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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10 PET Curved Screen Protector Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar PET scratch-resistant screen protector.
Price: £9.99
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar PET scratch-resistant screen protector.
 3.5 stars from 32 customers

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Protects the screen well and fairly easy to clean
I've had other screen protectors that have had to be removed because they can get dirty and some are impossible to clean. This one is fiddly to fit, but once its on it is really easy to keep clean. Even the microfibre wipes that Mobile Fun provide work well with this.
Ideal protection
Delivered within a couple of days, very easy to apply and even a video on you tube to give you directions. Totally happy with the overall experince
Would not recommend
This is like the plastic film that comes on phone. And is coming off at the edges. I thought I was buying the shatter proof glass cover. Disappointed
Not good
The experience of fitting screen protectors is never fun. But once fitted it's like a new life in the phone.
The experience of fitting THIS protector was so much more annoying than any other.
So, I start by peeling back later one. I then carefully line it all up and lay it down. Squeeze out all the air bubbles, then peel back layer 2. Problem is that layer 2 had nothing attached. Turns out the protector stuck itself to layer 1 and removed layer 2 first. Getting it off of layer 1 was a nightmare. Which then caused a crease in 1 corner.
The protector actually has a black border attached to it which covers the edge of your screen so actually makes your screen smaller. This also made it harder to see I had lined it up squint. Which I only noticed when I out my case back on as it then pushed the edge up. So now I have dirt getting in under the side.
The only reason I gave it as much as 3 stars is because it causes no issues with the touch sensitivity so the screen works better. Other than that I wouldn't use this protector again.
Nice packaging, shame about the screen protector
Unfortunately, the great packaging isn't what I bought this for. The screen protector is a pain to get on, like all other screen protectors but this one bubbles up at the edges and doesn't stay stuck down. It could be an issue with the S10 curved screen but if I buy something for that model I expect it to work. Please do better
Okay up to a point
quality fine. Alignment to camera hole meant gap at foot of screen bought a wrap round back protector afterwards which introduced air under the edges. Couldn't get rid of it. Gave up and dumped the screen protector. It had a short but happy life.
Perfect curved screen protector
fits my phone perfectly.
5 stars
Brilliant easy to put on will order again
It is a functional screen protector. It was delivered in stated time frame.
Screen protector was fine.
Good for casual use
basic screen protector not meant for rugged use. Surface gets rubs and scratch marks easily from hard surfaces/items. Button from pants has nearly worn through in a few hours of walking before noticed.
Good quality
Fits perfect. Easy to fit
Lifts at the sides
I did not find this to be a good product. It lifted at the sides which got worse as the days went on. It basically lifted a centimetre on each side and caused the fingerprint sensor to not work. So unfortunately I would not recommend this product.
Not perfect
The screen protector fitted quite well but it keeps on bubbling up on right hand hand, no matter how many times I've tried to smooth it out.
Fingerprint sensor doesn't work at all so I am just using the pin code as I would rather the screen be protected.
Above average
Will finger recognition still work?
Screen protector
Nice service great screen does what it says on the tin thank you
Can't fault it
Well priced, decent quality and works flawlessly with the fingerprint sensor.
Good product
Protection For New S10
Easy to attach the new protective screen but the packaging was excessive
Dont think it's worth the money
Scan qr on the box does not match the contents on how to install. The first peel does not come off easy to start application. And the curved edges dont stay down the best.
Brilliant piece of kit 5 star
Not great
The item arrived in good time but the screen saver itself was not great, tricky to get all the bubbles out and a corner started to peel within a day despite firmly fitting
Had a problem and they sorted it out
Didnt receive what i ordered
Received one for an S6 (not S10)
It is a very good product
Screen protector for s10
I would have wanted to know that there was a hole on the protector for the finger print scanner , I don’t really like this

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