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Olixar Retracta-Cable MFi Lightning Charge and Sync Cable - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge and sync your Lightning devices with this tangle-free 2.6 Ft retractable 'Made for iPhone' certified cable from Olixar. Offering a practical way of keeping your cable tidy and in full working order.
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 4.5 stars from 36 customers

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Does exactly what it says it does
Does exactly what it says it does. Solid build (better than in-shop brands I previously had). Only had one go faulty after long term use, which was the mini-USB retainer clips on the under side some how becoming stuck in, meaning it would not have a solid connection and would slip out my phone. Apart from that one I have bought 3, and had no issues. I would have to quibble to buy these again.
(If it was possible, I would like a model with a longer lead.)
Fantastic little gadget
Fantastic little gadget. Use it in my car to charge my iPhone, does a quick charge and also connects me to apple play, without any fuss. The cable is tidy and goes back to how it should be after use. Mine sits out of the way so when not in use, you don't see it.
Would recommend.
I got this as a replacement for the cable supplied with my phone as my cat had chewed the hell out of it. Nice sturdy tangle free cable. I just wish it was a bit longer. Being retractable, means my cat won't be able to chew it.
works a dream
A superb product, strong reliable construction and keeps everything tidy
Its my second one, the first is still as good as new I use it in the car this new one is for using in the house
Great for travelling
Really like these retractable cables, I bought both the lightening and mini USB for non Apple items. You can just slip it in your pocket if you're going on the train or use it with a power bank. It is well made and seems sturdy, I'm pleased with it.
Well made retractable lead
Nice compact well constructed self-retractable (pull to extend, pull again to retract) non-tangling flat cable. Extends to about 70cm (2ft4in). I have some micro-USB to USB-C adapters so was able to use this retractable with my USB-C LG Nexus5x phone as well as my Android tablets. They looked so good in the pics (and I've bought Olixar stuff before) that I bought FOUR of them, and wasn't disappointed. Completely decluttered my desk with two of them hooked up to my desk charger (also Olixar), one in the car, and one in the kitchen... no more dangling cables!
Simple and effective
Simple and effective. Maybe how things should be
Great item very easy to use
Great item very easy to use and when retracted great to store away and save space
Brilliant solution to tangled cables
I bought 2 of these and use one on my desk to keep cables tidier when not in use. It works brilliantly and I have no need for constant 'unknotting of charging/syncing cables.

The other one is in the car and can be pulled out of a storage compartment without bringing half of the other contents out with it! The ability to just release the required length of cable when in use also vastly reduces the 'angel' factor.

Well worth purchasing.
Works as advertised
Convenient and compact.

Works well with all mini-USB connector devices.
Tangled mess
Couldn't believe how these cables immediately jammed and tangled on initial use,tried for some time to untangle them without success, put them straight back in their packaging and sent them back, a very poor product, so disappointed.
NOT Apple certified?
I purchased 2 of these as we have several IPADs/IPhones and we thought they would be useful for charging purposes. I thought that the website said that they were Apple certified (or whatever the correct terminology is) and so would work without issue with our devices. However, when we plug in an IPAD or IPHONE using these cables we get the message that the cables are incorrect or not certified. The devices still seem to charge and so that is something I suppose but this is very annoying and disappointing and my wife is concerned (hopefully without cause) about the cables overheating and going on fire because of this message.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems.

Can you please ensure the charging USB port you are using is powerful enough to charge an iPhone or iPad. If the charging rate is too slow, this message can appear.

If you are still having problems, plea
Very tidy
Perfect for the office or home environment as it eliminates the untidy cables trailing over the desk or floor area.
If only it was a bit longer!
This is a fabulous product, it does exactly what it says on the tin and keeps your connection clutter free. Well made and foolproof action. Unfortunately, as the actress said to the Bishop: "if only it was a bit longer." It is fine in my car but just too short to hook up the sat-nav in the company van. Please make one with about a metre of cable.
Wow! Amazing charger!
What a perfect charger for every smartphone lover to possess. It's so portable so that you can carry it along with you in your pocket on your outings with ease and convenience. More so the lead does not wear out as like others and expose the wire to risk.
The other good part of it is it's retractable immediately you finish using it
and don't tangle as others.
Believe me l'm writing as a customer who has purchased a couple and used and tested it to be efficient and doesn't cease charging after a few days.
I recommend it for you to own one now.
This a great little 'gadget'. Neat and tidy way to do away with trailing charger cables. Love it.
It's good not to have loose charging wires trailing about.so neat and tidy now.
Retractable lightning charge cable
Very useful sync cable, no longer do you have to have trailing wires are these are fully retractable and work well
Great Product
Does what it says- keeps wire tidy and easy to use
Handy charger
This charger is very handy and as it is retractable so it does not get tangle and very convenient to use and store whenever you need you just use it and keep it back in its original packing for safe keeping
Perfect pull
A great and inexpensive charge cable with the added bonus of being bloomin tidy! I bought this to be able to pop in my pocket and save me time with tangles and didn't hold up much hope of it being very robust, but tbh its very strong and sturdy. I like teh windows so that you can see your cable length and this gives me assurance that I will not be over strecting the cable. Its fast to unwind and rewind and the syncing and charging works fast and well as described. Recommended
Nice little rewinding charger/cable from Olixar. never heard of this brand before so very impressed so far as no expectations.
Short review - short cable!!
Although this is a nice bit of kit and it's sturdy and neat, the box claims that it is 3.2 feet in length. By my calculations that's about 38 inches. When I pull it out to its full extent it comes to 33 inches. I know its only 5 inches but, as we all know, 5 inches can make quite a difference! I would have been nice if it was the length as advertised.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Colm

We apologise for any confusion and we have since adjusted the product page with a more accurate representation of the cable length. Thank you for highlighting this issue and if you want to contact us, please speak with our Customer Services te

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