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Olixar Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.

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 3.9 stars from 13 customers

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Great product
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
good screen protectors
great product, fits precisely and lasts well and the instructions are good. The tabs to place the film on your screen are helpful - but it's much easier with another person assisting, as the film is attracted to the screen and can "stick" in the wrong place if you don't watch out.

Second lot I've bought, so I would recommend them
great cover very good instructions
this works very well, no bubbles and just a solid product
great protection for new phone
Fitting this protector is a bit tricky,but once installed,excellent protection.[I've always fitted them to new phones before use] Take a look on the internet for more info on fitting. A method I found [which works for me] is fitting them in the bathroom[phone switched off!] with the shower on..the steam produced reduces dust particles floating in the atmosphere..then follow instructions supplied.
Excellent kit
fits well, good quality
this item fits the phone screen perfectly, the screens edges are curved/bevelled so no protector will stick to those - this protector covers the whole flat surface of the screen.
can't complain about olixar products, all our samsung devices have them and I would try to buy olixar 1st as I know they are a quality item.
Just right for my phone
Perfect fit for my screen also like the little wet and dry wipes. Anf carf smoothers. Cute kit.
Not very impressed
I found this very difficult to apply and I have been unable to successfully apply either of the protectors to my phone. Followed the instructions to the letter. Didn't make a difficult application any easier
does what it says on the box
if you take it slowly, these are easy to put on, minor bubbles easy to slide out, those that weren't disappeared after a while anyway
Speedy delivery of effective product
I was very happy with the screen protector which had good instructions and was very good value for money. The order came through quickly as promised.
Difficult to apply
This screen protector proved very difficult to apply without leaving air bubbles.
really bad
This is the worst screen protector i have ever used. Its almost impossible to install, 1st layer there are in 2 parts just to make your job mor difficult, and when(if) you did it the second layer is a pain to remove.
Very good
Great idea and great product that does the job. 4 stars because it's a nightmare to put on, lots of air bubbles that weren't easy to push out and some around the edges that I didn't manage to get rid of. Also, one of the instruction stickers left glue residue on the screen protector and that took ages to clean off too.
The screen protector makes your phone a bit darker.
It was worth the effort though, I'd buy again.

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