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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 5-in-1 Pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38303
$10.61 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 31 customers

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Fantastic Inexpensive Protector
Great and inexpensive way of keep your phone in prestine condition, even when I'm on site and hands are dirty, still managing to keep looking like new
Great idea!
Great idea my screen gets very scratched. Quite easy to use and you get 5.
Protecting your screen from scratches in your pocket
For the price this is compared to the pack with just one screen protector in, I highly advise purchasing this 5 in one pack rather than just the one; especially if you are like me and takes you all 5 attempts to finally get the damn thing on without dust or bubbles trapped underneath!

It is a little tricky getting it on just right, especially if you would get annoyed with dust or little bubbles trapped, BUT it does the job of protecting your screen from scratches, especially if it's in your pocket with coins or keys!

However that does not mean the plastic protector cannot get scratched as mine has done being in my pocket.

I give this a 4/5 due to the decent price compared to most other screen protectors. It is easy to use your phone with and it very handy to have, but may take you a few tries to stick it on correctly
Decent item for the price
The Film applied easily to the screen and it came with a cloth to remove dust and fingerprints before application.

So far it's working well and fingerprints etc clean off the protective film easily.

What's even better is you get 5 of them in the pack in-case you ever need to replace the current one.
Just your typical screen protector and you will get bubbles unless you fit in a lab. But you get a few so it works but next time I would buy a premium one.
Not that good
Ok to apply to screen, but started to peel at edges after 1 week, am on the second cover (pack of 5) and that is also beginning to peel away at the edges and attracting dust to the underside of the screen cover.
My previous screen saver lasted for more than a year with no peeling, however i dont recall the make.
Good value
Putting aside my inability to correctly apply screen protectors the first time around, I did manage to install this product onto my S4. Good quality screen protectors that protect from minor scuffs and scratches.
The Power of Perfection
This is the reply on the second product. As I cannot think of anything else to say, perfection is the limit. Therefore the reply is as for the phone cover. Thank you again for allowing me to comment..
I have been a customer with Mobile Fun for a long time & will never change for the following reasons:
1) The prices are always competitive
2) The quality outstanding
3) Speed of service faster than the royal mail, excellent service
4) the concern they show for all customers is in front of most businesses, they put YOU first & know you will be back
5) I am impressed with the videos they have to show you how everything works, where possible (on most) they demo with a quality of voice and achievements on their goods brilliant as I am sure they would not do live video stuff if they where not confident enough
The best company for all goods, perhaps one could send a member out to the corporate world (for a fee of course) and show them how it is done!
May your company have a great future and that I am around long enough to enjoy the shopping
Screen protectors
These screen protectors are good value & do the job. They're still a bit tricky to apply without dust or bubbles getting trapped, but I've yet to find a screen protector that isn't !
Just what I expected
The Screen protector was awesome. I didn't leave any bubble on my screen.
Good product
Easy to apply, and with spare covers too
Better than expected
This product really is crystal clear, you can not tell there is a screen protector in place. Well worth the cash..
Better than expected
This product really is crystal clear, you can not tell there is a screen protector in place. Well worth the cash..
Better than expected
This product really is crystal clear, you can not tell there is a screen protector in place. Well worth the cash..
Good Product
very good product!!!

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