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Olixar Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57534
$17.25 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 9 customers

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Brilliant product... Great value for money
This is the second time I have bought this product. Prior to buying this the first time I had smashed 2 phone screens and ended up paying an early upgrade fee to get a new phone. I applied this screen protector and it worked perfectly for around 4 months. It was easy to apply and there was no loss of sensitivity to my touch screen. After a while you forget that you even have anything on your screen. Inevitably I dropped my phone on its front once again, which I didn't realise until a few days later had cracked the screen protector. I ordered another one straight away and when it arrived I removed the cracked one. My phone screen was totally unscathed and remained in perfect condition. If the protector hadn't been on there my phone screen definitely would've smashed. So now the second screen protector is on there and working perfectly. Very worthwhile purchase if you are clumsy like me!
Easy on, virtually unnoticeable
Really easy to install, the included cleaning kit makes it easy to get the screen very clean and then it just drops on. Perfectly fits the device, cutouts make it easy to line up. Doesn't seem to affect the performance of the screen, and no noticeable lens effect. Very happy so far
This item is excellent. Easy to fit - no bubble issues
This item is excellent. Easy to fit - no bubble issues as you get with plastic covers. Touch screen performance completely unimpaired.

Add a Gel case as well and you have your phone protected.
Easy to apply Screen Protector
I recently purchased this screen protector and phone case for my new phone as I'm very good at dropping it. The screen protector was the easiest to apply by far. Simply line it up and push down in the middle you can see it attaching itself from the centre out. No bubbles no messing. Very happy
Does the job
Purchased about a month ago I was initially worried if glass was for me as I'm clumsy and good at dropping stuff. However it was really easy to fit compared to plastic, and the sensitivity of the screen is much better. I have purchased the Oxilar case too which wraps around and maybe also be helping protect the screen but no damage so far. Really pleased I paid the extra for the glass.
Not a bad product
The tempered glass screen protector is like a magnet for dust, the on-screen instructions state to use the wet cloth to clean the screen of the phone and then dry with the lint cloth, however this should actually state to dry with the dry cloth in the sachet instead as there could be dust or bits on the lint cloth which then sticks straight onto the screen on the phone - making the tempered glass screen protector more difficult to stick to the screen of the phone.

Otherwise not a bad product.
Fits nicely, no obvious visual impact.
Mine arrived safely, which itself counts for a lot when living down this end of the world. Be sure to follow the instructions when applying, as it latches on very easily. Fits well, no obvious visual impact, it's as if I'm swiping the screen itself. I'm not about to "test" it of course, but I'm definitely glad I bought it.
Highly recommended. First class product. Does not detract from the original screen, virtually disappears from sight and maintains tactile feel of the screen.
This screen protector is wonderful. Unlike the plastic versions that can occasionally distort the clarity of today's smartphone screens this product is virtually invisible. It is so easy to apply with no need for any squeegee to remove air bubbles - it secures itself once placed on the phone's screen - brilliant! Being made of hardened glass it does not change the tactile quality of the screen, unlike many of the cheaper versions on sale.

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