product that looks great on the phone. Showed this to a friend and he immediately ordered a Olixar Glass screen for his i Phone.
Olixar Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Curved Glass Screen Protector
I am disappointed in this protector for the cost. The curved sides didn't stay connected to the Edge side and every time I wet to slide the screen the protector would click against my finger.
First impressions
The glass it's self is very nice and pretty clear but it does lessen the back light of the s6 edge.. and fits the screen nice but in all four corners the glass does not stick but it's very hard to notice if u don't look to close and only the bezels have a type of glue that stick to the phone.. what works for me is using it with my outter box case....
No go
After months of waiting for the s6 edge tempered glass release the screen cracked after te second day..no drops or hit of any kind even with a thick case on. And dont let "frosted" fool you it looks like glitter
Galaxy s6 Edge Curved Glass Screen Protector
This is a great protector for S6 edge, it covers the sides and protects them and looks really neat when fitted, you can also still fit a back cover as the screen protector does not make it bigger. Now I can enjoy using the phone and have less fear in damaging the screen. It is also good because you don't see finger prints on it, the plastic screen covers are terrible for that and you notice you have one fitted where you don't really notice this slim protector.
Waited a while was worth it.
Don't waste your money
I was so excited to get this...what a huge disappointment! The screen protector would not adhere to my screen, even after several tries. Decided to leave it on anyway and ended up with it shattered the next day.
Not good
Lose a lot of sensitivity in the touch screen.....a lot.....have to hit letters many of times to register the number.....the frosted look, looks cool
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