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Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus PET Curved Screen Protector Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus' in pristine condition with this Olixar curved PET scratch- resistant screen protector
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Olixar... not what they used to be?
I ordered this as an emergency replacement for the more expensive glass one; which only lasted a very brief time (and cracked whilst inside a dedicated - and quite padded - internal jacket pocket)!
I also buy these for my GF's iPhones; but, although much more expensive, I'm going to return to Whitestone Dome protectors for my Samsung Notes...
Also, whilst the delivery is not expensive, for a paid-for service (and for an item that would pass as a large letter), a full 7-days is not good enough. Firstly, that's a full week my phone's not protected; and secondly, many free-of-charge sellers are quicker. If we're paying for it, speed it up, please.
Goes on easy
Usually these products don't go on as easy as they say they do, this goes on as easy as it says.
Good product
I am useless at doing phone screen protectors, this is first one I've ever got to go on perfectly. The tools it came with actually made it easy and no bubbles!
Not fingerprint friendly
I like the look of the screen protector. The screen was clear and my apps responded to touch but it was not compatible at all with the in screen fingerprint sensor. I would recommend it to someone that did have an in screen sensor. Outside of that I would not
Satisfied product
Delivery was fast. Very satisfied with the screen protector. Will be sticking to this brand for screen protector for any phone. Highly recommended!
screen protector
Fits perfectly
Note 10+
Great protection. I just always have trouble applying them bc I want it perfect.

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