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Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
 4.1 stars from 57 customers

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Great product
Item as described
Happy with purchase
Delighted with the product, even though it was out of stock , they replenished their stock rapidly and got mone in the post ever so fast , its a wonderful cover , hard-wearing yet looks smart , Delighted with purchase and correspondence was fantastic, really happy I chose this company , would gladly return , excellent helpful service, a pleasure ????
Nothing as I was replacing the same type of screen protector
Great Screen Protector
Very Clear and responsive high end Technology good packaging and fast shipping.
Bought and arrived broken, thought it would have been stronger considering it's 'tempered glass'. Had replacement but felt cheap as it was applied. It didn't stick to the phone as I thought it would as it only has a thin beading of tape around the edges.
Easy to fit
This screen protector is easy to fit no bubbles and you can use your phone as if its not there. Brilliant would recommend! There are cheaper ones out there but its not worth it as ive done that.... just go for this you save in the long run ????
Protects screen well
pity the circle for finger print is so obvious, does spoil the overall look of the screen.
Easy to put on but flawed when it comes to biometrics.
Installing the screen was easy. Instructions on the video were clear. Unfortunately installing one of these means the fingerprint scanner is now disabled. It just doesn't work now. Also I have to press harder on the top of the screen to pull the status bar down. On the plus side, it doesn't get in the way of the full body cover shielding the other part of the phone. Recommend but with those caveats. Wish I had known about the biometric limiting features before purchasing.
Was great for few days then kept slipping out of phone cases grip , and didn't fit snugly. Frustrating. Finding it increasingly difficult to get a screen protector for this handset
Great product!
Quality as described
Awful product
Followed the instructions perfectly but the protector is too thick and had to use all my force to press buttons on the screen plus the finger print reader stopped. Had to take it off and throw it away.
Good glass
Used Olixar since Note 3, always good glass. But thus tempered does not work with fingerprint sensor. Shame, as the cost is worth it. Granted, only had fitted for half an hour and read somewhere that it takes 24hours for glue to go off, so will see. But a definite circle is visible, which is annoying as hell. Suppose I'll leave for a week, then buy Whitestone
Very good product
Easy to fit no bubbles great job
all good except fingerprint unlock hit and miss
Does what it says on the tin
Easy to apply, good packaging, came quickly. I haven't dropped my phone yet so i can't speak for how well it would stand up but it feels good quality.
Great Protection
I was hesitant to purchase this product at first, but I'm so glad I did. It fits my phone perfectly and even came with instructions on how to apply it properly. I am very happy with my purchase and do plan on ordering from this company again.
This is just another brand that DOESN'T WORK with the finger print reader on the GALAXY NOTE 10 PLUS 5G with or without the circle where the finger print reader goes the problem is SAMSUNG why oh why couldn't they put the finger print reader on the back again like the NOTE 9 then all your worries are over TUT TUT SAMSUNG BAD DESIGN in my opinion it's a shame because that's the only thing that lets the £1200 phone down even the NEW AND IMPROVED NOTE 20 WILL BE THE SAME why oh why ? ? ? Learn from the NOTE 9 or even the LG V50 which in my opinion has the best finger print reader that's on the back to lol if you want to waste your money on a product that DON'T WORK EVERY TIME ALL THE TIME then ok your loss your wasting money on an expensive screen protector that's it I've gone back to the original plastic film screen protector and spent my money on 1 of the best cases on the market ? ?
Top Quality Screen Protector
Looks great and protects completely, also an easy installation.
Really excellent fit. High quality screen saver
I wish I had known that there is an odd visible circle where the screen protector covers the fingerprint scanning part of the screen. It is visible all the time - and it's not a feature I use. Having said that - the screen protector seems robust and fits perfectly. It was easy to install. As long as you're aware of the fingerprint circle - I would happily recommend it!!
First glass
How sensitive the screen protection was.
I find that It’s not as sensitive as I expected.
I was easy to apply and will give more protection to the scree.
Very good
Very good and cool product ..i loved it
Excellent product
Excellent product.It takes a few days for the finger scan to fully work but afterwards is ok.
Brilliatn customer service as well...I accidentally broke my screen protector and they sent me a new one.Thanks a lot guys.
Best screen protector for the Note 10 plus. Hands down
Awesome product.
This is the only product that works with the galaxy note 10 plus finger print sensor.
High quality product
Excellent service nice product very fast shipping
I wish the screen was more sensitive to my touch. I struggle if my stylus pen is not used
Protects screen
This tempered glass protects screen , easy to install , cheap, no bubbles or peeling after fit , downside is visible circle around finger print sensor, and sensor not work at all once installed, also note ten plus screen is smaller than phone screen, black color bezel covers some screen area on edges , no problems with phone cases . Overall my opinion is its usable as protection layer, that's it .
Mobile zap fast delivered with no damages. Service is impressive.
Affected by weather / humidity
Bought and installed during September (Australia max temp 20 Celsius) and it worked great, no complaints, even the finger print works. But as we approached summer (December max 40 Celsius), the glass moved unknowingly whilst in pocket. Imagine holding up the line at the checkout, as finger print no longer recognised to access mobile payment. At closer inspection, found the glue on the finger print circle has shifted. This is the first glass protector I've had issue with and hopefully it was just my luck since all the reviews I've read was pretty good.
Awesome product
Awesome product
First class support and product .
Very good product
Wanted a product to protect my screen.
Very happy
Not too impressed
I would have liked to know if it will be fine with fingerprint security.
Is this screen protector compatible with the Encased rebel note 10+ phone case?
It protects the device well, but you have to press the screen very hard to access the phone and the finger sensor doesn't work at all.
Fingerprint Scanner & Case Compatability
I ordered the Olixar tempered glass screen protector for my new Galaxy Note 10 plus, together with the Olixar NovaShield Bumper case.
Initially the screen protector made the fingerprint scanner pretty useless.
In the last few days I ascertained a 'work-around' is to record the same fingerprint multiple times, which makes the scanner more reliable. It would also seem that the gel that sticks it to the screen may settle after a few days?
The screen protector is actually really good quality with this work-around. Clear, smooth and perfectly fitted.
Unfortunately, when I fitted the Olixar bumper case as few days later, I found out the two aren't compatible!!
The case lifts the screen protector away from the phone!
So one Olixar product is now making the other unusable.
I'm really miffed because some of the features and qualities of my new phone are completely unusable, and if i remove either the cover or the screen protector, my £1300 phone is vulnerable to damage.
I actually just need to return both as neither are any good to me now.
I have ordered a different case and would gladly stick with the Olixar screen protector but I've messed with it so much trying to make it work with the Olixar case that it has marks and dust on the inside of the screen.
In short, I highly recommend the screen protector, but not with the Olixar Bumper Case.
Looks Good
not yet used, bought as a spare, but it looks good, I`m sure it will be ok.
On the fence
The screen protector is clear as and stuck on great while using different branded case cover. Depending on how OCD you are, I would think some may find the clear circle around the finger print sensor annoying? Great it's placed exactly where your sensor is located, BUT having a clearer round patch while u are watching video or play games may be another thing for some. Probably would need some time getting used to.
Good Product
I don't know if there's any warranty for this product.

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