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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Film Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
Price: £6.99
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
 3.8 stars from 54 customers

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Distorts front camera
Distorts the front camera. Had to remove it I would not recommend
The product itself is hit and miss but can't fault mobilefuns help and effort in helping me with my order.
Not Good
Product is to flimsy and would not recommend
film protector
the product sent wasn't the right one so didn't fit my phone - and a couple of days after my card that i had only used on this site was hacked and i had to cancel it
Quality fit and feel and protection
Many instructions on line on you tube for this manufacturer and it took a while to find exact video. They need to give you an exact link. Had to watch video multiple times and on another phone whilst fitting. 20 mins later all done and it was easy but I think video could have been done better particularly with regards to the first placement on the phone as the video did not seem to represent 100 per cent my product
Great and easy to put on
Purchased these for my s10+ so easy to put on and tough,had it on my phone a few weeks now and easy to type and no pealing at edges great purchase
Hard to apply but durable
The screen protector was tricky to apply even when watching the video and unfortunately I wasted one of the two in order to figure out how to get it to correctly stick to the screen. However once applied all of the bubbles were very easy to push out and it does not interfere with the screen at all - fingerprint reader, typing, swipes, etc.

The screen protector has come up on the edges a few times but always smooths right back out. Normally this happened after moving around in my pocket vigorously (i.e. lots of running/shifting motions that rubbed the screen). Time will tell if this lasts as long as the OEM protector (roughly 1.5 years) or not.
Its the best bit of kit in the business
Easy to apply but it does not stay clean.
There is no hole in the film for the selfie camera. The material is rather soft to the touch. My folding camera case leaves marks on the film immediately after I close it. You will spend too much time cleaning this film than you could have ever imagined. What this film needs is a protector for it!
Easy to apply basic scratch protection
Wanted to know how to apply the product and what level of protection (e.g. scratch resistance and /or drop protection) is offered. All this information is available on the website including a video showing application of the protector. Everything you need to know and a quality product at a good price.
Screen protectors
Great service and product at a competitive price, highly recommend
Good if applied correctly.
Great if you can get the film stuck on correctly first time and I found it a bit tricky to get right. On the plus side fingerprint recognition works well with this protector.
Great Purchase
Great replacement for last screen
Excellent Quality fast delivery
The quality and easy to use is something I look for. Tis has delivered on both aspects. High quality screen protector, easy to follow installation and instructions, great finish. If you have a phone with finger print technology this is compatible with the sensor on your phone. Flawless smooth finish and excellent clarity.
Poor quality product
these screen protectors are rubbish they do not fit the full screen and gather dust around the edges and also don't have the pill cut out for front camera
Great product. Great service.
Product is great for the S10 Plus. After my first order getting lost in the post, the customer service team were more than helpful. Thank you.
Amazing screen protector
very happy with my Samsung galaxy s10 plus screen protector.
Good quailty
Ultra thin screen protector...good quailty, good price, will buy again. Make my screen look brand new.
Great product, tnx guys
My second order from you, great protection for screen, Samsung galaxy s 10 plus...
Awful customer service.
I ordered a screen protector for a samsung galaxy s10 plus but received a protector for an s8 plus. I emailed customer services who said i was mistaken and to email a photo of the box. I emailed the photo and the reply i received was that it was the correct item in the wrong box! No reply, no offer of a refund or correct product. Poor service, not recommended.
Samsung Galaxy s10 plus screen protector
Fast delivery very easy to put on good products will bay it again
Best screen protector
I dont like glass screens protectors found this on youtube easy to fit and works every time with fingerprint scanner
Tnx guys
Best screen protector guys... I recommend...
Very good product
Fitted easily. Invisible. Finger print security works perfectly. Watched you tube vid before fitting.
Very hard to install. Anti-stratch. Discoloration occured in 3 week usage
Does little more than the bare min
There are no holes for the camera.
The protector, if alligned correctly will only cover the part of the screen that lights up. The width of the protector can be extended by at least 2-4mm to cover the whole width of the screen. Currently the edge screen popup can only be used on 1 side, the side where the protector covers the edge.
Fingerprint sensor works perfectly.
Camera works fine.
The alignment hardware in the videos is not the same as what's in the box.
All of that said, it does a good job and feels good to the touch.
I couldn't put it on the screen ...
Can you send another one please
luckily 2 protectors
Messed up the first one due to clumsiness.
Very easy to apply - fits well
I wanted to wait a while before reviewing as this items quality is based on it's durability. It's been on 3 weeks now and still feels quite good.

One edge has started to lift only last night, but as it was a two pack, I'll replace it in a week or so. The feel of it is a little bit tacky which I didn't expect.

The fingerprint reader doesn't always work but worked perfectly beforehand.

I must commend the application process as it's flawless and there isn't a single bubble.

All in all, a very good screen protector - will it last, probably not.
I decided to change my case from a wallet to a back case so needed a protector, this one seem to have good reviews, I'm useless at applying screen protectors so this was ideal as it comes with two! It came with all relevant items to apply. I followed the YouTube video for the application, it does come with instructions too. It was easy to follow and applied first time, it works well with a back case, doesn't lift it up, hasn't come away at all and had it on for a few weeks, no bubbles. Definitely recommend this product, best one yet.
Do not waste your money
I have accidentally bought this item but I couldn't return it as they didnt accept any return for this product category although I didn't even open it. Anyway, it's a bit rubbery style protective case and I really don't like using it on the screen.
Goes on good but not a clear finish
Doesnt leave a clear finish, It leaves waves on the screen so blurred the camera
Not the best
The video doesn't match the product. Not easy to apply and not the best protection
Great Service
I ordered a screen protector for my galaxy s10. Order arrived in no time.
Many thanks, I would definitely recommend mobile fun for great service and good prices

Thanks guys!
Good product
Some clear installation instructions would help.
Fits the Samsung Galaxy s10+ perfectly.
Fit will and invisible with a catch
Easy to fit with everything required. Very similer to the Samsung official one that's preinstalled. The only downside is it makes the screen feel plasticky after a few weeks of use, if you swipe your finger down with medium pressure it feels slightly tacky and creaks.
Good value
These were a good product and excellent value.
Do not buy
This product is useless. Neither of the two screen protectors even stuck to the screen. Waste of money DO NOT BUY THIS.
No instructions
There were no written instructions, and the link to a video instruction were not for the correct item, when I commented on this I was sent another one that was exactly the same, which was no help at all.
Not what I expected, but will do ok...I suppose.
Very soft stretchy film in comparison to Samsung original. The supplied protector is not as shown in installation video. Video Instructions do not apply to this film. Packaging is all the same but No camera "hole punch" in protector film nor a removable small top section to initially start the process of locating the film. Centre "Paste Start Line" instead. Film does not cover as far around the edges as the factory protector
No thanks
Not so Easy to apply
The one that I've received doesn't look like the item in the description, it barely covers the edges, it doesn't have the camera hole which suppose to make it easier to apply and as much as I tried I couldn't get rid of the bubbles completely.
Very Disappointing!
Good protection for your S10 Plus
Installation is time taking but patience is the key. The feel is good. Air bubbles disappear after a day or two. Overall 9 out of 10.
Screen Protection
I got the film screen on time and it was easy to apply. looks natural and it works perfectly for my S10PLUS
Great Product
Great product and easy to put on with helpful instructions.. very fast delivery also
Great Customer Service
product was ordered and delivered. Customer service was great, communication always flowing.
Fits the purpose
Knew all about it which is why I bought it
Really perfect screen protector for the price

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