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Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10 Film Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
Price: £6.99
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
 4.1 stars from 76 customers

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Easy to apply
Really easy to apply and no bubbles. Best screen protector I've ever bought.
Youtube video - does not help
The youtube video worked for cleaning the phone but when to applying the screen. It just didn't make sense. It ended up taking several tries for the cover to fit and it covers the front camera unlike the factory screen cover although I have no issues taking any photos or clarity.
Very good product
Very good product
Nice application method. Bubble free
Easy to apply once you watch the video online. Stuck down well even with case back on. Been on a week only so far but all seems good.
This is the one
This protector is the best one I've ever purchased. Reasonable price, easy to apply, no bubbles and covers the entire screen (which never happens with a curved screen phone). Would definitely buy again.
One round of money
I recommend the heart from the country the of the Commonwealth
Exactly what l was looking for. Clear screen while well protected. Thanks
Could come with instructions. Only instructions were on YouTube but didn't explain very well. Ruined one so had to use both. Once in it is really good. Protects my screen well.
Not Great
The overall quality is low, the material is prone to taking indentations and the application process was fiddly and difficult.

I understand that for curved screen it has to be a fairly flexible material, but the price point made me think it would be of similar quality to the gecko brand i used on my last phone and it wasn't.

I use a wallet case and one of my bank cards has already indented the screen with it's raised numbers. Do not buy or use this screen protector if you use a wallet case.

The protector has already started raising off the screen surface on one side, I've only has it on about a week. Honestly, you're better off buying a cheaper protector film and you'd get the same quality.
No instructions to apply, the video doesn't include the one that I received so wasn't helpful at all. Once its on its OK but I have a case on my phone so the edges don't peel off like other ones I have tried.
Not easy to apply
I would of liked it just to fit on phone easily. No instructions in pack. You have to go online to follow instructions. I wasted one as not easy to apply. So I havent attempted to fit the second one. Will have to take into a phone shop for them to apply
Value for money
First time I've purchased a film cover and probably won't get another one.
Very good quality as far as I'm aware re above.
Instructions were good and sensitivity excellent.
I personally having tried film would next time return to glass
Screen saver
Excellent product good delivery service and charges
Good screen protection
I have used these before on my other phones with great success. Easy to install providing you follow the instructions exactly.
Not that great
Watched the video to put the protector on, which I did ok.
The protector lifts up at the edges though which is really annoying, ended up not using it
Does the job perfectly
Great product and does exactly what it's supposed to. Saved my screen a few times. I would defo recommend this product.
works well
I wasn't expecting this product to actually work because I didn't know the company.
suprisingly, it did!
The fit was great, proce was reasonable.
I wish it would have come sooner but covid.
Screen protector
this is the first company that sent us the correct item that we ordered. Ive had it on for a few weeks now and cannot fault it
Suitable for Quadlock Samsung cases
Awesome product. Has a good system to apply screen protector. Suitable for the Samsung Quadlock cases. As the film goes to where the case sits but doesn't get lifted up by the case. 2 in 1 lets you feel more at ease trying to fit it haha.
Mixed feelings
The fit is really good and the protector did work with the fingerprint sensor... But the instalation was so botched due to unclear instructions that I had to peel it off.

What good is a screen protector if instructions are unclear? If you end up with a messy instalation that would not have happened with other brands? I've installed plenty protectors to say I know what I am doing.

I am yet to use the second (it's meant for my fiancee's phone). Maybe I'll change my mind then, now that I know what not to do to get it installed properly.

Shame, becase the fit was indeed great.
Doesn't stay on screen very well
The screen protector quality was OK but the adhesive doesn't stick down very well around the edges of screen. Keeps peeling off
Good product
the product fitted perfectly.
Good screen protector
installed the application today, works well and with the tutorial vid, was done in 90 secs.

Does what it says.
Perfect Screen Cover
Product was perfect ,you will not find any cover better for your Samsung Galaxy S10. Once fitted it is complete with the phone,it cannot be seen as an attachment. Before fitting see the video instructions and completely understand the process, its so easy and brilliant in its application. Also you have a second cover to use in future if required
A good product, but very difficult to put on
The product I bought did not correspond with the instructions video the package recommended I watch, thus it was quite difficult to put on. However, I took it to a phone repair shop, and they were able to do it. It's quite smooth and has, so far, protected my phone screen.
Good product but...
To be fair, this is a good quality screen protector. You get a spare one in the pack and they are quite easy to apply (I needed 2 goes). I was a bit disappointed to find that my favourite Spigen case prises the edge of the protector up at the sides. It's stayed in place despite this and seems to be holding, but it is annoying.
Great site, prompt delivery, excellent quality
Does not adhere properly on round edges of the phone. Beach sand gets under the protector making it unusable. Works with fingerprint.
Misleading photo
The protector does the job and fits the Galaxy S10 screen without problem even with my Samsung case in place. Relatively simple to apply once shown how (although had to google a video as the supplied instructions and link were as clear as mud). The huge disappointment is that this screen protector doesn't have a cut-out for the front-facing camera, so selfies etc are extremely blurred. The photo on the mobilefun website DOES show a cut out, which is why I chose to buy this product, so this is very misleading. Wouldn't buy again for that reason.
Does exactly what it says. Watched video beforehand which was extremely helpful, which I recommend as can be a bit fiddly. Screen protector is actually better than that which came factory fiitted on my phone! Can afford to mess up first try as 2 in a pack and way cheaper and far superior than official screen protector.
Easy to apply and no bubbles
straight forward and easy to apply. Does not interfere with the fingerprint sensor. Very happy
Good product
Good 5 stars
Spot On
does the job, easy to apply and also allows you to use fingerprint recognition.
Has issues
Was easy to apply and very clear instructions. Sadly the clear case i ordered with it peels the edges of the protector off the screen. Fails to restick down as over time dust sticks to the back of the protector because its lifted off
Good product put poor instructions.
the online videos don't relate to the product so you have to wing it and hope for the best.
Okay product
Hard to get on. Ruined one just trying to figure it out even with watching the video twice. And I don't recommend using it with a case as it bunches up the corners.
Nothing, product was exactly as described
Not the greatest
It's a good product for the price you pay, but it doesn't stay on the screen as long as what my factory one that came with the phone did. I've only had this one now for about a month and already it keeps lifting in all the corners.
Really happy. Seamless protection
Screen protector looks great on my phone. Fingerprint works seamlessly unlike other protectors I have used.
Nice to have a spare one for future use. Really pleased will definitely order again if required. Ordered this because I couldn't get the Samsung official one. Happy nonetheless.
Good product
This is a good product, but the fitting instructions could be clearer.
A couple of diagrams would be helpful... eg How the protector film pops out of the package
Does the job
Protector does the job, helpful video instructions.
Would recommend
I highly recommend this screen protector. It was easy to apply and you definitely cannot see this protector once it's on.
Does exactly what it says in the video and destructions????
A good screen protector
I found it easy to fit and it's been on a week so far with no sign of it coming off the fingerprint sensor works perfectly and to me this screen protector feels better than the one the phone comes fitted with
Really good product- would recommend
easy to install with the help of the video & still in place with no issues two weeks later. As good as the factory fitted protector.
Seems a good quality product
Only disappointment is that the screen protector isn't case friendly. Top corner just will not sit flat against the screen edge.
Very good screen protector
Very good quality screen protector, easily fitted without any bubbles to deal with. No complaints.
Top class product.
I purchased this screen protector for my Galaxy s10 and can honestly say it is definitely one of the best if not the best on the market. I previously used two other brands but had issues with both. Top class product and service.
Great quality and stick well to the curved screed on the phone.
I ordered this product to protect my samsung s10. It surprised me with how much comes with the screen protector... screen applicator, cleaning wipes, dust collectors etc. This product is super easy to apply and I have had it on my phone for a week now and there is no movement or bubbles. Fantastic product.
Almost Perfect!!
I initially had a little trouble fitting the protector. However, with a bit of persistence i was able to remove all the air bubbles, so it looks perfect. Its also very minimal - you don't notice that its there. Its pretty much invisible. The touch sensitivity is also unaffected - the fingerprint sensor works perfectly, as do all other touch responses. The display is also really sharp and clear. My only gripe, in the the screen feels a bit rubbery and every now and again it feels a bit sticky!! However, i don't regret buying and fitting it.
Works but not easy to apply
It's lucky that this was a twin pack as the first attempt didn't work out so well. It seemed to me that the instructions didn't match the product (2 tabs versus 3 tabs). However the 2nd attempt was better.
Very happy
Great product, goes on smoothly and gives pretty good protection, fingerprint sensor is great
Great product.
My concern was that I would have difficulty applying this screen protector, however I am pleased to say that it was very easy. No bubbles, no creases. As far as protection goes I will wait and see.
Need two
First protector didn't want to go on. Second time lucky, it does go over the front screen camera, but it doesn't effect the quality of the picture at all.
Screen protector feels good but doesn't fit the screen properly
Good value screen protector
A pretty good screen protector for the price, however doesnt have a cutout for front facing camera and be a bit hard to apply,
Quality as described
Was dissapointed that it took so long to arrive. Need to put in bold that the product is shipping from oversees and not within NZ.
Good price for good thing
Fast delivery
Excellent product.
Any new phone i get i look no further than Olixar screen and case protection. Excellent quality products that do the job for a reasonable price.
Good product
A good product that I will definately purchase again 😌
Really good
Great protection, fingerprint scanner works better.
Samsung Galaxay S10 Film Screen Protector
I bought the above screen protector, but I accidentally selected the wrong phone model. I sent an email straight away & was told that it had already been dispatched BUT that they would send me the model I wanted as well. I couldn't fault the service that I was given
Good product, would recommend
great product, easy to apply to screen, however squeegee leaves slight lines on protector if pressed too hard.
Samsung S10
Great screen protector for every day wear and tear, does not fully cover edge to edge but this isn't an issue if you use a phone case. Staff were very helpful quickly amending my order when i purchased the wrong item.
Great product !
It is a great product. No problems in terms of touch sensitivity or fingerprint scanning. Feels nice to the touch and better than a standard plastic protector. For the price I think it is great. Only problem is that it doesn't have a camera hole, which I had to cut out myself. But still a great product for the price, I would highly recommend
Almost makes screen more responsive
Next time I will spend more time cleaning screen. Application a little bit complicated but I managed to get it to fit nicely around the curved edges.
Not bad
Make sure to watch the video on youtube on how to apply.
Great screen protector
Great product, great price, and easy to put on!! ????????
If it was the same model as in the video wasted one then just managed to get the other on but will replace it with a glass one
Exactly As Described
Product was exactly as described, does the job and is priced well
Good but tutorial must be clearer
I like this protection, the product itself is a nice quality. However, the video on youtube are not clear at all and are not even for the same product. You have three things to peel, not two. I had to figure it out by myself how to put the screen protector. I succeed the second time but some dust when under, couldn't redo it because I already use all of them and didn't want to leave my new phone without a screen protection. I'll therefore leave it like that but it doesn't look perfect and great. Please redo your video to explain people how it works. Thanks.

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