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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S5 5-in-1 Screen Protector Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S5 screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 5-in-1 pack. Ultra responsive and easy to apply, these screen protectors are the ideal way to keep your display looking brand new.
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$10.99 inc. VAT
 4.1 stars from 18 customers

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The result is a crystal clear screen protector and no bubbles trapped around tiny specks of dust
Last week I bought this type of protector (but a different brand) in a local phone shop. The shop fitted the protector to my phone, saying that several small air bubbles trapped beneath the protector would work their way out in a few hours. That didn't happen. Tiny, tiny specks of dust or the like showed in the air bubbles. I took the phone back to the shop and the shop fitted another new protector. Guess what? Same problem, despite the chap in the shop cleaning the phone screen thoroughly. In the end I got a refund and left. Being aware of the potential problem I took extra care, after cleaning the screen, to ensure that there was not the faintest speck of dust on the phone screen before fitting the Olixar protector. Phones are like magnets in attracting dust to their screens. I used a camera lens brush to remove the odd speck. It worked. The result is a crystal clear screen protector and no bubbles trapped around tiny specks of dust. I hope this helps.
Would not buy again
This product is impossible to work with. It has to be positioned exactly correctly the first time or when you attempt to reposition it the glue forms a speck that then becomes a bubble. Not worth the $$.
These were a nightmare
I've been fitting my own and friends screen protectors for years, i've very accurate and patient whilst doing them but these were a nightmare; i'm glad there were 5 in the pack cos my 5th one is on the phone, although even it has a few bubbles and bits of dust etc, they seem to attract dust from nowhere; i'll be buying a better one asap
Must ALWAYS carry protection...
I mean cellphone protection! Geez, get your minds out of the gutter!
It's absolutely critical to have screen-protectors for your cellphone, & better to have 5 than just 1 I always say. Here they are, all packaged together for you. Very handy! Can't get much better than that!
Does the job, but difficult to apply
After several attempts I have given up trying to apply the protector without air bubbles, I used the tool provided to push the air bubbles out, but couldn't get them all out. I will be buying a full case
spot on
arrived promptly, good packaging but most importantly was exactly right, fitted my Samsung S5 perfectly and so far no problems
5 perfect fit screen protectors
Brilliant screen protectors. Fits great.no bits that didn't stick. As says on package make sure screen is clean as any specks will cause bubbles. Really pleased with this product
Screen protector
So far I have only used 1 screen protector.

Looks like they will last a good while.
Not perfect, but effective
Applying these is a tricky business. The cutouts do not seem perfectly aligned with their respective locations on the device, so the home key can be exactly placed but the camera opening is a little off; the lens is no occluded though so not a huge problem. However, in aligning this you will likely find yourself removing and reapplying several times before you get it right, and then you will inevitably find that a speck of dust has got in and you'll just have to ignore it. All this aside, once the protector is on, it does the job. My screen is protected and it seems pretty durable, and that's all that's required.
Great screen protector
Does what it says on the tin
Good product BUT my email query was ignored
Product was excellent...had a problem with delivery (my own fault - didn't read misunderstanding and paid for next day delivery unnecessarily as the next day was a Saturday) BUT nobody responded to my email about it when I tried to change delivery to my office address. Delivery was sorted as package was just put through letter box and no signature was necessary.
Great Product
High quality screen protector.

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