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Reviews for Olixar Samsung Galaxy A51 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy A51 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy A51 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
 4.3 stars from 61 customers

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Great Protection
The best protection for my phone screen, easy to fit, looks good and slim fitting
Great quality
Very easy to apply looks great when on.
No regret, happy with this product.
The demo video helped me very well to apply the screen protector on my A51 phone, I will recommend this product without hesitation.
Tempered glass screen protector
A good product but was definitely not as easy to put on as in the video!!
Tough glass and Easy to fit
Super tough and smart looking mobile protector, so easy to fit and looks great when fitted,I like the slightly curved edges,you'd think it was part of the mobiles screen.
I tried many types of tempered glass before but they were too thick and preventing my finger print recognition to function. This one works perfectly well and the customer service is excellent ! Very good communication and helped me sort out an issue i had with the first one I bought straight away. I can highly recommend them. Will buy again.
Perfect for protecting my phone when the kids drop it
Its perfect for protecting the screening everytime it drops!
Highly recommend.
Great screen protector, was very easy to apply
Seems to be a good protector, my husband has a neurological disorder which means that he keeps dropping his phone so hopefully this will do the job
Very Good
Excellent service
Had to wait a little but the quality was worth it
Incompatible with spigen case
I already have a spigen case for this phone but found that although the olixar glass is good on it’s own, it would not maintain an airtight seal with the phone glass once the spigen case was fitted. Hopefully this issue would not occur when paired with an olixar case.
The on-screen fingerprint will not work when this is on, but it does protect the screen.
A little pricey for 1 in the box.
Good Product
Tricky to fit but does the job
Updated review
I originally gave this three stars because there was a small bubble under the glass but having not used the phone for a couple of weeks after installation the bubble had disappeared. The glass was excellent for the lack of fingerprints and was worth paying the extra over the cheaper protectors.
Not bubble-free
Product probably ok. I lifted it once to remove a hair and managed to get a bubble which I couldn't remove. Considering the price and the claim that it would be bubble-free I was disappointed. Product may still be good if you get it right first time.
Excellent product
Easy to install.
Probably pretty good
Following the instruction video precisely when I went to place the glass onto the phone the "handling" tabs peeled away from the glass and the glass hit the table and collected major specks of dust on the bonding layer making it unusable. I would suggest using something with a bit stronger bond to hold the glass while installing
Could be better
Arrived quickly. A little difficult to adhere . Had to take it off a couple if times, as the instruction to press in the middle, didn't work. It has been fitted now a couple of weeks and the bottom right corner, is going opaque, which indicates it hasn't adhered. Probably won't last the time. shame.
Ideal Protection
This product was an ideal fit for my new Galaxy A51. Clear instructions on how to prepare the front of the phone, and very easy to apply.
very poor
Lifted off after 1 day
Quality product
Very pleased with my purchase.
Replacement one as the old one did its job.
Proof that it could do the job.
Decent screen detector
Item arrived promptly and was as advertised
Supposed to be bubble free application mine has bubbled !!!!.
Good but really struggke to apply
I've used this screen protects before, and when the phone was dropped it protects the screen very well. It takes a real hard drop to crack this and still the screen beneath was fine.
Really enjoy it, still touch sensitive and the thumbprint works through the screen (although sometimes a bit of a struggle).
It was tricky to apply without bubble but was managed, it took a lot of scraping and you need a good deal of patience.
Overall good protector and would definitely recommend!
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