Olixar Samsung Galaxy A70 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy A70 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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Exactly what I wanted
Good quality and easy to apply.
It fits like a glove compatible with my phone case and truly bubble free would definitely recommend.
Exellent service
Can't tell it's on the phone and works a treat.
Tempered glass
Needed a screen protector to prevent damage to phone when MTBing. this screen works quite well but I find it needs constant cleaning.
Hard to gauge
I found a crack in my tempered glass one morning and couldn't remember banging or dropping it that would have caused it (obviously I did but I didn't think at the time it was big enough to crack the screen).
Samsung A70 screen protector
Good quality, fits easily no hassle and also the screen is still sensitive and responsive. All in all it's a very good purchase.
Excellent customer service
I will use Mobile fun again and recommend the company to others. It is sometimes difficult to find the right product for your phone, given the many different models produced, even with the same name but different in different years. Mobile fun make it clear what the differences are and make it easy to handle when the buyer gets it wrong.
Its okay
Ok. The only thing that i have to say is that the screen has black edges already so the screen protector shouldn't have to be like the screen. Was expecting a clear one. It does cut the the a little bit. But would definitely recommend to someone if need. One is good. Cause i dropped the the phone and nothing happened. Not even a scratch. Was expecting scratches and a broken screen. But overall it is ok.
Easy to apply. Quality Producf
The easiest screen protector installation I've ever had to do. Has a nice feel to it. Great product
Extra Protection.
Easy to fit, cleans well, and gives screen that added protection, at a sensible cost.
Great service
Hard today fits great , was easy to install but will find out if I break my phone
Perfect and smooth covering
Arrived without a hitch, was very easy to put on and has a bright, clear appearance.
Olixar Samsung Galaxy A70 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Very pleased with this product, easy to attach to your Samsung Galaxy A70 screen, really is bubble free, I found that I had to turn on the Touch Sensitivity option in the display settings for the fingerprint sensor to work properly but otherwise no other problems.

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