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Reviews for Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. Compatible with 4G and 5G variants.
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Fingerprint sized on on the predator but not in the pictures
I purchased this for my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra after looking at all the pictures and thinking this was going to be what I needed I ordered it.
When I got the screen protector and went to put it on I noticed that there's a circle where the fingerprint sensor is that is not in the display pictures of the product being sold.
The circle is quite visible as you scroll through pages and is enough that I'm not going to keep it on. Couple that with it not recognizing my fingerprint even with sensitivity turned up and this is definitely a no by recommendation.
good quality screen but fingerprint doesn't work!
good quality screen but fingerprint doesn't work! not fit for purpose as advertised.
Wrong size
The whole for the fingerprint is in the wrong place .. and the edge of the screen only works if I push it really hard
Shocking product
This screen protector was supposed to be fingerprint sensitive it is definitely not and believe me I done all I could I adjusted the sensitivity nothing worked bought many products from yourselves all very good, now I will think twice. I threw this product in the bin in utter digust.
Try to find another protector.
Soft and nice Protector screen BUT Finger print OESN'T recognize at all (Samsung note 20 ultra). If some ones know which is screen protector working OK on the given phone, write on the rewiew I appreciate it. Thanks.
Good product
Fitting well to my phone.
Peace of mind
Good quality with easy installation, would give 5 stars but need to see how it performs first. Would recommend to others
Works well with right case
This protector cubes the screen well but needs to be held in by a good case to avoid risk of it pinging off, and to keep the fingerprint sensor working well.
First used wry an olixar case, sensor barely ever worked. Once I changed to a Torro case it holds the protector in more tightly and fingerprint sensor works fine.
Another quality product from Olixar supplied through Mobilefun
Curved edges effect how well it adheres
Due to curved edges it pops up and therefore effects how responsive the touch is. Threw it in the bin and bought a gel screen protector instead.
Excellent protection for your flag ship phone.
Good protection from scratches and drops for your expensive cell phone. Easy to install with care.
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