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Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Curved Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 7's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect even the curved edges of the phone's unique display. Black edges match the black phone perfectly.
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 3.7 stars from 6 customers

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Glass Screen Cover
The glass screen cover fits almost like a glove. It is impossible to know a cover is on the phone. My only complaint is the instructions were not correct. It showed a picture with what was called guide stickers so you could place the cover centered on the phone. I found no such stickers in my package. It then says press the center of the cover once it's on the phone and watch it as the cover smoothly adheres to the screen. I never saw this effect. When I put the cover on the phone it was as if it was made on the phone. The screen does seem to be slightly loose around the bottom close to the button on the front. You can hear a pop every once in a while. It's more of an annoyance but I think it might need a little more adhesive. Besides those small imperfections I give a thumbs up or 5 stars absolutely. I've had it on the phone a week and have had no other issues like you hear with other glass covers. The cover fits tightly around the curved edges.
Quality product
This screen protector saved me a lot of time and effort. I pre-ordered it the day after pre-ordering my Note 7. My Note 7 arrived before the screen protector so I decided to wait until it arrived before setting up my phone. It arrived on recall day. It still sits in it's rather nicely presented box awaiting a Note 7 that won't spontaneously combust. It looks to be a quality product but I am unsure as to its fire retardant properties. Given the price of it I may use my new Note 7 for a week before putting it on there........just to be sure.
Nice glass protector, but when it cracks, you're done.
This is a premium glass screen protector for the Galaxy Note 7. The kit comes with everything you need to install, and it was easy to do. The curved part of the protector actually makes it easier to guide and install on this device than flat glass protectors that I've used previously for the Note 4. That said, the device was dropped and procured a slight crack on the corner which grew to larger splinters and fractures pretty quickly. So, yes it’s not indestructible, it’s glass after all. However, I was hoping for something more breakthrough in terms of structural strength. Regarding surface protection, it did it’s job in the few weeks I’ve had it. Long story short, don’t expect it to survive a fall, even a minor one of a few feet (about 1/2 meter).
The curved glass screen fully cover the screen however the dust can still get in. All side glass edge didn't stick well on the phone surface and you can hear ignoring click sound each time when pressing on your mobile. Not sure this happen because I have the phone case on. Would not recommend for other user.
There is absolutely no other screen protector on the market that even comes close to the Olixar note 7 tempered glass screen protector. Its perfect. Just make sure you do your part and apply it perfectly I got 1 Little itty bitty lint under it lol. You need to aldo customize you case trims with a cuticle cutter to not let the screen pop up.

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