Olixar RFID Car Key Signal Blocking Pouch - Carbon Fibre Reviews

Keep your car protected with this keyless entry anti-theft pouch from Olixar. Featuring RFID blocking nano technology and a Faraday cage, this pouch decreases the chances of your vehicle being stolen.
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Works a treat
Does what it claims
Excellent item. With keys in pouch even in the car the signal is blocked.
It’s a sound and intelligent product
This is one of those humble products that really serve it’s owners. I buy to give as a gift because it does so much for so little money.
Peace of mind
A useful pouch for carrying carneys and contactless payment cards secure from electronic eavesdropping. Easy to use and effective. The only drawback is that it is a little bulky for the pocket, but I'm not sure how it could be made less so and still be effective. Overall a good buy to give added peace of mind.
Olixar rd pouch
Description and functions were clear
Very Good
This product is very useful quite masculine. I ordered 2 for male friends. They are very pleased.
Blocking pouch
Maybe the pocket for the keys was deeper so the keys didn’t push against the cards
Really works
Yes it really works . The doors will not open when the key fob is in the pouch , even standing next to the car . In fact I put the fob in the pouch while I was sitting in the car and it would not start . Money well spent .
Very Good service
Very happy with everything
Blocks signals from car remote
Keys and fob fit in special compartment- must be far enough to close the top flap to ensure signal block. There is second pocket that could be used for credit cards, but car remotes are so bulky you would probably bend them - also as the card pocket does not have same lining as the key pocket, I don't know if cards are actually protected.
Does what it says on the tin.
Works as stated.
Absolutely brilliant
I bought it for a friend and he is really delighted with it. It shields the key to his car and holds credit card as well. Great value
for money and peace of mind to know that his key is now RFID proof. Thanks Mobile Fun.
Very good
This actually works it’s brilliant
Key ring case
This is stylish as well as functional. You can never be too careful so I would happily recommend it.
Good quality product, perhaps just a little large and bulky - with keys in it - to be a good fit for pockets ... but you can't have everything!
Does what it says on the tin
A number of police forces have been recommending thid kind of RFID proof pouch, due to changes in key exploitation technology.

When the pouch arrived we subjected it to extensive testing and it does the job.

Please reemeber to place your key in the inner, silver liked pouch, NOT the outer one.
Quite Good
Not quite what I anticipated, but a great product well made ,great price but didn’t quite my type of key ring set up.
Got it for my car fob
I've tried it with keys attached and work perfectly.
Good for Keys, Poor for Cards
This case appears to work well for its main function of blocking car key signals. However, its secondary function of protecting credit cards from being read works but the fact that there is only one, quite deep pocket for cards makes it awkward to use and limited in its usability.
In summary, it is reasonable value for keyless entry car owners but that is all.
It works
It is a pain getting keys out as a bit tight. However, it is a compromise between not being too large for your pocket but able to carry the keys. In my case all the motorvan keys are in it as they are linked. When full you can't put a credit card in its slot.
Serves its purpose, I hope!
I would have liked it to be a little larger - when I stuffed my “key” on its very original branded key ring the pocket lining split - had expected it to be a little more robust.
As for whether it actually can stop a scammer “machine” I guess I will never know if it does, just if it doesn’t!
Protect keys
Works extremely well. Protects my keys from hacking attacks
Olixar RFID Car Key Signal Blocking Pouch - Carbon Fibre
Only use for bank cards. Small for car key
Excellent blocking pouch
As this is a new product I would have appreciated a bit more information online The price was reasonable let’s hope it will last for a long. time as keys can be wearing on the fiber
Brilliant pouch
Very useful but!
A very good product but a little difficult to get out credit cards when car key and door key inside pouch. Also need a small second pouch for spare key. Should be an option to buy.
Excellent piece of kit
Your desription was excellent
Works as described, well made.
Although the keys fit into the pouch rather a snug fit there is not much room for payment cards.
Keyless car security
Works fine, car won't unlock or engine start when key is secure in the pouch. Means fiddling about but a small price to pay for the security.
Blocking Pouch
I've only had this a short while and it seems to be doi g the job.
Does the business
A bit of peace of mind that addresses very well the problem created by poor manufacturing of our new cars coupled with a minority section of our country intent on taking what is not theirs to take .
Simply does its job. Use it and your car is more secure with almost no effort.
Gift for someone else
No idea got as a gift for a friend
Worked well
Worked really when I got it as the car did not recognise the key. However, I had to put the key in the front pocket in order to drive which was not a problem but the thread ripped at the edge of the blocking pouch
Really handy pice of kit. No need for anything more when having a stroll along the prom. Great stuff.
Nothing to ask, pretty straightforward to see what it is and what it does.
Good quality
However if you keep your house keys on it then they wont fit.
Does exactly what it says on the tin,good value for money.
It does what it says Brilliant thanks.
Great safety item
A very good item at a great price.
Very effective
At last a way of finding out if your car is locked before you leave it.r
RFID pouch works 100 percent ,great product.
Well made RFID pouch that looks good. Works well, 100 percent effective in blocking signals.
Does what it says
It does work, unless I take the key out of the pouch I am unable to get into the car.
I have been looking for something for my car key fob rathyer than a tin box, this is perfect
It really works!
I was very dubious at first as to whether this would actually work but it does and very well I put the key in the pouch and tried to open the car door, it would not, take key out and it opens
Well made and practical
Good quality and neat design
Neat, quality product.
Large enough to take my whole key ring with flap closed which must be a bonus. We have one each.
How is it that i can happily open my car by pressing the key fob while inside the wallet? surely the wallet should prevent the transmission to the car?
A good size with two pockets. Easily takes my car key plus house key and severalsmaller keys. Bought two as one for friend. Very pleased
RFID wallet
Large pocket takes the car key with ease, with space for credit cards as well. Strongly made and should last a good time
RFID Protection
Never thought about my Car Key being hacked. I'm glad I saw this item. I told my family and friends straight away. The pouch is well made and reasonably priced. Buy one or more now!
This pouch has given me so much peace of mind since seeing all the horrible car jacking stories in the press recently. Knowing my car is safe from this type of crime is a real benefit, plus the actual pouch is really good too. Fits my keys in neatly along with a few other items. The design looks great and the size is ideal of use out and about as well as just leaving in the house. I just wish Olixar did a twin pack!

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