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Olixar S6 Edge Plus Curved Glass Screen Protector - Black Sapphire Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus' screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect all of the phone's unique display this colour matched protector is ideal for the Black Sapphire phone.
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 3.7 stars from 27 customers

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This has saved my phone several times
This is an extremely good screen protector. I've been through 4 this year alone as I keep on dropping the phone. Really easy to apply, stays on like it's glued and protects the screen perfectly, even the curved edge. Highly recommended!
Best fit, great quality
I've had 3 previous screen savers on my Samsung S6 Edge Plus. Two were those flimsy plastic films that didn't last me a day or so before I removed them, because of bubbles and smudging. The third was an inexpensive Tempered Glass shield that was OK but didn't fit exactly and because of that I got a small crack when the case lifted an edge. This Olixar fits perfectly and I expect it will last until I'm ready to upgrade to a new phone.
It.would pop off when put on a phone case
It wasnt very reliable. It would pop off when i applied a phone case
"Tempered Glass"??
The "Plastic sheet is quite tough but definitely Not Glass! It does give good protection to the screen but is obviously not that easy to get a full contact at certain edge points. Very expensive for what you get. I had to return mine but got a local coating, same thing for half the price. Obviously a hard thing to get it on perfect because it's still not "perfect" and that's professionally fitted.
I think it is probably too hard for the thickness of it as it cracks with ease. Not for me as a first choice, but that might be just me? The Spigen case was good though.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Les

We can assure you it is tempered glass and we have tested this within videos also to show its qualities as a 'glass' screen protector.

Hope this helps reassure you.
"Tempered Glass"
Not a Fan of this one, Don't believe the "Tempered Glass" description. It didn't stick down properly and cracked/splintered at the corner where it had not stuck down. These cracks got worse as time went by. So for this price it was a massive let down.
To be fair mobile fun offered me a free of charge replacement, but as the item was out of stock it just took too long. They have though kindly offered me a refund.
Love This Cover!
Very high quality cover, the best out there! Highly Recommended :)
Two thumbs up
When held at an angle to allow the light to pass across the screen protector, you can see a dot grid as a part of the tempered glass. I say this as it may bother some.

That said, I have been using this screen protector for over a month and it is yet to scratch, feels great (it's glass) and is sturdy. I would buy again.
Premium Screen Protector
I love my new screen protector! It is the best on the market for the Samsung galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Be very careful when applying the protector! I had issues with mine and Zaina from Mobilefun was amazing at helping me! Thank you so much Zaina :)
Simply the Best
I purchased the Olixar curved glass screen protector and WOW what a great piece of kit it is . It's stylish and is just the simplist cover to fit . It fits perfect too right to the curved edge . SIMPLY THE BEST
Doesn't adhere well and impacts screen clarity
This screen protector is easy to fit but I'm not impressed with the adhesion to the screen, the bottom right corner is already lifting away from the screen and after investing this amount of money I would expect a much higher level of quality.
In the frosted sections you can see where the glue has stuck in darker patches and lighter patches where it hasn't.
The screen is also impacted, part of the beauty of the S6 edge + is the screen and this protector causes a slight distortion which gives the impression of pixelation on the screen. I initially thought that there was another plastic cover on the screen and spent 10 mins trying to remove it.
I have no doubt that this protector will keep my screen safe from scratches and marks but if you want to keep the look of this phone intact I would advise you to steer clear.
Don't waste your time...
This item is poor, I made sure to follow the guide for applying the protector as advertised on the Olixar website.

There is very little adhesive on the curved area of the protector, every time I used the phone I would hear a 'crack' sound as the adhesive on the edges adhered and then disconnected. After 12hrs of this I removed the protector and threw it in the bin.

I'd advise you don't waste the money on this like I did.
Bought clear screen protector curved
I would have appreciated if someone had told me from Olixar that the cover would crack once i applied it and put my phone back in the Oxilar case that the cover would crack what a waste of money im not happy to say the least

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