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Olixar Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62436
$9.19 inc VAT
 3.4 stars from 8 customers

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Epic fail
Ruined both of the two film protectors trying to put them on without bubbles. Instructions on the packaging in tiny print with tiny indecipherable pictures. Probably fine for experienced users but not for the novice. I threw them in the bin and went straight to my nearest mobile phone shop and bought a hard screen protector that they put on my phone for me!
Does the job
Difficult to put on but I think they always are !!
Great that comes with a microfiber cloth and cleaning products
Total protection.
Use one of these with an Olixar ArmourDillo case for total peace of mind, bomb proof!
Good quality screen protector
I've used Olixar screen protectors before and so tried this one for the latest (2017) A5. It covers the whole of the screen and so when used with a case provides complete protection. The protector went on easily with no bubbles. I can definitely recommend this product, especially at this price.
Works well, useful applicator
I bought this screen cover because I have a small crack in the screen and wanted to protect the phone from further damage and keep moisture out of the crack as much as possible. It works well and the film cover comes with a series of stickers and a little applicator board that makes it much easier to move the sticky film into place and then push out the air bubbles. Would recommend.
Waste money
The cover is a good fit and that about as far as it goes.

1st screen protector fitted and I spent 10min getting all the bubble out, only to find when I peal the 2nd Layer off it removed the protection screen from the phone.

2nd screen protector, well didn't even get as far as fitting to the phone, after attaching the guide stickers and carefully removing tab 1 half way, the guide sticker side let go.
Maybe it's just me.
Not worth the money
Did not like the screen protector, first one was creased when taken out of the packaging and the second creased while removing the bubbles, have gone back to Samsung ones.
Great product
Great product went on easy with a little masking tape to hold it straight

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