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Reviews for Olixar Samsung Galaxy A71 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy A71 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy A71 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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Great product
It was well packaged and a rarity in these that the cleaning solution cloth actually was still wet with the solution and had not dried out like a lot of these! The screen is excellent quality but I felt the width was a little on the narrow side as once fitted I can see it doesn't quite fit edge to edge (definitely the correct version for my phone). This is a little annoying and hence the 4 stars not 5 but overall it does the job intended, went on well with no bubbles etc if it was just 1 or 2 mm wider it would have been an easy 5 stars from me. Also I did double check before applying that I had positioned it correctly so this is not the reason for the width not been perfect.
Tampered glass
Not the best. Protects but when texting or emailing sometimes it isn't 100% responsive, you sometimes need to finish sentences with the predicted text. Annoying when happens when gaming too.
Screen protector has a chunk out of it
If it had a black surround around it
It works well but not with certain phone covers..
If you plan on not having a phone cover this fits perfect. If you have a cover, especially the Ringke cover (Mine is the black camo one) from this site it wont fit without pushing up a corner or corners.

Like most screen protectors there will be bubbles when you have it on at first but just flatten them out and they should disappear.

It's a top rated protector for the phone but just be careful what phone cover you have when buying this.
Very nice
It's more durable than I thought it would be.
AU$25 out the window
Read through the instructions and watch the instruction video. Followed instructions, but still got some small air-bubbles. Went on to put the my new Ringke Fusion X Samsung Galaxy A71 Tough Case, the corners of the glass lifted and had to be removed after that.
Faultless service
Prompt delivery excellent product and extremely helpful back up service. Would strongly recommend this company
Very sensitive screen cover
Very little loss of sensitivity using this screen cover, even fingerprint recognition works well. Just a shame I wasn’t able to eliminate all the air bubbles.
Exellent good protection
The first thing I purchase before even using a new phone the last time 2years ago had just fitted the protector and promptly dropped the phone on to a concrete floor!!!
The good news is the phone still works the protector cracked but saved the phone.
Excellent fit for both glass and case.
how good the fit to phone should be.
It works fine
Ensure your phone screen is absolutely clear
I really like this product it has lived up to its expectations.
i would of like to have read a honest review, its hard to find something that lives up to its repetation.
Protected screen
I dropped my phone and it broke the tempered screen, phone was saved so this item worked well
Easy to install but....
This item was easy to install but it makes typing tricky as sometimes the screen doesn’t recognise the letters you’re typing. Seems to need more pressure on the screen.
Not functional for A71
When applied, you can't use the fingerprint sensor on the A71, even with sensitivity set to high. You also can't reset the fingerprints once the protector is in place. For some reason, the Samsung A71 won't work with glass protectors. I've now tried 2 and neither work. The Olixar film protector does work but of course the protection level is lower.
Does what it says.
I needed a screen protector for my new phone that was easy to attach. This was it. Also it works very well. At some point the protector screen got chipped and cracked, but my phone didn't. I would call that a result.
Fairly easy to install
this product was fairly easy to install. I trust my screen is protected.
Fairly easy to install
this product was fairly easy to install. I trust my screen is protected.
Great Protector
This is the second one I've purchased. The first one sadly cracked because I stupidly dropped my car keys on my phone but saving the screen.
So yes a great protector and probably one of the best.
Definitely recommend.
This screen protector is easy to use and I'm hoping it will provide good protection if I drop my phone.
The screen protector for Samsung A71 is very different to the A70!
Not worth it
Took weeks, literally weeks to arrive. Actual screen protector is so not worth the money, nice packaging it arrived safe and very well protected. Read the instructions and it directed you to watch a video, all grand, did it all. Put it on, no matter how hard I tried still had one small air bubble. Left it in the door of my car when driving that day and it cracked, all over cracks everywhere. I order another one for €5 and its sound, packaging not as nice but arrived safe, for the price comparison and the length it has lasted no cracks in comparison it's perfect.
Very happy with the product.
Pictures of the screen protector on your website show a hole in the glass that goes over the front camera when it's fitted to the screen. The product doesn't actually have that hole, but this does not appear to have any negative impact on the performance of the camera. Very happy with my purchase.
Good product
Comes with cleaning clothes and tabs to help fit the protector without getting your fingerprints all over it. Easy fit. Nice clear screen.
Nicely done
Just fitted this tempered glass screen protection to my new A71....the item came with all the necessary sundries for cleaning the screen before application, alignment sticker tabs to aid positioning the protector without getting your prints all over/under your new cover...
2 things of note, when sticking the alignment tabs onto the screen before placement make sure you don't cover the forward facing camera, as this will make the lens hole alignment tricky....secondly, go carefully when removing the backing from the cover as the adhesion is strong...we wouldn't want to break the tempered glass due the excessive flex of lens when removed from backing !
Excellent Glass Screen Protector -
Another quality product from Olixar - comes in excellent, well designed packaging which gives more than adequate protection for the glass.
The fitting instructions are easy to understand, and a video demonstration is available to watch. All you need to make a clean and dust free fitting is supplied and it's so easy.
Some may think the price is too much but on receipt you will have no doubts about your purchase. I am very pleased with mine.
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